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Say Hello to my little friend….

The Electrician and I decided we would grill out burgers today.  Folks, it’s hot here in Central Illinois, today we reached 91′.  WOOHOO.  While it is only May, and it might mean we are going to have a scorching summer, the yard will burn up and the garden might flounder, I’m sorry, I’m a warm girl.  I will take the heat over the cold any day.

But, I digress.  We went outside to start the grill and the Electrician noticed a baby turtle on my porch (no doubt slapped here by Ms. Baby, who has been nosing in the grass now for a couple of days in the same spot.) 

When we found the poor thing he was riddled with dirt and not quite sure of his surroundings.  He was so tiny he fit into my hand.

You can’t really see him that good.  It was obvious he was scared.  We weren’t sure what to do with him, but the Electrician had the idea to put him in our “baby pool”.  I was afraid he would drown, so I told him to put him on the floaty.  That little turtle dude loved the water, the next thing we knew he was swimming around the pool having a blast.

So, we decided it was time for our new “kid” to be let go into the pond.  The Electrician took him down to the bank of the pond, and set him down and then backed up a couple of steps.  Little turtle dude, took off with a splash.  He is now happily swimming in the pond in my backyard, and I hope he grows up big and remembers “his human parents”.


Switch up day.

Ok, after the last few posts, I have realized, I have taken myself FAR to serious lately.  I’ve also realized, that since this week is Spring break, and we don’t have Cam-Man on a day-to-day basis, there are some serious giggles missing in my life.

So, after going to the Farmer’s this morning and getting Momma up and ready (by the way, today was a GOOD day for Momma).  I hung out with them for a while and did the normal, however, I gave her noon meds a little early and went on a trip.

Yup, I slid by the Nursing Student’s house and kidnapped , picked up Cam-Man for the afternoon.    Here is a little bit of how my afternoon went.

The Electrician has been missing Cam-Man too.  So, after lunch, Poppa took Cam down to the see the fountain that we had put back into the pond since winter is over.  They sat on the bank, and watched the fountain. Then they saw a rather large turtle swimming just around the pond.  (it has a lot of creatures in it, not just fish, but turtles, frogs, and I believe 2 muskrats.) We had a good time in the back yard today.  I am very lucky that I have the pond in my back yard.  The fountain actually is my neighbors, however, we’ve kinda claimed ownership over the past few years, because  The Electrician and the “other” Farmer dude put it in EVERY spring, and take it out EVERY fall.

There was one summer, where we got a paddle boat and paddled under it, that was awesome.

Cam and Granny had to stop playing for a “pose” Then we raced up to the house together.  Have you ever seen a lil kid run?  This kid just cracks me up, swinging his arms to give him more momentum.  By, the way, he won the race.  By the time we got back up to the porch, we all 3 had a sit down and just played a game of peek-a-boo.  I can’t explain to you the giggles that we had, but when Cam-Man was hiding behind me on the glider and then came around the side and said “I see you Geema” and started giggling.  Well……  I think the picture says it more than I can.  This lil dude, straight up can turn some of the awful days into the brightest just by his smile.

He just straight up can make me smile, by a hug with him patting my back.  Or, him giggling his giggle and thinking he can give me a wet willy and giggle, or just pushing at my toe, and me saying “ouch”  and him letting out a giggle. 

 After we had goofed off for a little bit, Poppa told Cam, they had to water the new grass that Poppa has planted.  So, Cam man grabbed the bucket and helped Poppa carry it to the new grass. Cam-Man was talking to Poppa the whole time and I believe he was saying..”Uhm, Poppa the new grass looks great, except I just stepped on some of it, but here, let me help you water it and it will grow.  ok?” 

(I gotta laugh here, simply for the fact, that I’ve been uploading pictures and the Electrician just asked me what’s taking so long for my post) … Uhm.. The Electrician has just advised me that the pictures HE took of the afternoon were really good…uhmmm…huh?  I advised him I took the pictures and he told me that I had GREAT subjects to take pictures of, my family is very humble, can you tell?

Apparently our pond is almost famous with other members of the community because this shot showed up on my face book page yesterday after the weekend.

This photo was taken by my friend Heidi Monyok-Newlin, she is a budding photographer, but in my book.  She IS a photographer, this is my pond from the other end.  The tree that the boat is by is my tree.  And I really want to frame this one.  Thank you Heidi!