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My Monday….

After telling y’all that I would try to post more often, I decided this morning, I would take my camera with me today, and let you follow along.  Before I start though, I do have to tell you, I forgot it at, some important times of the day.  **sigh**

When I woke up this morning, the Electrician was telling me bye, and that he would call me in about 20 minutes to make sure I had gotten up.  Ok, yes, I may have stayed up to late last night, playing on the computer.  I did get up after he left though, because Ms. Baby was kicking me, it seems her food bowl was empty, and she was not going to let me sleep while THAT was going on.

I got up, and did the things I do, AFTER getting my first cup of coffee.  When, my little ray of sunshine arrived.

DSCN4400When I see this face first thing in the morning, my little heart melts, and I know I’m in for a good day. There is nothing like having a 2 1/2  year old, get your 51-year-old person moving, and thinking .

Little dude did get in trouble today, and about broke my heart, if I could stop giggling.   Little Dude‘s Poppa showed him how to put in DVD‘s and how to take out DVD’s from the DVD player, but after breaking one, it was decided he could no longer do this.  Well…..he decided he had watched one DVD enough and was going to change it.  That was after having his breakfast….


Now mind you, him and I, are seriously not morning people.  Our usual routine is to watch Toy Story 3, and eat breakfast.  He eats cereal, I eat Yogurt, and drink copious  amounts of coffee. While sharing my yogurt with him.  Little dude decided he was going to take a DVD out of the player, and he got busted.  There was no shouting, or screaming, there was just a very firm “CAMDEN, are you supposed to be doing that”?  Little dude knew he had done something wrong and you would have thought the world had just ended.  He looked at me with the evidence in his hand, and then dropped to the floor crying. then ran into his room shouting, “I’m sorry, I don’t like you anymore”.  (I’m sorry, but I could not stop giggling. How many times, have the 5 kids told me the same thing?)  I don’t know why other than without any other form of discipline, he KNEW.    I followed him into his room, and picked him up off the floor and hugged him and told him to quit crying, and said, “Cam, let’s talk ok?”.  I got a death grip around my neck, and he looked at me.  I told him I was not mad, but he knew he had done something wrong didn’t he?  When he agreed, and said ‘I won’t do it again I pwomise Otay”.

We continued on with our morning, and little dude decided he wanted to take crayons and a coloring book to the Farmer’s I said ok.  We got ready to go, and I asked him if he had to potty first, and he said, nope.  We get in the car and just as we are about to leave my small little town, Cam screams “Memaw, Potty”.  So, we pulled into our local “Casey’s” and Cam-man did his business.  He got high-fived by the cashier, and every customer in there, and believe me when I say he swagged out to the Rav4.

We proceeded to the Farmer’s and the car ride about did him in.  Little dude’s eyes were droopy, but just when we went past the pastures next to the Farmer’s and Cam saw the horses, he screamed, ‘We’re here”.   We went in and the Farmer and Cam-Man had a reunion, mind you they have not seen each other since last Thursday.

We got busy and did somethings.  We cooked the Farmer his breakfast, and Cam offered to do the dishes (I think he just likes to play in the water).  But, that was after Cam asked his Pawpaw, “we have bacon now?”

Cam and I went outside to take out the trash (no long-lost friends in the garage), and then we went on to conquer the pirate cove, sharks, and also a walk around the grounds just to see who had been there, and who needed to taken care of.  (Might I just insert here, the imagination of this kid amazes me, with just a little prompting, he takes me to a bunch of fun places.)

We knew it was time to come inside and get Momma up.  Apparently Momma, has not had a good few days, and today was also to fall into that category.  Momma is still battling the cold, and we are hoping it does not turn into anything else.    Cam, came to help, and tried to talk to Momma several times, but she was not in the mood to cooperate.

We finally got everything done and Cam and I were ready to go, so we gave hugs and kisses all round and headed on down the road.  It had started to rain, but it was still warm outside.   As usual, we had not even gotten into town and I looked at Cam in the back seat.  I was lucky I hit a red light because I snapped a picture….


Little dude tries so hard to stay awake.  But I think the fact, him and I play hard, and he gets tired, but does not want to give in, does him in on the car ride home.    I finished the ride to his house, and then we get this situation….

RSCN4403Yes, I give him back to his Momma, but he cries, because he wants to go to my house.  Plus, he is tired, and I don’t even know what else.    It’s ok Cam-Man, you and I will play again tomorrow.



I promise to do better with my camera tomorrow, we are working up to a major event on Wednesday…..I am working up to  something special….someone has a birthday coming up……just sayin…..

SuperBowl Sunday….

As with the rest of America, the Superbowl hit my house this evening.  But, to lead you up to our “party”, I have to start with this morning.

It was a regular morning in my house.  The Electrician and I got up and then got ready to go to Church.  Upon arriving at Church, we had a “little” surprise.  The College student is home this weekend, and actually came by and had dinner at my house and hung out for a bit last night.  The College student arrived and came to Church with the Electrician and I, and the Nurse and Fisher dude.

We finalized our plans for this evening, and the Electrician and I came home, changed clothes and got busy.  Let me just insert here, I am very lucky.  While I was “playing” in my kitchen, the Electrician did his weight lifting, and also vacuumed my entire house, touched up the bathrooms, and did some laundry.  I am really Blessed to have a wonderful “house husband”.

With all of the food,I had planned to make done, I think I fell asleep on the couch for a bit.  The “party” arrived, as in, the Nurse, Fisher Dude and Cam-man.  The Nurse got busy and made something that in my house is called “baby poop” (can of chili with cream cheese melted into it), and then made brownies.  The food was set and i did take pictures of it.  Forgive the Nacho’s (served in the pan they were made in) and the Baby poop (in the pan it was made in).

DSCN4188While I did take pictures of the food, I did not get to it until we had already digged into some of it….This would be deviled eggs (I’m famous for them), with sweet gherkins in the middle, ham and cheese plate with baby crossoints (for sammiches), and jalapeno poppers in bacon (I’m famous for those also).  I used different jalapeno’s for these and they were a little on the “hot” side.  Didn’t stop them from getting scarfed up though.

DSCN4190This would be the chips and dip,  On the left is my Nacho’s (I was famous for them, but the Electrician has perfected my recipe and now owns it (pfft..)) Next to it would be the “baby poop” which everyone in my family loves.  Our assorted chips.



DSCN4191These would be the Nurse’s brownies.  Made with a special treat of Butterscotch chips added to the batter.  Now, like I told her, if I had known she was going to make brownies, I would have got some baby “Snickers” bars and then we could have made “Turtle brownies”.  But these were pretty darn good too.

DSCN4193Being that this event is at Mee-maw’s house, there are ALWAYS chocolate chip/butterscotch cookies around, and Cam-Man knows this.  He didn’t want to wait for the brownies to be finished, and he knows where the Electrician “hides” the cookies.  So, of course, he got one, or two.



Cam-Man decided he was into the picture-taking this evening, so we all had to pose for pics…..


He told me that his Meemaw makes the best cookies around!

DSCN4195The Fisher Dude and the Nurse, had a good time, They watched the game with Poppa, and Cam-Man and I had some personal time together.  While I did not mind, I kinda missed out on the commercials.  But it was all good, and they all laughed at Cam-man and I who watched 101 Dalmatians on the t.v. upstairs.  We also had some play time with the blocks, cars and everything else Cam-Man dragged out of his room.



The Electrician and I don’t usually get our picture taken together, but we did tonite, and Cam-Man just strutted his stuff into the kitchen so he could be a part of it too.

While I may not have watched the actual game, I spent some fun time with that little dude.  Sometimes, I can get to feeling a bunch better by just hearing his little giggle.  What is really cute about him at the moment, he likes to whisper and wink, and count.

What a great Sunday I’ve had.  I hope ya’ll have had a great one too!


Momma and Me…..

I am the daughter of a Parkinson’s Momma.  (Yes, I know you know this).  I am going through some “things” right now, that are hard for me to speak about.  It has been hard, recently for me to blog.  period.

It’s not one thing in particular, but sometimes everything in general.  I think…I’m tired.  When I have thoughts like this, I think about the Farmer.  If I am tired, and sad, and worried, I can only imagine what he is feeling.

I had a long discussion with the Nurse last night.  Yes, her and Cam-man came over for the regular Wednesday night get together we have started (3 weeks in a row now).  We all have giggles and dinner and fun.  Last night, Cam-man and his Poppa giggled and carried on, and the Nurse and I talked.

When I say talked, I truly mean talked.   We talked about Momma.  Where she was this time last year, and where she is today.    The Nurse pointed out a bunch of new information to me last night and really started me thinking, and then we got into a lively discussion about “things”.

To be honest, this time last year, Momma was in the Nursing Home fighting her way back.  You see, Momma actually died before Christmas a year ago, and on Christmas eve was admitted into the Nursing Home for Rehab, and then allowed to come home in March.

We’ve had an awesome year, and things have been great….until recently.  Momma has not been Momma, lately.  She is there, trust me, but not very often.   She goes through the motions, but does not speak, well sometimes she pops out with a Momma comment, but very far and few.    She is getting weaker, and I see it.  Sometimes her mind is mush, and I don’t say that lightly.

We still keep the “routine” as close as we can, because there are times the medicine just doesn’t work, and then it really is a bad day.    I hate that aspect of things.  But in talking with the Nurse last night, I realized something.

Momma may be going “downhill” so to speak, and it may be her time, so to speak, but with all of the things that technology has come up with, she is getting the nutrients she needs to keep her body nourished, because she is on tube feedings.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying I want her to go anywhere, but I find myself asking a bunch of questions there are no answers to.  I HATE watching this disease take her over completely.  From watching her limbs not cooperate with her, to watching her try so hard to complete a sentence that makes sense.  To watching her try to figure out what she wants to say, to feeling her pain over the confusion.  To watching her being scared of her hallucinations, and trying to help her through them.

On the other side of the coin, watching the Farmer and seeing how tired he is.  Knowing the pain he feels, because it is my own pain, but tripled.  I get breaks, he does not, but at the same token, when you marry someone it is “for better or worse, until death do you part”.

The whole situation is one of unbearable pain for all involved.  But my first thought, forgive me if it is abstract, but if we feel this pain, I can only imagine what a woman feels, who was totally in control of herself, and gave herself whole hardily to everything she was involved in.   To be reduced to having someone else do everything for her, and not even being able to wipe her own butt.  Parkinson’s Disease is not pretty, for the person who has it, to the family that deals with it.

But I guess, there is a lesson, or reason that it hit my family.  I know it has made us stronger, tougher, and have shared love more easily among us.

If my blog helps just one person understand, or helps them in any way then I guess, it might be what I was supposed to do.

I can’t tell you how many times I have left the Farmer’s house in tears recently. I can’t tell you how many times, I have come home and prayed.  I can’t tell you how many times, I have only wanted what was best for Momma.    I think God might be tired of hearing from me lately.

But ya know what?  It is what it is, and I am going to keep doing what I do.  So forgive me peeps if I don’t get to blog as much as I truly want to, but sometimes, after I have bared my soul I just want to hibernate.

I feel better for releasing some of this, there is so much built up.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a dark soul, I have a bunch of things going on right now that makes me want to jump for joy, I am just not at the point I can share them with you.

Thanks for listening….:)




Best Gift EVER!!!!

Ok, forgive me because this gift happened a few…(cough) years ago.  You see, the Electrician married me on my Birthday, simply so he could kill two birds with one stone…HAHAHA, nope, simply so he could remember 2 events in one.  I made him sign an agreement that I would get 2 presents on my day, not only my Birthday, but my anniversary too…

A few years ago, we had the time of our lives.  He SCORED tickets to “The Temptations“, on our anniversary date, the dinner before the event was my Birthday present.

That was probably the last concert he and I have attended, but my gosh what a concert it was.  It was so funny, because after dinner we went to the concert hall, and even though I was stuffed with dinner, he bought me a coke and popcorn.

There we were sitting in our seats, and well….we were surrounded with people a little older than us.  But let me tell you when the Temptations came on stage,  Camsgranny had her butt up and dancing.   I even dragged the lady sitting next to us up and had her dancing too.  The Electrician laughed his butt off that night simply because I enjoyed myself so much.  I even dragged his butt up off the chair and made him dance with me and the women sitting next to us.

I so enjoy music and everything it makes me feel.  I have songs that can bring me to tears just by memories, I have songs that make me laugh, giggle, and smile.

But to be honest, this is one of my most cherished memories.  From the snow on the ground, to freezing my butt off that night, while my beloved heated up the car and scraped ice off of it, to making sure my Birthday and anniversary was the best.

I will never forget that one.  Including dancing in the isles, and just over all having a fantastic time.

Just a thought….

For all those who love me, Thank you, and I love you too.


I am struggling right now, and so is the Electrician. This isn’t a post about marital problems, because we don’t have any of those.  What we have is a phase.

You see, while I see my parents everyday, and I try to take care of Momma and the Farmer the best I can, the Electrician is missing his parents.  I miss them too.

For me, I did something today that was one the hardest things I’ve done, not the hardest mind you, but it was still hard.  I had to tell the Nursing Student and Fisher Dude, I could not watch Cam-Man with the shift they are working.

You see, while the kids are working second shift right now, which would mean I would get Cam-man from about 3:30 to 11 pm, It won’t work right now.  The Electrician is working 10-12 hours a day.  Cam-Man is a ball of fire.  The two don’t mix.

The Electrician needs his rest, because if you saw his guest post on my blog you know, he’s working his butt off about now.  He needs his rest.   I understand that.  But…for me, the person who never says no, I had to say no.

It’s true when they tell you as you grow older it does not necessarily become easier.    I also understand that since day 1 when this little kid was born, I am attached to him.  I have formed a bond with that  kid, that no one will break.  For that reason, I hate when someone else has to watch him, because I am unable to.

I understand the reason in my head, but my heart doesn’t like it.  The Electrician  used to work on the road.  He would leave every Monday morning and come home to me every Friday evening.  I seriously hated the time we were apart, but I had a fill in.  I watched Cam-Man, and he kept me company during the week.    I’ve still watched him since the Electrician came home.   BUT  we’ve shared in his care, and now Cam-man has grown to love his Papa, so much.

I guess what it all boils down to is Memaw, misses her little buddy, and I think he misses her too. (If today was any clue).  The funny thing is, my kids have told me, you would not let me get away with what you let him get away with, and my answer is this….  I’m not his PARENT, I’m his Memaw, and I love that little kid.

The Reward is NOT having to be his Parent, the reward is being Memaw, and letting him develop his own little “tude”, without letting him get out of hand, but still being who he is.

I miss this little guy..



Strong…what is that?

Okay, I am stronger than that…. For me to spend a day in tears is not right.  Sorry to the Farmer but this is your daughter and she is fighting oh so hard.

What am I fighting for?  I am fighting for the woman you married, and brought into my life, the Woman who looked at me and said “Yup, I will accept her as my daughter, even thou I did not give birth to her, but she’s a cutie and I accept her”

Who told you bring her home, when she knew what I was dealing with, Sorry to the Farmer,  Momma knew,  she loved me even then.

Momma and I have private conversations all the time.  I understand them, so does she.    Todays conversation blew my shit right out of the water…When she said to me “Joanne Dutch”…  I went back right there to it.  You see I was in a marraige that was very abusive, I’ve never said anything until now because I have 2 kids by that  alliance.  And since then, their Daddy comitted suicide.  I have always thought, that if I never said anything bad about their Daddy then it was all good.

Momma lived that with me today….PDD is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Simply for the fact she is re-living MY life and making me see what happened.  Like I have said I have cried buckets today, but ya know what…

I’ve lived it, survived it and I have a wonderful man in the Electrician who takes care of me and makes sure I’m ok….

Yo, Momma….HELLO

Hey y’all, my name is Ms. Baby, ok, so those humans call me Baby.  I am the daughter of the household.  The Electrician, and that crazy Camsgranny always wanted to have a baby, and guess what?  I’m it.

I’ve been a little miffed lately.  I have taken to hanging out in the garden, and they hate that.  The Electrician thinks if he waters the garden, I won’t lay in it, guess what?  He’s oh so wrong.  The cool dirt that I am laying on is oh so comfortable, plus I have to keep an eye on what’s going on out here.

I also have a master plan, just don’t let them know ok?  You see, I used to let them think that I was happy with going out and laying underneath the chairs and stuff..  HA, I got them fooled.  After having my butt dive bombed by the birds because I just happened to spot one of those feathered friends eating worms in the yard, huh… who did they think they were?

I’m on it, and I will protect my humans, from the birds, pfft, I may not have front claws, but buddy, I am fast.  Plus, my Momma, (Camsgranny) really hates when the birds let loose with all of their poop, especially when it lands on her.  Good Golly Ms. Kitty, she flops around and screams and stuff.  I got this, Momma.

The reason I’ve been hanging out in the garden (uhm….psst…don’t tell the Electrician or my Momma)  There is something living under the garden.  It’s not zombies, or anything like that, cuz if it was my butt would run for cover.

There are some creatures that are digging holes, and I think my old buddy the chipmunk is back, (if it’s not the one I cornered in the house and stalked under the bed until Momma made him run out the screen door, I would have killed his butt), and I wouldn’t have to put up with his off-spring now!

But, I’m here to tell you, I got my eyes open and no matter how many times they run me out of the garden, I am still watching and waiting, and I will get whatever is in there.

Psst, don’t tell Momma I had computer time tonite, she might just get mad, and I won’t get my treats for tomorrow…So, it’s our secret ok?


Freak Me Out Monday….

My Monday started off kinda the same way my Friday went.  I got my happy butt out of bed at 5:15 am, and did a few things around my house.  Then, off down the road I went to the Farmer’s.  Today, hopefully he was going to visit the Vampire, and it would be all good.

I arrived at the Farmer’s, and the Farmer and I shared a moment.  You see, sometimes I forget that he religiously reads my blog, and one of my posts hit him pretty hard.  We had a big hug, and I shooed him out the door.

While he was gone, I started a load of Momma‘s laundry, gave her the 8am meds,  and got his breakfast ready.  He returned to the house about a half hour after he left it.  He walked in with a big grin, and grabbed the cup of coffee I had ready for him.    The Vampire had done it, and he had the green light for his Doctor’s appointment on Friday.

We finished up breakfast, and we were sitting there chatting, when I got a call on my cell phone.  I thought it was the Electrician calling me to let me know he got my message, that I had got an appointment for him with Chiropractor today at 4:00 pm.

I answered the phone and it was the Nursing Student.  Now, I don’t know about y’all, but any conversation that starts out with “I have to tell you something, and I really do not want you to freak out”.  Well, I kinda freaked out, but remained calm, and took my phone outside and sat down on the back step, and said “What’s up and I won’t freak out ok?”.

Apparently, Our lil’ Cam-Man was playing super hard with his brother last night and came flying out of his room and slid on the rug, tripped over a ball, and broke his leg.    I was a little shaken but kept it together and told her I would be over at 11:30 am, to do what I could and give her a little break.   Folks, she only got 3 hours of sleep, and Cam-Man had about 3 hours of sleep.  They splinted his leg, and she had to call to make an appointment to have a cast put on.  Put poor lil Cam-Man was in a lot of pain.


I hung up the phone and went in to tell the Farmer what happened, and I thought HE was gonna cry.  While Cam-Man may be the apple of his Poppa‘s eye, he is the apple of his Great Poppa’s eye too.  The Farmer was worried about his little buddy.

I left the Farmer’s after getting Momma up and giving her the 11;00 am meds.   I had already finished 1 load of laundry and put the second load in the dryer which HEY FARMER, I forgot to tell you they are in the dryer.  Oh well, I guess I’ll fold them tomorrow.

I called the Nursing Student and then stopped and got some Children’s Motrin, which the Doctor had told her to give him for pain.  I also picked up a 12 pack of ice cream cups, because of tradition.

You see when my boys were about the same age, I made a lot of trips to the emergency room,  and my ex-husband’s Momma ALWAYS brought ice cream after an accident.  (I seriously think they got hurt on purpose so they could have ice cream.)

While I was driving to the Nursing Student’s, the Fisher Dude was driving home for his lunch break and cut in front of me without even realizing it was me.  We both pulled into the driveway at the same time, and he didn’t even see me until I walked into him.  He was upset about lil Cam-Man.

We both walked in and Brayden boy was excited to see me, Cam-Man saw me and then started crying because he couldn’t move.    He was propped up on his Momma and Daddy’s bed, and they were watching PBS kids.  I climbed up onto the bed, and Cam-Man wiggled so he was almost on top of me, and I’ll be jiggered, but that darn kid put his hand on my chest and his head in the crook of my neck and just laid there.

I felt so bad, every time he would move, he cried.  His blankey was held very tightly with one hand and his thumb in his mouth with the other.  I thought I had died 1000 deaths whenever one of my kids was hurt, but this is a new kind of hurt.

Cam-Man had an appointment to get his cast on, and I helped the Nursing Student who was 10,000 types of frazzled, I told her I have been in her shoes, and this too shall pass.

I changed Cam-Mans diaper, and he cried.  I got him dressed and I cried.  The Nursing Student finished dressing him and then I held him in my arms, and then loaded up his brother in the car for the appointment to get the cast.

Cam-Man is sporting a bright Green cast on his leg, which thankfully is to be removed in about a month.



The Electrician did call me to let me know he had gotten my message about the Chiropractic appointment, and I had to break the news to him about his lil’ buddy.  The Electrician admitted he cried.  After his appointment, the Electrician stopped in to see how Cam-Man was doing, and he was sleeping peacefully.


His belly was full with a Happy Meal from McDonald’s (believe me he sure did deserve that one) and he was just plum worn out.  At least with the cast he was free of some of the pain.    The Electrician gave him a kiss.


Our evening has been a little subdued.  We are both kind of worn out, and realize just how much that little dude means to us, and we both hate to see him in any type of pain or suffering.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time lil’ dude ends up in the emergency room, but WOW, we sure did not expect it at age 2.


My House today…..Happy Father’s Day!

While I realize that today is not Father’s Day,  when you have a large family, sometime’s you schedule events or  “special” days around everyone’s schedule  well for most of my family, today was the day.

The day dawned, and the Electrician and I ran and did some errands.  When we got home, I put an awesome rub on the 2 racks of baby back ribs we were going to grill out today.  I shucked 6 ears of corn and got the Bourbon and brown sugar baked beans ready to go.

The Nursing student and I pulled a trick on the Fisher dude, and told him to be here by 1:00, (because usually, (and he admitted this), he is the reason they are late anywhere they go.  Well..the Fisher dude arrived at my house at exactly 12:48, and asked where everyone was.  I was in shock and told him to sit down.  Apparently, he had been gone since early this morning Fishing.  (That is part of his Father’s day).  I told him, I was VERY impressed that he was on time!

Pretty soon, after we chatted for a bit, and he went out to the pond to continue fishing, the Nursing Student and Cam-Man made their arrival.

Cam-Man strutted in the house, as soon as he put a foot on the stairs he was shouting “Poppa“.  He came upstairs and I met him at the stairs.  I got a big hug, but he was still looking for his Poppa.  He went to the window and checked to see if Poppa’s truck was there, and then he heard him on the stairs.  The two had an awesome re-union with big hugs and sloppy kisses.

Both of them got shooed out of the house though.  The Nursing Student was putting the finishing touches on the gift that her and Cam-Man had made for Poppa for Father’s Day.

Apparently (I had set up the pool yesterday), as soon as Cam-Man hit the deck on the outside he saw the pool and went running and was climbing in, when Poppa grabbed him and took off his shorts and shirt, and although one sandal got wet, they were also remove

This kid is a fish, and loves to swim and play, every single one of the family got in the pool with him at one time or another.  I do have to laugh though, because the Nursing student is trying to “potty train” him.    When I came out (everyone else was gone and it was my turn to watch him), he climbed out of the pool and started taking his diaper off.  Next thing I knew, he aimed his little tallywacker and proceeded to pee in the pool.  Not once, but in the course of the 2 hours he was in the pool, at least 4 other times.  I think he’s getting the hang of it.

The College student showed up and took her turn in the pool with Cam-Man too.

Dinner was ready and we had to drag Cam-Man out of the pool, and we all went upstairs and seriously chowed down, Ribs, corn-on-the-cob, Bourbon and brown sugar baked beans and sliced watermelon.   (burp, uhm, sorry).  I love baked beans, so the Nursing student, however, both her and I were denied second helpings of the beans by our respective spouses.    I have NO idea why.

After dinner, we laid Cam-Man down for a nap,AFTER he had gone around the room and given each one of us a kiss and told each of us, “I love you too” and then we all congregated downstairs, and the Collage student laid on the couch and stated she needed a nap, the Fisher dude stretched out in the recliner and agreed with her.  The Electrician and I sat in our respective chairs, and the Nursing student kind of bounced from the recliner, to the couch, to just running into the garage fridge for another strawberry.

We laughed so much at the conversation that was  carried over from the dinner table.  Uhm, folks, my family is just straight up crazy.  I won’t even go into detail about what we discuss, but the conversation downstairs was about suffocating on the College student‘s cleavage, and about her wanting to be “Octo-Mom” with one kid,  to just giggling and out loud belly laughing about the kids craziness.

The College student had to run, she has a night life that she had to go take a nap for…:)  The Fisher dude fell asleep in the recliner, and the Electrician, Nursing student and I all had a good time, just talking.

Let me take a minute to state, I loved these kids while they were growing up, but since they are grown up, I’ve learned, they are GREAT kids, but they are FRIENDS too.

Anyhoo, the Electrician had decided Cam-Man had  a long enough nap, and went and woke him up, and Cam’s  first thought was to go outside.  Unknown to him, Poppa and I had taken down and emptied the pool.  We went outside and a friend of the Electrician’s  was in the back fishing with his 2 of 3 kids.

We all walked down towards the pond, and the Nursing student hadn’t seen Korry or his kids for a long time.  Introductions were made (Fisher dude had never met him), and we proceeded to have a good time catching up. Meanwhile   Cam-Man spotted the battery operated “car” that Korry’s kids arrived in and was all over that sucker.   Korry told Cam to get in and drive.  Cam-Man jumped in but had no clue how to drive it, so Korry’s son got in and gave Cam-Man a ride, all the way back up to the house and then around the driveway and back down to the pond.   Korry’s son got out and went back to fishing, and Cam-Man was hooked.

Cam-Man’s feet couldn’t reach the gas pedal, and I took a ride with him, and showed him how to do it, IT WAS on after that.  That little kid ran in circles with his Poppa and I egging him on.  I think he just liked the wind in his hair and the fact, HE was driving.

It came to an end though, when I realized he was going to run the battery down, so I coaxed him out of the car, with a promise of a boat ride.  The Electrician got the boat ready, and it was time for a boat ride.    The Fisher dude put down his fishing pole, and the Nursing Student got ready and Cam_man climbed into the boat, and they went for their first paddle boat ride.

unfortunately for me, I had to scoot down the road, because I had promised to go to the Farmer’s to put Momma to bed.  So, I’m not quite sure what else happened, but I will come back to it, as the Electrician told me what happened after I left.

I had promised Joyce, that I would go over and put Momma to bed tonite, because she had a “date” with her husband.  I got to the Farmer’s and while Momma might have had a good day, it wasn’t a “good” evening.

The therapy police arrived and did some therapy with her, but Momma’s muscles were not responding.  It happens sometimes.   I did take a plate of food to the Farmer, and he enjoyed it.  Momma was just griping because she really wants to taste something and eat with her mouth and not a tube.  I explained everything to her AGAIN, but I do understand her frustration.  I don’t think I would like it if I could not chew something and savor the flavor of it.

I got Momma into her bed, and comfy, and I even “bed danced” with her to the Lawrence Welk show.  The Farmer laughed at us, but HEY, Momma liked it.    After I made sure she was comfortable, I scooted down the road back to my house.

It’s been a day, and I’ll share the rest later, but for now, my serious thank you to all the Father’s out there.

Happy Father’s day to you all.


Freaky Friday!

Yup, it’s Friday folks.  While to some it means that tomorrow they get to sleep in and don’t have to go to work.  Me?  It’s gonna be a fun day.  I’ve got some plans for tomorrow.  But before I get to those, I have to live today.

Today…hmm… it had its moments.  One thing I don’t understand.  I had a bad morning with Momma.    I told the Farmer, Momma had a bad morning and the Farmer apologized to me.  I told the Electrician, Momma had a bad morning, he apologized to me.  I don’t mean to sound mean to either one of them but I ask a simple question.  Why are you apologizing to ME?  Momma was the one who had a hard time.

I told the Electrician what I said to Momma and he said I was mean.  All’s I told her, when she went straight up Parkinson’s on me (after she had been the life of the party while the Farmer and I had gotten her up, and then the Farmer left to run some errands).  Momma started moaning and got stiff and straight up Momma gripped with Parkinson’s.  I simply stated in a forceful way, (after I had given her Mr. Bear to hold in her arms), “Momma close your eyes and go back to sleep, I don’t want to see those eyes open and I want you to relax and hug that bear, like you mean it.”

I believe she knew I was serious, because she went back to sleep and at first it was a restless sleep.  But then, she relaxed and REALLY slept.  I even gave her 2 doses of medicine and she never woke up.  Me?  I went on with my normal stuff, changed the kitty litter, did the laundry, cooked for the Farmer (yes, friday’s are turning into Betty Crocker days, but I enjoy it and so does he).

The Farmer arrived home about 1:00, and walked in, and said to Momma, “I’m back”…She giggled (GIGGLED), and was fine after that.  pfft….

I found a Disney Movie on t.v. called “That Darned Cat”, staring Hayley Mills, who is one of Momma’s favorites, and she sat up and watched that movie and even was “normal”, it was like this morning and her Parkinson’s self had never even happened.

I got my stuff together and headed off down the road to go watch Mr. Cam-Man for a bit.    I got to the Nursing students house, but Cam-man was sleeping.  The Nursing student was riled about something, and I listened to her and gave her my input.  Unfortunately she was really riled up and Cam-Man woke up.  So, I went in and grabbed him, and we had a little conversation after his Momma left to go get some more diapers.

“Hey Cam-Man, you’re coming to my house tomorrow and you get to see Poppa“, he pointed to my chest and said “house?”  and I said “Yep, MY house”, then he said “Poppa?”, and I replied with “Yes Poppa will be there and you can see him and be at my house, but you better bring your swimming trunks, cuz Granma is gonna put up the pool ok?”   “K” was his response.  I then received a bear hug from this little kid, and he squeezed hard.

We went into the kitchen and he was looking for a snack, and then he spied the little baggy of blueberry muffins I had brought with me, and pointed to himself and said me?”,  Yes, I gave him one, he scarfed that sucker down like he was starving.  I asked him where his cup was and he toddled off into his room and came back with his cup and said at the top of his lungs “Here”.  So I filled it up with some juice and he and I sat on the couch together and had a moment.

While my day may have started off shackey, it ended well, I came home and the Electrician arrived and while his day is another post, let me just say.  I am blessed.  By the way, my youngest son called tonite and spoke with me and the Electrician, he is doing well, and I’m a proud Momma.

Freaky Friday, yes, it has been, but I survived, and it’s all good….