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Momma Update…..

Hey ya’ll, I have to say that Momma had a FANTASTIC day today.  Probably the best I’ve seen her since before that dark day in December.  Momma was with the Farmer when I got there today, my schedule was a little changed by other factors, so I got there a little late.

She had already been to therapy and was in her room, uhm…reading the paper with the Farmer.  I walked in and Momma threw me a smile, we chatted for a bit, and the Farmer told me that Troy was coming to get Momma and do some more therapy with her.

The Farmer, Momma and me were hanging out in her room, when she looked at me and stated “My family is here in this room huh?”,  “Yes, Momma we are all here and we all love you”.  I told her, she then stated “I wanna go home”.  Oh Momma, we are more than ready to have you come home.   

Momma proved how ready she was to come home today.  Troy came in and scooped Momma up and they proceeded to walk down to the therapy room, and Momma did her leg lifts and practiced sitting and standing, and the Farmer and I have never seen her work THIS hard.    Then Momma stood up, and proceeded to walk the ENTIRE nursing home, from which she has previously seen by being wheeled about in her wheelchair.

Momma got tired about half way through but would not give up.  I’ve learned something from this woman, it’s called determination.  Momma is full of it, I personally think it’s simply for the fact she wants to come home and DRINK a cup of tea and she said something today about eating pizza…  Hopefully, she passes her swallow test, and I will be happy to give her a cup of tea and a BIG slice of pizza.

The Nursing Home has told us that in about 3 weeks, Momma will be able to come home.  This makes me very HAPPY, and if I feel happy, I can only imagine how the Farmer feels.

Oh, we’ve still got plenty to do, we’ve got to get a Hospital bed, and a wheelchair, and set up some in home Nursing visits, but kids, things are about to get a whole better in my hood.

Oh yea, by the way, the Name that tune yesterday, was “You’ve got a friend” by James Taylor…..

We played tonite, and I give props to the Electrician, only for the fact he was watching the ball-game on t.v. (Hey this is March and March madness is about to start), and I saw the post first and gave him the heads up.  Well..  folks, Camsgranny HAD the song and the Artist and posted exactly 11 seconds AFTER the Electrician (rotten rat).  So, yes, he did win tonite, AFTER I gave him the clue and the song…AND the artist …duh…(head smack here) He typed it faster than I did.  Who would have thought it?

Oh well…tomorrow is another day to play and it’s all good in my hood folks.

Funny Saturday with Momma…

Well…my Saturday started with me waking up with some aches and pains I had, that didn’t quite know how I got.  I figured I got up in the middle of the night and stubbed my toes, because I asked the Electrician if my toe was broken this morning.

Uhm, apparently on our “date night” last night I danced in my family room like a fool (ok, I may have had one to many Rum & Diet Cokes), and BAM, I hit my toe on the couch in one of my “Groovier” moves.

Anyway, I got up and got cleaned up and went to the Nursing Home to see Momma (ok, I might have missed my time frame for getting there by about a half an hour, sorry to the Farmer).  Momma was in the Therapy room, and let me tell you about how I felt, oh an inch tall when I saw the Farmer’s jacket STILL on the chair in Momma’s room.  I had just got a lecture the day before about being on time.  OOPS….

I went down the hall to the Therapy room and ran into the Farmer half way there.  The first thing he did was look at his watch and gave me the “Look“.  Have you ever noticed that even though you are a full-grown person when your parent gives you the “look” you know you’re in for it? 

“Uhm sorry Dad, I don’t feel so well”  (Ok I am now Busting myself out for maybe having one drink to many the night before, because he thought I was sick, simply for the fact I have one reader who reads my blog EVERYDAY!  Thanks Dad). 

Hehehe…”Annie wasn’t doing to well in therapy so I left, and since your here I’m going to go, ok?”  “Yup Dad, I got this”  All’s I wanted to do was to go back to sleep.

I went into the Therapy room and saw Momma’s look.  It was a look that said, “REALLY, are you making me do this?”  She was putting colored pegs into a board, it helps with eye and hand co-ordination.  Momma had a real defiant look on her face so, I told the therapy lady “I’ll be back in a minute ok?”  So, I toddled off down the hallway and went to Momma’s room and looked for her Cozumel shirt again (It has not re-appeared YET).  I straightened out her closet and decided to wait another day before taking her laundry. 

I went back to the Therapy room and Momma had put all the pegs into the appropriate holes and now her task was to take them all out again and put them into the bucket.  Folks, Momma looked pissed, so I told her to take them out and throw them into the bucket.

WOW, she did a couple and really threw them with a vigor that kinda shocked me, well, not really shocked me, I knew she was pissed.  She did this for a few minutes and then just stopped completely.  The therapy lady told her they still had 15 minutes and if Momma wanted to take her time then so be it.  Well, that’s when I stepped in and told Momma…”Uhm.. are you tired of this?”  and she looked at me and kinda nodded, and I told her “Then get it done so we can blow this joint and go cruise the halls and look into people’s rooms and be nosey”.    The therapy lady got kinda shocked because Momma started taking out the pegs 2-3 at a time and shoving them into the bucket with both hands.

Momma wasn’t talking very much today, and I asked her if the cat had come in and stolen her tongue, and she giggled, and looked me straight in the face and said “NO”.  We blew out of the therapy room and then proceeded to cruise the hallway and peek into other Resident’s rooms. 

We finally arrived back at Momma’s room, although we did sit in the Dayroom and look out the door for a while, and sorta chatted (I talked and Momma listened).  When we got to her room, I think Momma was tired, this was after we had read the paper and talked about it.  Momma read the Obituaries, and stated she knew all of these people.  Uhm, ok….

The Nurse came and gave Momma her Meds, and then she went to bed for a nap, clutching Mr. Bear with a very firm grip.  Now mind you, the Farmer brought this bear into the ICU for Momma, because we thought it might make her feel better, and this bear went through surgery with her too. 

When I left Momma had a death grip on Mr. Bear, and she told me “Love you Joanne” before she went to sleep and started snoring.  The Nurse was going to get her back up in time for Momma to go play BINGO at 3 pm. 

I don’t know what happened to Momma this afternoon because I left when she was sleeping and it was about 1:30.  I made it home and proceeded to take a nap for the next uhm…2 1/2 hours and felt MUCH better.

I am concerned about Momma though, We have good days and bad days, the only difference is when we leave the Nursing Home, we don’t know what happens.  When she was at home we had control.  Now we don’t.  The different staff at the home have asked me about Dementia.  That scares me, simply for the fact that last week Momma told someone she was from Canada, and she had been in Prison.  Ok,  first off, Momma is from England,. and has NEVER been to Prison. 

Somedays, I can only laugh, simply because I don’t want to cry.  I’m a little worried about my English Rose.  The Electrician and I are going to see her first thing in the morning and then we will see if the Cat still has her tongue.  I’m hoping she will be a “Chatty Cathy’.  Cuz today was probably not a “good” day but there is always tomorrow…..


Bingo and Momma…:)

The past couple of days since I’ve been back, I’ve been to see Momma a couple of times.  I’ve also watched Cam-the-man too, as well as done 19,000 loads of laundry and cleaned my house.  All of those domestic goddess like things have NOW been accomplished, and a “fun” day is planned for tomorrow.

The first time I stopped into the Nursing Home to see Momma was yesterday, I had Cam-man in tow, and we both wandered into the Nursing Home to go visit Momma.  Now, mind you, uhm…Camsgranny forgot that she gave back the Nursing Student all of Cam’s clothes that I had at my house, so when I rounded him up yesterday at o’ dark thirty he was still in his p.j.’s (which he stayed in until I took him home). 

We went into the Nursing Home and went to Momma’s room, she wasn’t there, so we went cruising down the hallway and into the therapy room and we saw her.  She was playing checkers.  Cam-Man saw the Farmer and wanted a BIG hug from him, so I turned him over, and leaned down and talked to Momma.  “Hey there sunshine girl how are you doing?”  She looked at me and smiled.  I had to move over because it was time for her meds and the Nurse was there to do that.    Momma got her meds (I could tell they had worn off and it was time for some more, just in the way she looked at me.)  The Therapy girls let her sit for a few minutes, so her meds could kick in. 

The girls then got Momma to stand and walk with HER walker.  Glory Be, peeps, I haven’t seen this since the second week of December.  Words, cannot express how proud I was of her and all of her hard work.  Momma got kind of pooped out about halfway and rode a little in the wheelchair, but then she got back up on her feet and walked to her room, she then sat down on the bed and got into it with a little assistance (just like at home).  I told the Therapy girls maybe I needed to go away for another week, because of the amount of progress that happened while I was gone.

Mind you, Cam-Man was still with us and watching everything with eyes peeled.  As soon as Momma laid down in her bed, he took off at a run out of her room and down the hallway, with the Farmer chasing him.  (I laughed, but was glad someone else was chasing him this time.)  When the Farmer and Cam returned I bid Momma farewell with a kiss from me and Cam, and told her I would be back later.

I took Cam-Man back to the Nursing Student and then went back to the Nursing Home.  Momma was not in her room and I started off down the hallway again.  There she was, just walking down the hallway again and this time made it all the way down the hallway and back into bed.  I showed her the shirt I got for her in Cozumel, Mexico (pink with Cozumel embroidered on the front), she loved it and I hung it in her closet.  The Farmer said it was time for him to leave and kissed Momma goodbye.  I climbed up on the bed with her and we proceeded to have girl chat and voice lessons for the next 2 hours.  We sang songs (people were looking into her room, I said we were singing but I didn’t say we sang well ok?)

Momma was getting tired, but I guess we both had missed each other because neither one of us wanted it to end.  But finally I told her, “Momma, your tired and I really need to get going, so I promise I will be back tomorrow and I don’t want you to be upset that I’m leaving, because judging by the yawn you just did, you really need a nap huh?”  she smiled at me and grabbed my hand and said “I won’t be upset, I’ll see you tomorrow, thank you for my shirt, and I love you”.  So I kissed her and left after she had closed her eyes.

Today was a little different, because I had Cam-Man again at o dark thirty but I kept him at my house until about 3:00, so the Electrician could see him and they could have a little time together.  That lil’ dude has grown like a weed and his vocabulary is becoming expanded.  He now tells me “I done”, “What’s up?”, and a few other assorted sayings.  The Electrician and Cam had quite the Reunion, Cam got all excited when he heard the front door open and could hardly contain himself while the Electrician came up the stairs.  BIG HUGS happened after that.  The time was cut a little short though because the Electrician had a dentist appointment, and I had to get Cam home.  So after good-byes were said, Cam & I flew down the road to his house, where I dropped him off and gave the Nursing Student and Fisher dude their presents from our cruise.  It was all good and they all enjoyed them.

Down the road I went, back to the Nursing Home to see Momma today.  I walked in and was heading to her room. ( I usually cut through the day room to go to Momma’s room)  The therapy lady was standing in the day room off to the side just watching, she stopped me to talk to me when I noticed  Momma was sitting in her wheelchair, and she was dressed in her favorite jeans and her new Cozumel t-shirt on, with her side table and a nurse sitting next to her.  Momma was playing BINGO!!!!!!!!  The Nurse asked Momma if she wanted to quit and go lay down and Momma sat up STRAIGHT in her chair and proceeded to play, checking her numbers and marking off the one’s she had.

I was smiling BIG time, when I saw that.  That’s when the therapy girl asked me what Momma’s interests were.  You see, while Momma is progressing in her PHYSICAL therapy, we need to get her mind back to working and thinking.  So, I told her Momma likes to look at the newspaper but she normally tears it up, the therapy girl said that was ok, as long as she was using eye and hand co-ordination, it would help.  I also told her she like to look at magazines, and liked to read.  So, the plan of action is now to get Momma into “Socializing” and also some more activities that will keep her out of her bed and thinking.

The more she stays out of bed, the stronger she will become.  The more we start making her mind work, the stronger she will become.  The more I get her to sing, and do her speech therapy, the stronger she will become.    The stronger she is, just means that she will be able to come home and live the life she used to have.  You see, Momma misses being at home.  She misses her routine.  The routine she has now, while it is becoming familiar, is not really what she is used to. 

Like the Therapy girl told me today, if it wasn’t for the Farmer, I’m not sure Momma would be working as hard as she is. You see the Farmer is there EVERY day to go through therapy with Momma, to encourage her and to tell her off (if she needs it) to praise her when she does good, and to hold her hand if she gets scared, he also encourages her when she gets discouraged.  The therapy people and all of the nurses have seen the Love that these 2 share first hand (psst…I’ve known it for about 31 years now).  It felt good to me to see that all these people see it to.

So, I guess what I am saying is that while Parkinson’s may have robbed Momma of some stuff, Love has given her more. 

To the Farmer…uhm.. if this seems sappy sorry, but when other people tell me what a great Husband you are to Momma it makes my heart swell, cuz ya know what I tell them?   That’s MY Dad.


Locked out Monday….

Well,  my day started of a little different I must say.  I had planned to get up early do some domestic goddess stuff at my house, as in ya know, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, moping, and all that other fun stuff we domestic diva’s do.  I had already accomplished the laundry, and dusting, and vacuuming, mind you this was BEFORE 7:30 am. 

That’s when I decided to take a “Words with Friends”  break and drink another cup of coffee.  Somehow, playing uhm 14 games of “Words with Friends” and catching up so now it is EVERYONE else’s turn, turned into about 45 minutes. 

Mind you this is in between a flurry of phone calls from the Electrician who thought he might get laid off today.  He didn’t (Praise the Lord), and will work at least another week (for now).

But then my phone rang AGAIN….Oh Boy NOW What….”Hello”  “Hey Joanne, I have myself a predicament”…”Dad?”, “Well it seems I’ve locked myself out of the house”.  Ok folks, I had to muffle some giggling here right about now, for one, you NEVER expect your parents to get locked out of their house, you always expect it to be you calling them.  So, I did the only thing I could….”Hey Dad, let me throw on some clothes and I’ll be right there ok?  Are you in the garage?”  “Yes, I had opened the garage door and I’m in the shop with a heater and the phone.”  “Ok, sit tight and I’ll be right there.”

So, I quickly got dressed, and flew on over to the Farmer’s house.  I got there and went into the garage and then into the “shop”, yelling “I”M here to RESCUE you”.  I giggled a little bit and the Farmer smiled and started laughing.  I got the door unlocked and yup, there were his keys right next to the door.

I advised him it was practice to put them in your pocket BEFORE shutting the door. He didn’t giggle and I got one of “those looks”.  Call me 5 years old again and in trouble.    But it was all good and down the road he went.

I looked around his house and thought sheesh, he’s done pretty good, and kept the place almost pretty clean.  Let me remind you the Farmer is the one who asked when I had become Mrs. Clean, to which I replied when I married Mr. Clean.

I then dusted a little, vacuumed and threw out the old newspapers.  I finished drying the Farmer’s sheets and re-made his bed, turned it down and all.   Then went into the kitchen and put away the dishes he had washed, then on the off-chance that maybe the fridge needed a little cleaning, opened that baby up. 

The Farmer must have known about my sinus infection early folks, because he was growing his own personal brand of penicillin in there just for me.  While I am touched by his thoughtfulness, I had to dump it. 

With his house all cleaned up, I grabbed the money on the counter and off to Wal-Mart I went.  I was doing a little shopping for Momma.  I had in mind a couple more sweat pants and a couple of new tops, to go with the tops I had brought from the house, I also remembered to grab her shoes and some socks.

Might I just say to all the people who read my blog and know I am not allowed to go shopping, I CAME IN UNDER-BUDGET BY $1.33…BOOM!!!  Ok…so that may be a pat on the back from myself to myself but well…that’s another story…(hehehe)

I proceeded on down the road to the Nursing Home and brought all of my bags with me.  Momma was in therapy, so I put all of her stuff away in her room and waltzed on down to the therapy room.  The Therapist saw me and warned Momma I was on my way.  I got in there and WOW, that place was packed. 

I saw Momma tho’ and she smiled at me.  Her eyes were all over the place looking at everybody and what they were doing all the while she was using a hand rower (I don’t know the technical term for it, but she rows her hands on a machine in circles).

I sat down next to her and helped her when she stopped.  Momma was to busy looking at everybody else to pay attention to what she was doing.  The therapist took her off the hand rower and had a pile of cones that she wanted Momma to grip and pass to me.  Momma did that fine, she grabbed the cone off the ring of 5 and handed across her body to me.  I told her I was greedy and wanted all of them, Momma accepted the challenge and we pulled it off.

The next one was pulling the pegs out of the board.  Clearly Momma was distracted (this happens sometimes when there is too much activity going on around her), so yup, Momma got time out.  We pulled the curtain around us and Momma hung her head.  I told her if you want out of this time out Momma, you gotta pull the peg out and put it into the jar.  The therapist encouraged her and I egged her on.  Everytime she pulled a peg out I was her cheering crowd.  I kept telling her to put it into the jar, and she did.  When she pulled the last one out, she swung that bad boy under my nose and put it into the jar and smiled at me.  Momma’s got spunk!

About this time, it was time for a walk down the hallway, the therapist asked Momma if she was ready and she nodded.  We put her socks and shoes on (mind you she has not wore shoes for over a month and a bit), and Momma stood up and proceeded to walk outta the physical therapy room and 3/4 of the way down the hall to her room.  We stopped and took about a 5 minute break so she could catch her breath, and then back at it.  We passed Momma’s room much to her surprise (I think she thought it would be over when we reached her room at the end of the hallway), we kept on going into the dining room and then turned around and THEN she got to go to her room. Momma was whacked, tired, and ready for a nap.

This lady has determination, spunk and grit.  I Love her.  She’s my Momma.  We put her to bed for that nap, she desperately wanted, and folks ya know what she told me?  She told me….”I Love you Joanne”, and I told her “I Love you Momma, thank you for all your hard work.”  and she replied “I want to go home”  Folk’s WE want her home, and she’s working hard at it.

Cheeky Monkies….

Hey Y’all….here it is another Monday, and it has been a busy one for me.  Domestic Goddess stuff this morning and a Momma afternoon.

Momma is doing lots better.  Enough so, that the therapy ladies saw her cheeky side today.  Although they called her “ornery”, Momma didn’t understand what that word meant, so I informed her it meant “cheeky”. 

Momma had a full morning, getting up and cleaned up and chatting with the Farmer.  She sat up in her chair for a few hours and then went down for about an hour nap.  The Farmer left, and I arrived, just in time for Momma to be getting up again.

The Therapy lady was there and they were getting Momma up to go to therapy.  Momma was in really good spirits and had good color.  She was smiling and giggling, and ready for some work.

We got down to the therapy room, and Momma did her standing, not so well with the parallel bars but a lot better with the stair-step side.   She stood up with her hands on one level of the stair-step and then moved her hands up the stair-step thing and came to a full stand.  She held her stand for quite a while.  She did that twice and then seemed pretty winded.  So they let her sit and relax for a bit. 

What the therapy lady noticed, is that while Momma was sitting there she was continuing to do leg exercises, you see, Momma knows what exercises to do, it’s getting her to do them.  But, here she was doing them on her own, so….the therapy lady gave her a ball to put between her legs to squeeze, and then …it happened.

The therapy lady turned around to help another resident, and momma batted the ball to the therapy lady as if to say, “HEY, I don’t want to do this anymore!”

The therapy lady didn’t see it, until the ball went rolling by her, just barely missing her, but…I saw it and so did the other 2 resident’s in the room and the other therapy lady.  I busted up giggling, along with everyone else.  When the therapy lady turned around asking if Momma had thrown the ball at her, Momma just smiled and winked.

So, a game of kick the ball ensued after that, of which Momma participated in, for a little bit, but Momma was getting tired.  So, we called it a day with physical therapy and went back to Momma’s room.  Her and I sat there and I asked her if she wanted me to read to her (Mrs. Spires was paying attention to this), and Momma said “Yes!”, so we got the book out and read another 3 chapters.

About the end of the 3rd chapter, the Speech therapist came in, and Momma was happy to see her.  Momma then went on to have a “LOUD” session with the Speech therapist.  I was so proud of her.  For someone who has not used her voice in about a month to say “AHHHHHHH” for 3 seconds solid at a loud pitch, it was music to my ears.  Might I just add that she did it 10 times in a row.  We had bits and pieces of a conversation in between. 

Momma told the Speech therapist, about “Goldie” and about “ME” and how she wants to go home.

By now, Momma’s had a pretty full day, and she was getting tired, plus the Nurse came into give Momma her meds.  Poor Momma, she wants a drink so bad, that she tried to grab the medicine cup from the nurse.  unfortunately right now, we have to use the feeding tube.  Hopefully if Momma keeps progressing, she will be able to have that drink.

About now, they have come to put Momma to bed, and I think she was ready.  She got a little nervous, when she had to stand and sit to get into her bed.  Momma was tired.  Well, we got her into bed, and cleaned up, and when I left, after hugging Momma for about 5 minutes, and telling her how proud I was of her, how much I loved her, she was cuddling Mr. Bear, and her eyes were closed.

Momma had a good day….so did I….Night y’all

Momma’s working hard…

He ya’ll,  just a quick update for tonite because I think I have been through the wringer along with Momma.

Momma is making progress by leaps and bounds.  Today, we had speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.  That’s a lot of therapies, and Momma did Terrific!!!! 

For someone who had been in a hospital bed and close to well…ya’ll figure it out,  Today was PROGRESS in the first degree.  Although, by now Momma is snoring big time because it defiantly wore her butt out.  BUT, she tried so hard and, put forth the effort and SUCCEEDED!!!!

I, myself, have learned a lot.  I talked at length with the speech therapist, and she gave  me a web site on the therapy patterns that they followed.  WOW!  I have read so much this afternoon and learned so much that I think I can help when she gets home.  Scratch that I KNOW I can help when she gets home.

The physical therapist was there while I was there and she taught me a lot of new things we can do when Momma gets home.  Momma responded in typical Momma fashion, with a little cheekiness thrown in.

By now Momma was starting to wear down, when the Occupational therapist showed up.  She took Momma and toddled off down the hall to her therapy room, and Glory be, Momma stood up 3 times and continued to stand for a few minutes. 

By the time Momma was done with all of her different therapies…well, she was tuckered out and when she was put into her bed, she promptly went to sleep, a good sleep.

I am SOOOOO excited, by the progress of my Momma.  Today was HARD work, but she prevailed.  Because folks, Momma WANTS to come home AND to get back to where she was.  I learned alot of stuff today, In a way I am thankful that we had all of this happen.  Why you ask?  Because, I am learning stuff to help Momma, and make her stronger and to help her.  And also, because I am thankful for my Momma.  More than any of you will know.  I have learned so much in the past month.

I’ve learned I am stronger than I ever thought I was, I learned that the Farmer is stronger than he thought he was.  I learned that FAMILY is stronger than I thought it was.  AND I learned that Momma is ALOT stronger than I thought she was.

This woman is MY Momma, I had to explain to the speech therapist today when she asked Momma who I was, and she replied “It’s Joanne”, and the therapist asked “who’s she to you?”,  Momma replied with “My Best Friend”.   I told the therapist she was my step-momma.  But ya know what?  I may be her best friend apart from the Farmer, but she’s one of my best friends and my Momma too.  Does that make sense?    I guess it’s hard for her to explain what I am to her.  I’m her Care-giver, her step-daughter ( I really don’t like the “step” part), and her friend.

This woman has loved and cherished me and been my rock at times for the past 31 years.  When I had problems in my former life, she’s the one, along with the Farmer that accepted me, moving into their home and taking all of my baggage and me, and making me feel right.  This is the woman I rode with (because the Farmer was scared…) to get her Driver’s license at the age of…uhm…I can’t remember exactly but I believe it was about 45-50, because she had never had a driver’s license and had failed a couple of tests in  England, and it’s different here in the States.  She passed and I rode with her when she was the “official driver with a license”, in her bright and shiny New Ford Mustang.

I have memories of this woman that go way back, from the first time I laid eyes on her….uhm…sitting on the living room floor of our home eating out of a box of Kentucky fried chicken (from down the road of our Surbiton flat).  This woman who has been in the Nursing home for a little  more than 5 days and who has entered the hearts of all she has met.  Her Nurse Katie told me they would cry when she left the Nursing Home because…well…Momma is special.  I am SOOOOO glad they see that and recognize that.

Folks, Momma is working hard, and I see that, she may get tuckered out and need a nap (so do I for that matter), but Momma’s on the mend with a Vengence.  ya know why?   We want Momma home and guess what?  Momma WANTS to be home.  Me, I think ice cream sammiches have something to do with it….

Night all….:):)