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Road Trip to a Wedding…Part Two….


After travelling all day the day before, and I do mean ALL day, we slept good, and woke up a little bit later than usual.  Me?  I was still “under the influence” of cold medication.

We got up and met downstairs at the hotel for some breakfast.  Then back up to the room to get ready.

Brayden boy stated him and Papa both looked handsome, AND sophisticated, and also like “twins”.


Cam-Man and the Fisher dude were in the wedding and they had already left, because they had to be there early for pictures.  The family had to be there at 12;30 for pictures.  When we arrived, Cam-Man was pretty happy to see the rest of us.

We were all up at the “main house” , of where the wedding was held “That Pretty Place” which is a Bed and breakfast in Middlebury, Indiana.  The place was beautiful.  Perfect for a wedding, I will say that.  What I will also say, is that while it was a bit chilly and over cast, the skies cooperated and it didn’t rain once.  The fact you could see your breath, and I had no coat was another story.

The family was called for the “family pic’s”, and we all went outside.  This is one the Electrician took of all the siblings, with the bride and groom.



It was time for the wedding, and after being seated by the Groom, things got underway.  We all knew the Bride was arriving when Cam-man did his walk down the aisle, with a sign that stated “Uncle Nate, Here comes your girl”.

The Beautiful bride arrived in a horse-drawn carriage, and then stood outside of these gates, while  her voice (which we did not realize until later) sang her soon to be husband a song.

It was a beautiful ceremony.  they had each written the vows that were spoken.  I really don’t think that there was anyone who did not shed a tear, it was that beautiful.

The reception was held in a  tent,, and the party was on.

Sister’s posing…


Traditions being upheld……The first one to get married would be the Nursing student (Blondie on the left), the kids did this at her wedding, and it was decided that from now on it would be done at all weddings….  This picture took place just minutes before the Bride and Groom took off, The way they left was pretty cool.  Due to it being fall, instead of rice, we all threw leaves at them…





  They left in the same carriage that brought the Bride.    It really was beautiful!!!


We even managed to get a picture of us, all cleaned up, although the red nose is not so prominent.




By the time it was all over and we had gone back to the hotel, it was time to relax and have a pizza party, although I don’t eat pizza, I got my own little stash of ‘Hot Wings” and bread sticks!!!






Happy Birthday Sissy!!

To My beautiful sister, I truly wish her a Happy Birthday today.  While it is not nice to give a ladies age away, Happy 49th Birthday!!!!  Hey, next year she will be 50, and WAIT for that one…Since I have already passed that golden age, and while I’m saying have enjoyed some benefits from “Denny’s“.  hehehehe….

The above picture is of us last February when the Electrician, and I, My outlaws and my “sissy in law” went on a cruise.    While we had an amazing time, I have to admit something.

Being an only child, I’ve never been “privy” to the “brother, sister” dynamic.   I guess I didn’t truly understand the love between a brother and a sister, nor any love between siblings.  I didn’t have any.

But I will tell you this.  This woman has been in my life for oh about 17 years, and she really did not like me, when we first met.  Her brother had been through 2 marriages, and she was a little hesitant to accept anyone else in his life.  She did not want him to be hurt again.    To be truthful, I was a little scared of her.

We had a rather knock-down drag out, and things were a little rough.  But something was learned through that experience.  She learned, I’m in her brother’s life until we die, and I love her.    She’s had her share of rough times, and lived a life I once lived.

To MY sissy,  Thank you for teaching me the “proper” way to eat crabs at the Crab festival.  





Thank you for being brave enough to go Ziplining in Jamaica with me, especially when the group told you and I “We were the life of the party”. Thank you for all those whispered secrets between the two of us.  Thank you for being the BEST  sister a girl could ever ask for.  Thank you for calling me when I need just to hear an encouraging word.  Thank you most of all for Loving your brother, and once you saw, I loved him to, to letting me into your circle.  Although, to be honest, your driving still scares me, but that’s another post.

I am so proud of you, for the things you have overcome, and the woman you are today.  I am so proud to call you MY sister.  Love ya!

Throwback Thursday….

This is a post I originally posted Sept. of 2011.  I was feeling nostalgic today, and when I see how little Cam-Man was I giggle.  If truth be told, this was my 4th post ever.

This kid LOVES music….I love this kid….

These 2 Love each other & I love both of em……and yup…that’s Nascar on the big screen.  You see The Electrician loves SPORTS…ALL sports….It usually starts on Thursday nights and ends on Mondays….football that is….

This is a form of love too….the toad lives on my patio and Ms. Baby looks for him all the time.  Maybe it’s her prince….

This would be Cam’s parents…They are in Love too….:)

This would be my love……

This would be the Farmer and Momma, they are in love too.

An Ode to Papa….From his Grandson Cam-man (as I see it)



I like to walk with Papa…

He takes his time you see,

His steps are little, just like mine;

He stops and waits for me.

He lets me ask him questions,

He lets me hold his hand.


He makes me feel 10 feet tall,

And I think that he is grand.

He says there’s no one else like me,

And gold is what I’m worth,

When I get to walk with Papa,

I’m the luckiest kid on earth.

This was written by Patty Gaut, and I borrowed it, because when I read it, it reminded me of these two, who love each other oh, so much.




Crazy little thing called Life….

As the song goes, it’s supposed to be Crazy little thing called love.  For Me, it’s life.    Yep welcome to “mi vida loca”.  Today has been a little “loca”.

Life, it’s parent’s, spouse, kids, grandkids, and sometimes it is just downright CRAZY.  Sometime’s the best thing is to just hold on to the seat of your pants and fly with it, and them.

Somedays, when you feel un-appreciated, and told your annoying, and things just are not going your way.  Well, ya know what you do?  You look at each and everyone in your life, and you count your Blessings that you have them.

Each of them are special in some unique, or crazy sort of way.   Sometimes, you just realise that you have had enough of all of them and you go on strike.  Although in some situations (such as mine) it is NOT an option. 

So, while I love each and everyone of them in a different sort of way, sometimes, I would like to grab a picket sign and simply state to all of ya’ll  I’m on STRIKE.

It’s not just one thing today that has me all “snarky”, it’s a BUNCH of things that have all compiled to make Camsgranny a little (okay A LOT) on the snarky side.  But you see, I’m not supposed to get “Snarky”.  I’m just supposed to laugh it all off, give all of you what you need, because I have taken on the roll of a Caretaker.

Caretaker, yes, I am.  I will try and make everything right in everyone’s world, but my question to you, Who takes care of me?  That’s a given, that would be the Electrician, until HE makes me “snarky”.  Then, it’s me and the cat, and even she makes me “snarky”.

To hell with it, this Snarky brat is going to sleep and I hope tomorrow is better.  If it isn’t somebodies heads gonna roll…..just saying….


I have done my usual Tuesday thingy today, as in, go and get Cam-the-Man and then to the Farmers house, get my Momma up and make breakfast, do the laundry, play with Momma, the Farmer and Cam. And, all of that went really well.  But I can’t shake this feeling of restlessness.

I left the Farmer’s and dropped off Cam-Man to his Momma, (poor kid was asleep within being in the car for 10 minutes, we played hard).  I got home and did some domestic goddess things, mopping floors, dusting, putting a pot roast on for dinner.  When it suddenly hit me….

Sometimes, in your lifetime it is okay to look back, while moving forward at the same time.

17 years ago, I uprooted my life as I had known it.  I left my former husband (of 13 years) and dragged 2 screaming, kicking kids across country to start a new life.   I had a rocky relationship with the father of my 2 boys, and the relationship was over. 

I stayed in Albuquerque so that the boys could have one last Trick-or-Treat with all of their Father’s  family and then packed them up and brought them to My family. 

Many, many things have happened over these past 17 years.  I made alot of mistakes, but had some real success to.  I learned that I could count on myself to make things happen, I found a true soul-mate, I found happiness.  I know at this point it sounds like I’m being kinda vague, but I guess I am.  I am filled with so many emotions at the moment, sometimes it’s hard to narrow them all down.

I truly Love what I do.  It’s not really a job, it’s more of a Caregiver to those in my family that need me right now.  I’m absolutely okay with that.  I guess I was just looking down the road I have travelled this far in my life and looked at my accomplishments and my failures, and knowing that I’ve learned from my mistakes, knowing that I am a stronger person that I ever thought I was, and also, knowing that I am completely happy with where I have arrived. 

I also know that tomorrow will take me down another road, and that road may be the one less traveled but…I’m ready, willing and able.