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Power Out, fun times..

Ok, I was in the middle of making my post last night when WHAMMO, lights out everybody.  Yup, here it is in 10″ weather and there was ice on the road, the Electrician and I were sitting here in the comfy warmth of our house.  Ok, so we may have been gone in some uhm 80′ weather and coming home to this well…it leaves A LOT to be desired.

Apparently, someone slid on the ice and hit a power line so my small town, and surrounding area was without power for uhm…about 6-8 hours last night.  Us?  Well we lit some candles downstairs and shut  all the doorways, except we forgot Ms. Baby who was lounging in the garage. She promptly made her presence known on the other side of the door.  We let her in and she ran straight to the bedroom and cuddled on the covers. 

The Electrician and I sat here in the dark, and just talked.  We talked about the Cruise, we talked about our adventures, and then…it got cold.  I heard a noise, and started laughing.  The Electrician heard it to and he started laughing to.  You see, this past summer, my neighbor decided that since last winter was so rough and they  had enough, they bought a generator and had it hooked up.  So, while we were freezing in our house, my neighbor had his generator hooked up and was the only one within a 15 mile radius that had power AND heat.

The Electrician and I decided to heck with it and we went and cuddled up in the bed with Ms. Baby warming our feet because she was at the foot of the bed and WOULD not move.

So, when the phone rang this morning at uhm….7am (DAMN don’t our kids EVER sleep?) We both sat up in bed and said what the Heck?  It was the Nursing Student, she was bringing both boys over at 8:30 so we could watch them this morning while they went to a seminar.

Don’t get me wrong, we all had a blast…uhm..let me back up a bit….The boys arrived, and Papa (AKA the Electrician), took off to go Grocery shopping leaving ME with 2 little people under the age of 3….OK…the last time I did this I was uhm…age 20, hey 30 years isn’t that bad right?  There is a lot to be said with having kids early.  Being a Granny at age 50 is ok too, I did fine.  I may be pretty damn tired right now, but we made memories.

The boys and I made cookies, and my hope is that someday they remember that.  We had fun and ate some pretty damn good cookies too.  Plus, the look on Brayden‘s face when he told his Daddy and the Nursing Student that “Him and Cam-man” had made the cookies with Granma’s help was Priceless.

The Nursing Student and Fisher dude took home a BIG bag of cookies, – hey I kept some too, and the Electrician said they were pretty good.

So all in all it was a really good day with the Granbabies.  But I forgot to tell you what I did when the Babies left.  I went to see Momma.

Momma was laying down in bed when I got there.  The Farmer was sitting by her side, and they were “sharing” a moment.  There was a concert going on in the Rec room, there was a lady in their playing the accordion and playing some good music.  I brought in Momma’s laundry that I had taken home and washed and brought back, hung it all up.  And then the Magic started.

There were songs being played by Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the likes.  Momma and I started singing full hilt.  I grabbed her hands and we “Bed danced”  Momma smiled and giggled, so did I and I think the Farmer enjoyed it too, although he kept talking about “The Ring” (it’s an Opera).  I asked Momma about the Opera and found out something new about her and the Farmer, I’ve never seen an Opera and I’m not quite sure about it, but they both have attended and enjoyed it.

I hung out for a bit and then it was time for me to go.  I made sure Momma had exercised her vocal cords, (which she did)  her voice is getting stronger and that makes all of us happy. 

Tomorrow, is Movie with the family and the Farmer is going to take Momma to the Movies to watch “Dolphin”.  I think both of them are excited about it.  The Electrician and I are going to visit Momma in the morning and leave the afternoon for their time. 

Me?  I will probably be taking a nap to recover from today with the Granbabies, and catch up on some sleep.  Hope ya’ll have a good night!!!