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Adventures….Part 3….

After writing last nights post, I realized, I had forgotten to put a couple of pictures in, so I am backtracking a bit before I get to the next chapter.  As I stated before it was raining when we got to the Isle of Roatan, but after it stopped, we ventured out again.

DSCN4253This is my outlaws and me, under the sign.  It was starting to get HOT, and we had not even started walking yet.


This is what we saw when we looked out from our balcony, I don’t know what was going on over at the Marina, but it sounded like a large party.  I ended up dancing on my balcony to the music.


This was the view we had while walking around the compound.  The Carnival shipDream,” had backed into the docks, after we had docked.  The ships are both BIG, and it was neat to see how they maneuvered.

We did not do any “excursions” on this trip, simply because we wanted to just relax and not worry about having to be somewhere at a certain time, nor follow any “rules” while we were on the cruise.  We enjoyed our time while  in Mahogony Bay.  We walked around the shops, and I fell in love with a bunch of stuff.
The Electrician reminded me though, if I bought even half of what I saw and liked, I would not have room for ANYTHING in my luggage.  I will say this though, the things they make out of mahogany wood, are incredible.  They also have a hefty price tag to go with them.    I really liked a condiment dish made out of mahogany, it had a hefty price tag, and there was no way I could fit it into my luggage.  So, while I fondled it lovingly, I put it back on the shelf and kept on walking.

When we got back on the ship, it was Elegant night for the dining in the dining room.  Basically what that means, dress in your finest.  There were 2 nights like this on the cruise, and when you had to “dress up” it usually meant, your meal was going to be fabulous.    While the first of the Elegant nights, I basically wore, what I wore to oldest son’s wedding last year.  The second night though, I wore youngest daughter‘s maid of honor dress at her sister’s wedding that I had adjusted for me.  (I have no aversion to hand me downs, trust me).

DSCN4293I was ready to go, and for the first time, the Electrician was willing to take a picture with me while we were all cleaned up and looking spiffy.   He took my pic while I was on the balcony.  Then my Outlaws arrived and the serious picture-taking began…


Cleaned up, we look pretty good……

DSCN4297This is my favorite picture of the cruise.  When sissy saw it, she bawled like a baby.  (sorry sis).  This is my outlaws, they sure do clean up pretty.

We did have a very good meal that night, something about Lobster tails and prime rib, with appetizers, and a desert too.  Although not for me, I had stuffed myself silly on the other stuff, and after dinner, my happy butt went to change clothes.  I may or may have not eaten myself into a frenzy.

DSCN4264I do have to say, with Carnival (this is not a paid advertisement) I enjoyed going back to my cabin after dinner, simply because the ‘cabin dude” had already been there and turned down our bed every night, with the next day’s agenda and chocolates left on the end of the bed, along with a new “creature” made out of towels on the bed.

I actually tried to save each of them, we took pics of them, and I really enjoyed them….DSCN4220



This is most of them.  Our next port of call was Belize…..I will post more about that tomorrow, but I will leave you with a teaser…..Our ship, threw her anker down 5 miles from the port, and we had to take a “tender” ship to arrive in the port of Belize.    It was an “interesting” stop, a little scary, but enjoyable.  My beloved Electrician took this pic, which is also in my top ten of the cruise.

DSCN4290I will explain more of this tomorrow…..Stay tuned, there is still a bunch I haven’t shared with y’all.

Adventures Part One…..

DSCN4201He y’all, I’m BACK!!!!  I have just spent the most relaxing 13 days.  I cannot even begin to explain the fun I had, and the joy I’ve felt.    I would like y’all to take this journey with me.  I took some pictures, and I truly did have a marvelous time.

Did I miss MommaYes.  Did I miss the stress of dealing with Momma everyday?  No, I will be selfish here and state for the record, My “Outlaws” (whom I love beyond recognition, besides the Farmer of course) showed the Electrician and I, a truly good time and lots of giggles and a love that is endless.  As a “daughter-in-law”, I have to state, I love these people as much as I love my own parents.

This was a journey and a true “vacation” in every sense of the word.    Our “journey” started on Valentines day.  A day, that I don’t really recognize, because my love, is everyday and to me, every day is Valentine’s day.

While the Electrician went to work for a half a day, I stayed home and scrubbed my house “squeaky” clean, did laundry and then packed up the RAV 4 with our luggage.  We were off to Indy to spend the night before we flew out the next morning.  We had made reservations for a “room” at a Hotel in Indy, we actually used our ‘points” for the room which was “supposed” to be a  “king size bed” room.

When the Electrician arrived home after half a day of work, he took a quick shower and then, we hit the road.  We both were so excited, and we were talking up a storm in the car.  We made a pit stop at an Arby’s to have a quick-lunch, and then down the road we went.

We arrived at our hotel, and unloaded after checking in.  We rode the elevator up to our room, when we got there, I stuck the key in and then after opening the door, I asked the Electrician, “Where is the bed?”  he was giggling….  Folks, what I thought would be a room with a king size bed in it, was a Suite.  Knock me down with a feather.

I went into the room, and just kept asking  “Is this right?, This isn’t our room is it?”.  Yes, it was, my beloved Electrician had used his “points” to book us a “Suite”, with a jacuzzi tub to boot.

After I had picked myself up off the floor, we decided where  to go to  dinner.  We had Prime rib and all the fixings that night and then back to the Hotel for a little soak in the “tub” hehehehe….

We got up early to  be ready to leave for our flight down to Biloxi, the next morning….

Here’s some pics of what I had to “suffer” through

DSCN4202Yea, this is me, after falling out over our room.  This couch by the way opened up into another double bed.  I was floored….:)






The piece to resistance…..yup…here it is…

DSCN4204Yes, y’ all.  I had to “suffer” through sitting in this wonderful contraption and take a nice hot steamy bath.

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined a Hotel room as such.    If it werent for the fact that the Electrician and I had been so tired, I probably would have utilized it more than we did.  (wink).

As it was, when the wake up call came for us to wake up and get ready (which for me accumulated to o’dark thirty), We hit the road, grabbed breakfast and then off to the Airport.
We were on time, and went through the “let me search all of  your cavities search” and boarded the plane for our adventure.   Yes folks, here I am ready to go on the DSCN4205plane and waiting for take-off….

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2….This shorties is whacked and needs some sleep…  While Vacations are always fun, and it’s nice to be Home.   It’s back to reality for me……



Watch out Momma here I come, AND, I found some monkeys for you too.

A Christmas Present given…..

Ok, y’all, I’ve been pretty silent on some of the things I got for Christmas.  That was for a reason.  I had to wait for some of them to be unwrapped.     Well…today, some of the gifts were unwrapped so to speak.  I am leaving on an adventure.  For those of you that have followed me for a  while….  Yup… I got the same (but a little different) gift from my “Outlaws” as I did last year.    It will be spent with my “Outlaws” and my cherished hubby and I.  Unfortunately this year, my Husband’s Sissy cannot go and while I will miss her, I’m sorry.  But I am going to have a good time.  So, if you don’t hear from me for a bit, know that all is well, and I promise to tell y’all about it when I return.


Saturday’ n football

Well here it is Saturday, and yup, football is on the t.v. at my house.  Me?  I’ve been busy see these people….

Yup, those are my “outlaws”.  And…they are driving the 837 miles from their door to mine to spend next weekend with me and the Electrician.  They will get here on Friday and then head out on Monday to finish the journey to North Carolina to see Papa’s family.

So, while the Electrician has been enjoying his Saturday College football (well…maybe not, because at the time of this writing Illinois is loosing 10 – 0), I being the domestic goddess that I am, have been sprucing up my house.  So far, I have cleaned windows, changed bed sheets, dusted just about everything in sight, and did some general over-all making my house presentable for my Mother-in-Law.  And while I have been saying to the Electrician that they are coming to see US, and not white glove my windows or anything else for that matter, he feels the need for me to do this.  I think he just wanted me out-of-the-way so 1. I would NOT walk in front of the friggin 64 inch t.v. screen, and he would miss something.  2.  I’ve been upstairs just about all day and therefore, “not in his way”.  3.  He has been able to have his “quiet time”  (altho I’m not sure watching  football constitutes quiet time with all the yelling at the t.v. going on.)

But again, I digress.  My house is cleaned, dinner is almost ready, in keeping with “football Saturday” we are having Hot Wings and fries.  And then it struck me full on…uhm.. this is Saturday and they won’t be here until next Friday, so..what does that mean you ask?  I’ll tell you, I’m going to have to re-dust, re-vacume and re-mop, because between now and then  something is gonna get dirty all over again.