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Messes and successes…

Today has been a lazy day in my house.  We had lunch and goofed off, the Electrician has watched Basketball and football most of the day.  I decided earlier today, I would make something out of stuff I had in my kitchen.  The Electrician and I have not been to the grocery store in a while so, I wanted to make a “pantry” dinner.

I did a little research on that thing called “google” after I had scanned all of my cookbooks.  I took stock of the ingredients I had on hand and this is what I came up with.  I am taking you on a picture journey with me….


Yes, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, Artichoke hearts, mushrooms, an onion, garlic, roasted red peppers, penne pasta, chicken base. and because I am a dork, I forgot the parmesan cheese in the photo.


I had looked up recipes for  Chicken Artichoke mushroom dishes, and I found a couple I liked, so, being me, I combined them, to make it my own.

First, I smashed the chicken, and then sliced it…..


Then, I sliced and diced my way through the rest of the stuff…



I’m pretty good with my knife skills, at least, I haven’t sliced and diced any fingers lately, so that must be a plus….





The recipe I was sorta of following said to brown my chicken, so I browned my chicken in my favorite pan of the moment which is a handy-dandy cast iron frying pan, also good if you need to smack someone over the head with it…just sayin….



I decided to brown it in 2 batches because I wanted it to brown and sizzle and not steam and become limp….


I do have to say though, I really, really try not to make a mess out of my stove….uhm…head held down, I did though, my stove was truly messed up when I finished this one and I kind of felt bad when the Electrician had to scrub it to make it shiny and new again.

Next was this…  after taking the chicken out, I threw some more butter in the pan and then the onions, roasted red peppers  garlic and mushrooms.  I stirred them around for about 5 minutes, until everything was sizzling and soft


Then it was time to throw the artichoke hearts in to the mix…




I sizzled these all together for about  8 minutes, and then got busy putting the rest of the stuff in the pan.  That’s when it hit me….oops, should have used a bigger skillet….






I threw in the chicken, and some chicken stock with some butter and flour mixed together, it was supposed to thicken it up…Although this recipe was originally supposed to go in the oven, the Electrician HATES baked chicken, fry it, grill it, broil it but DO NOT bake it.  Yea, he’s a little strange about that.

So I think that’s where it got a little bit messed up.  I went ahead and boiled the penne regate pasta and then drained it and put some butter (yea, well I love butter) and some parsley on the pasta, and then served it up…


We sprinkled parmesan cheese all over it and ate dinner.  I will be truthful here, I only ate half of my plate, simply because I got full fast. Especially after the Electrician asked me, “do you think this is the Olive Garden or something?”  After much discussion, the Electrician and I have come to the conclusion while it was good, we know how to make it better.  We strained out all of the “juice” so to speak and will put the remainder of the chicken concoction in some Alfredo sauce and then I think I will have achieved a master piece.

This was my adventure of today, I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did, and by the way, I never really realized how hard it was to cook AND take pictures at the same time, so my hat is tipped to all of y’all that are food bloggers and do this, cuz I have figured out, I really am not that coordinated….