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A Momma’s curse…..

Has your Momma ever told you this line?  “I hope you grow up and have a kid JUST LIKE YOU, so you’ll understand what you are putting me through.”  The reason I say this is because well…uhm…that’s what I told my kids.  Guess what? hehehe  PAYBACK time….

Ok as a Grandma, which I accept whole heartedly, I’m ready…(okay truth, I have 4 Grankids).  The one’s to which I am referring to in this post are these:

These would be my oldest son’s kids.  Kendra, and Jr.  Now Kendra, who I would say takes after her Momma, is a sweet, smart and very inquisitive little girl, although she has some of her Daddy in her (i.e. cutting her hair and some other escapades).  Now we get to Jr.  First off, I am of the thinking there should never be a Jr., simply because well…just take my advice and know there should never be a jr.  He is the one to whom this post is dedicated.

This kid is the spitting image of his father at this age, 

 right down to the facial expression.  I wish I could find the picture I have of him and put the two side-by-side.  This lil’ guy is giving his parents memories of what I went through with his father.  (BIG GRIN)  I get phone calls from the oldest son that start like this.  “hello”  “Hey Mom, I just want to say I’m sorry.”  “Sorry for what”, “Whatever I put you through because Jr. is teaching me that I really should apologize to you”.    Then there are details of whatever he has gotten into now, and how did I deal with the oldest son?  Uhm…I whipped yer butt and put you to bed.  That he remembers VERY well. (Uhm, I’m 4’11” tall and this 5’9″ grown adult man is STILL scared to piss his Momma off).

Then follows the conversation of all the lil’ mishaps and alot of good times that were had while they were growing up.  There were alot of them this past 30 years.  And now he is going to start them with his kids.  They have alot of memories so far, and like I tried to explain to him, they only get better with time.

My first advice is to get a shotgun because when this lil’ charmer gets to dating age, he’s gonna need it….

She is so cute, and so smart (must take after her Granny)…(hehehe)  This lil girl sent me a Mother’s day card that was so beautiful it made me cry…but I digress.  She is full of giggles and I’m proud of her.  (Although, she can give her brother what for on occasion).

I don’t get to see these Grankids, as they live kinda far away and I don’t get the opportunities with them that I do with the other 2, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about them or wish I could spend time with them.  Someday I will get to hold them closer than I do, and until then, phone calls will have to suffice….By the way…J – have you called your Momma lately?

 But my advice for the oldest son is this…..Give them the Momma or Daddy’s curse and then sit back and wait!

Love ya, J, Misty, Kendra & Jr.


Cam & Momma

Ok, I’m feeling a little Snarky tonite.  Sorry, but yup, I’m there.  I guess I understand what the Nursing Student says and feels now.  You see…Cam-the-Man has only said Momma a coupla times and said “wub u” to a few people.

Oops, let me start at the beginning and then maybe you will feel snarky too.  You see, I went and got Cam-the-Man this morning (I forgot it was her Lab day and I would have him from 8:30 -12:00).  She went to lab and played with cadaver’s or whatever…Me and Cam went to the Farmer & Mom’s house. 

We got to the Farmer’s house and the Farmer was a little surprised to see him (he didn’t know he was coming over so early),  But after filling his cup with milk, and Granny Jo and Great Grampa got coffee, we sat down to hang out for a few before we got Annie up, or so I thought.   Cam-the-Man promptly went  into Annie’s room and woke her up by speaking whatever speak they have, but my Momma sure woke up with a smile on her face and was giggling.

So…I went in and got her up and gave her a bath and well….changed her diaper, I guess Cam understood that because her and my Mom were talking through it the whole time.

I got breakfast made and EVERYONE ate a good breakfast.  Cam-the-Man had brought some toys with him which he lost interest in real quick so we improvised and he made toys out of an empty coffee can, which echo’s when you yell in it (which he gave to Momma), a couple of cardboard boxes , that we made shapes with (which he gave to Momma),  a couple of old cat food cans of food (hey, they roll really good on the floor, BUT he gave to Momma).   She was laughing the whole time, and then sent the lid of the coffee can like a frisbee which started a whole “new” game.  After getting told “NO” for the umpteenth time Cam walked over to Momma and grabbed her leg and said clear as day…”I wub you”…

Now I have been in this kids life his ENTIRE life and he has NEVER told me that….but ya know what, him and my Mom’s relationship is special, which I have said for a long time.  They both understand each other, and they both  communicate on a wave length that I can’t possibly understand.  I respect that.  BUT…dang gum it I wish he would tell me “wub you”  just once…..

I brought him home after leaving Mom & the Farmer’s and told the Nursing student what he had did….welp, she’s kinda like me….she laughed and told me What the heck?   (well I changed the words but I think you get the picture.)