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Pizza Night!

Well, here it is Saturday night, and I will state for the record, I really have not done that much today.  The Electrician and I did the Grocery shopping, and then we came home, ate lunch and both took naps.

We had Cam-man yesterday till about 8:00pm, and he was  happy to be here.  The minute I brought him in the front door, he was already screaming at the top of his lungs “PAWPA”.

At first we thought we would keep him occupied with just watching a little bit of “Curious George” on the computer but then Cam-Man wanted us to bring some of his toys downstairs.    Of course, his favorite toy (the tent) had to come downstairs and Pawpa put a pillow and Cam’s blankey in it, and then Cam and Pawpa laid down in it for about 2 seconds before the giggling and belly laughing began.







Finally, Cam-Man worn down but would not go to sleep, so his Pawpa held him in his arms, and Cam-Man fell asleep with the blanket and all.    He woke up and we all had dinner, and played some more when the Nursing Student and Fisher dude showed up.  (That was last night).

After eating left overs for a couple of days, I asked the Electrician if he wanted to cook dinner tonite.  He said sure.  He thought a stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy’s, would fit the bill for tonite.  Folks this thing is stuffed with chicken, mushrooms, black olives, mixed onions on a garlic cheese base.  and tomatoes and bacon.

Uhm, please put a fork in me (burp) and tell me I’m done.  I had 1 1/2 slices of this sucker and I’ve  gone into a serious food coma .  Heck, if truth be told, I have so missed my carbs and bread.  If I have to work out 2 x tomorrow then so be it, but the crust on this pizza, sent me into overdrive.  I even stole the Electrician’s crust.  I told him, if I had spread butter on that crust, I would have  seriously thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Dinner clean up was a snap.  wrap up the leftover pizza, throw away the paper plates, and wash 2 forks.  I like when the Electrician cooks!

The rest of the evening is going to be spent watching the Nascar race, and just doing kinda of nothing.  I really like these kind of days where I don’t really do anything at all except just “Gel”.







4 Pizza’s and Baking Bread…A day.

Today dawned far to early for it to be a Saturday.  I had to go over to the Farmer’s to watch momma for about an hour and a half this morning.  I got to the Farmer’s and he LAUGHED at me (HEY, I DID change out of my p.j.’s).  The first words out of his mouth were, “Hon, you can take a nap, Momma’s had her meds.” 

Well, the nap didn’t happen.  I made another cup of coffee, and got busy.  I changed Momma’s pants, and covered her back up, and then went down to get the paper, started a load of laundry (where does all this laundry come from?  I think there are little elves over at the Farmer’s house that purposely dirty stuff up, so I can do laundry).  I did sit on the couch and watch Food Network for a bit though.    And NO, I never did get that nap.

Joyce arrived and we chatted for a bit and then she went in to get Momma up and the Farmer got back home, so I left.  You see, today was a big day in my house.

Yesterday, the Electrician went to Monical’s Pizza and got 5 pizza’s for today.  But, I’m distracted, let me get back to it.    I got home and got things ready because, my house was about to fill up again. 

Today, The Nursing student, Fisher dude, Cam-Man, Brayden boy, Oldest son and newly engaged Fiance were coming to my house to “hang out” and talk about wedding stuff, and just have a good time.

They all arrived and we cooked 4 of the 5 pizza’s, and got full.  Then the “manly” bunch went outside to do some fishing in the pond.  Today Brayden Boy got his first fishing pole, and they were going to try it out.  The fiance hung out with the Nursing Student and I for a bit and then went outside to join the fishing gang.

The nursing Student and I have been faithfully mushing our bags of “Amish Friendship bread”.  Today was the day to bake the bread and make more bags to pass onto friends.  Before we even started, we realized that a trip to the store was needed for Instant Vanilla pudding, and oil.  So the Fiance and Nursing student ran to the store.  I got things prepped and then realized uhm, oops, I don’t think we are going to have enough milk to perform this task. 

So, we did the only thing we could think of when the 2 girls got back, we sent the Electrician to the store.  Well, I don’t know how some families do it, but when MY family gets together its chaos.  Plus, you put me and the Nursing student into the kitchen and there will be a lot of giggles and one hell of a mess.  At one point, because we had 3 different full batches going, well, one of the batches might have got 1/2 cup of extra flour, because we were talking and we both kind of lost count.

Let me just explain that one bag of mush, makes 2 loaves of friendship bread.  Yes, we were adventurous and had 6 loaves of bread, not to mention the 12 bags of “new” starter kits.  We had enough loaf pans to make them (Thanks to the Farmer for donating the 3 aluminium ones, and yes, your loaf is ready for you).  We put them into the oven and went outside to join the rest of the gang.

All in all, it was a really good day in my house.    The 6 loaves of bread turned out great.  The Nursing student and I gave the Fiance a loaf of fresh-baked bread, AND a starter kit with instructions.  The Nursing Student took home 2 loaves, and I have 3, 1 for the Farmer, 1 for us, and 1 for our neighbors.

This is the “manly men” down by the pond, getting ready for some serious fishing….

Brayden Boy caught his first fish today, and we were all so proud.  Another fisher-dude in the family.

Uncle Nate, Aunt Kari, and Cam-Man, I think they all had a good time today.

I wish the other kids could have been here, today, but I know that one of these days, we will ALL get together.