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Upside down Monday

Today my day was all upside down.  I could not leave my house today, so the Nursing Student brought Cam-Man to me, and the Farmer and Momma fended for themselves, this morning.

I had a guest show up at my house this morning with a trailer filled with all the fancy bathroom stuff the Electrician and I had picked out about 2 months ago.  Yes, ya’ll, we are FINALLY after all this time fixing the upstairs bathroom, before the bathtub lands downstairs.  We found out how close that came today, when my bathroom was gutted and found the floor was rotten in about oh, all of it.

Let me back up here first, The Electrician and I had an appointment with a Re-Bath of Illinois consultant about 2 months ago, and picked out all the spiffy new stuff to go in my bathroom.  It has taken this long for them to make them to the bathrooms specifications.  And this is the week we they  are going to install it all.  Although, what was supposed to take 2 days has now turned into 4, based on the state of the flooring. 

Please bear with me, but the Electrician is an extremely neat and tidy person, I thought he was going to lose it when he arrived home and I had to leave to drop of Cam-Man and fly by the Farmer’s and Momma’s house.  You see today was demolition day, and well…it was a little messy. 

 Although, Cam-Man sure enjoyed it, I kept him busy downstairs and then when it was his nap time, I thought we were going to have a problem, because his Momma forgot, wait for it, his blankey.   Little man cried for a few minutes and then went into blissful slumber. (for a good 2 hours I might add)  How he slept through all of the nailing, pounding, crashing and everything else I have no idea, but he did and I was happy.

I threw a roast and gravy in the crock pot, and worked on my project (it’s getting good kids, but I can’t tell you what it is, the Electrician reads my posts and I’m not giving it away).

The Electrician came home and we visited for a few, and then off the road I went.  I was going to drop off Cam-Man first, but the Fisher-dude wasn’t home yet, so I just took Cam with me to the Farmer’s.  We got there and unfortunately Momma was full-blown Parkinson’s.   The Farmer and Cam played, and I got busy in the kitchen.  I made Salisbury steaks with gravy over rice, with some green beans thrown  in. That done, I flew back to the Fisher-dude’s and dropped off Cam-Man.  Visited for a bit, although I told the Electrician that we didn’t speak about demolition day, well….yea, we did, and the Electrician was correct, the kid’s think he is going to expire because of how messy it is right now.  The nursing student made a comment of “Yup, I can just see Dad following that poor guy around with a dustbuster”.

By the time I got back 2 1/2 hours later, the Electrician had pulled out the Vacume cleaner and was very busy.  I just smiled and finished making our dinner, but I do have to say that the Electrician makes the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever eaten, and he made them again tonite.  So needless to say right now I am stuffed, can’t take a shower,  and am really ready to go to sleep.  (yawn)

That has been day one of remodelling, I don’t even want to think about other rooms in the house.  I do know I will be spending some time with Momma and the Farmer tomorrow as well as Cam-Man. 

I usually don’t wish my life away, but can we kinda fast forward to Thursday? hehehehe