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Day’s….13, 14….15…


Day 13,  I am thankful…for my Husband….While I have already been thankful for him, Today, I am Thankful FOR him.  After a very long day, he is my Sun shining on me when I get home.   I cannot say how much he means to me, and what he does for me.

Day 14….  I am Thankful for God‘s creatures that bring me peace.  After having a rough day, emotional wise, I watched 3 deer in a field, playing, and swishing their tails, and just enjoying  everything.   It truly brought me a calm and peace, I never thought possible.

I am Thankful for a bunch of different things, these are the one’s that I thought about when I was thinking what I would post.    There are not enough words to explain, what each of them mean to me.

Let me just say, On day 14 of the month of Thankful , there are so many things I would like to say, but sometimes, I just can’t find the words.

I may have repeated some of my Thankful things, but they are truly something I am REALLY thankful for.

Day 15… I am thankful for Doctors….after taking Cam-man to the Doctor today, and getting medicine that will make him feel better, I am Thankful, he will be back to his normal self soon.


Use it for good….

I am a true believer in certain things.  I have met a lot of people in my lifetime.  I still have people I have met, and loved, and been friends with since I was very young.   Some people have come into my life and left my life, but I enjoyed the time we had, and I always learned something.

I am not all-knowing, simply for the fact, I learn something new every day.   What I am today is a culmination of a lot of different events.   I used to be very scared, and worried about what people thought of me.

The Farmer always told me that every thing you do, or go through “builds character”, man, do I have enough of that.

I have finally grown into myself, so to speak.  I have learned, that while I may not have made the “right choices”, I made the one’s I felt at the time.

I’ve realized that “no one” has power over me, unless I choose to give it to them.  Guess what?  I choose who I want to give my power to, I try to choose wisely, sometimes, it’s a good thing, sometimes not.

But ultimately, I am who I am.  No longer, am I seeking out approval from anyone, because, simply, I am like no one else.   I am me.   The day I realized that, was a whole new beginning for me.

So, what might be good for someone else, might not necessarily be good for me.  But, I have a choice.

We are all individuals that have a place.  It is simply ours to choose what place to have.  For me?

If I have the choice to share what I’ve learned, then so be it.  If it is my place to help a friend who needs help, then I will.

People come into our lives for a reason, I truly believe this.    I’ve learned so much from the people who have come into mine.

We all get “mad”, at times, but sometimes, it’s not “mad” or anger, that triggers it, when we look closer, maybe the “mad” is actually “hurt” but we don’t know how to express it, or realize it.

I’m not quite sure what my point is, but, maybe, just maybe, we need to over look the anger and truly understand the hurt we are feeling.

This is just my opinion, and we all know what those are worth huh?


you can choose yer friends but not yer family…

See this?  Well this was in the year 1979, the year I graduated.  This would be my cousin Tracie Anders Collins.   She flew all the way from Illinois to England, to watch my happy butt Graduate from High School.  It was an experience to her and daily living for me.  You see, I had grown up in England, and she grew up in Illinois with her family (my cousins and my Grandma).

Tracie and I were pen-pals for so many years I can’t even begin to explain.  She lived in the town and grew up in the town that I now live in.

Over the years Tracie and I have kept in touch, she’s part of my “heritage”, and I love her dearly.  Today, my cousin Tracie finished a 60 mile walk for Cancer.  She did it because so many of her class-mates have got the disease and died from the disease…Tracie, came to visit this past summer.  She came back to her childhood home, which the Farmer bought and now lives in.  I think it was kind of wierd to her, I completely understand that…..

We had a short visit that I think we both wanted a little more out of but, time has it’s way with us…huh…She had to visit so many people in the small amount of time that she had, and I am thankful for the time we had together.  The last time I saw her…

Was 1985…gosh Tracie, we are getting old….  Her baby was new…now she is all grown up with 2 babies of her own….Where does the time go?

Basically this post is to tell my relative…the would be you Tracie…how Proud I am of you on your accomplishment.  In Tracie’s own words….

“I made it but can’t walk,
Muscles, legs did good. But, have blisters on 7 of 10 toes. Won’t post pictures. Going to lose at least 3 toe nails. Barb was a true friend and my hand through the whole walk. She is remarkable. Thank you Brandy and Patrick for being at finish line. Thank you TIM for babying me. Thanks Bev for spoiling us. Thanks Courtney for inspiring me. Thanks Cheryl for being my hero. Thanks ALL for your prayers and support” 

This woman just walked 60 miles for a cause she believes in and THAT inspires me…..

Love you Tracie…:):)