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Old age…..

Like it or not old age is where we are heading.  Memories are what we have, like it or not.

Memories,  giving birth to 2 beautiful boys, and adopting 3 others…..

Memories, of sitting with my Grandma, and the smell of chocolate chip cookies.

Memories of, being a kid in the summer time, spending half of my summer with one Grandma, and the other half of the summer with the other Grandma.

Memories of, stepping out into the world on my own for the first time.

Memories of being in the Air Force and all the duties it entailed and embracing it with all of me.

Memories of people I cared about passing on, and the hurt and sadness I felt.

Memories of being Daddy’s girl and going for a boat ride on the Mississippi.

Memories of the first drink I ever drank with the Farmer watching over me.

Memories of flying on an airplane by myself for the first time (I earned my wings!).

Memories, of my childhood, which was pretty cool, I had a bike and was allowed to travel all over as long as I was home by the time the street lights came on.

Memories of, the first time I travelled the train to London by myself , and being allowed to explore the city, not as a tourist, but as a young girl who lived there.

Memories of, being a young wife and mother and watching when MTV came on the air…

Memories of,  moving to Illinois and finding the love of my life.

Memories of, holding the Grand baby for the first time.

Memories of, that first cruise I went on.

Memories of, life before Momma was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Memories of, life AFTER Momma was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.