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The past few days with Momma have been a blessing.  She has shown a little more “attitude”, and a lot of giggles.

Yesterday, I let her sleep in a bit later than usual, because we had a “road trip” planned.  I did laugh though when I first went in to give her some meds, and change her sheets, and pants.  When I said “Good Morning Momma, how are you?”, she opened one eye, and asked me if she had to get up yet, when I replied No, she smiled, then told me the following.  “Thank you for letting me sleep, I had a hard night last night”.  Uh…what?  “I had a party in here and it got kind of loud and a lot of fun, I hope we didn’t keep your Dad awake, we were dancing in here and just having a good old-time“.  Hmm…ok….

She drifted back into sleep,  and was giggling.  I’m not sure if my feelings were hurt by not being invited to this party.  I went in and told the Farmer what she had said, and we both giggled.  It would explain why the t.v. remote was on the floor, and Mr. Bear looked EXHAUSTED from all that dancing.

I finally roused her from her dreams, and I think that’s why she is so tired, because the stories she tells me after these dreams, well…they are very interesting, full of laughter and an over all good time.

Momma, knew we were taking a road trip, when I got her dressed.  Simply for the fact, most days Momma wears very soft sweat pants and soft shirts.  I dressed her in dress pants, and a nice top, but, she had to wear shoes.  Usually, I put her in non-skid fluffy socks, and she’s happy.

I approached her with the road trip and a new way to get into the back seat of the car.  She was game.   She concentrated very hard, and the “new system” worked.  She sat down in the car and I put her legs in, and climbed in beside her.  I held her hand on the short journey, when I asked her if she knew where we were going, she replied with “Carle Clinic to see the Doctor“.

It was quite the ride there with her pointing out all the new things on the trip there.  But I was really struck, when we passed Sunset Memorial (yes, it’s a graveyard), and told me about the Swan’s that live there.  After giving me the lowdown on the Swan’s she promptly followed it up with “And you can’t steal them either, that’s their home and you can go to jail for taking them out of it”.   While this may not seem like much to anyone else, people in this area, know those Swans were stolen about 2 years ago.  It was all over the news and there was a big hunt to have them returned.    Momma remembered that.  (That’s a plus for the association of place and thing).

When we got to the clinic, Momma was fine and got out of the car into the wheelchair, no problem.  We checked into the clinic, no problem.  Got into the exam room, no problem.  Doctor comes in, problem.  We had scheduled this appointment at a “good” time of the day for Momma.  Unfortunately, Parkinson’s reared its head, and she went full-blown Parks on us and the Doctor.  We got through the exam with a little coaching from me.

When it was time to get back into the car, we had a little bit of a hard time, but when a Nurse who was leaving for the day, asked if she could help us, Momma seemed to snap to, and made it into the car.

On the ride home, she came out of the “parkiness” for a bit and looked me square in the eye, and said “I forgot to tell the Doctor hello”.    I told her it was ok, and then she saw the swans, and smiled.

We had no problem getting her out of the car to get back into the house, and we praised her oh so much.  The Farmer and I, were really quite proud of her and the way she handled everything.

Today was my “double” day, and this morning went without a hitch.  Momma even had a little extra bounce in her giddy up.  (I think it was from last nights party in her room).  I got her up with no problems, and then when I came back, she was happy to see me.

Events happened tonite,  that even I didn’t know about.  I forgot, that our regular lady, Tonya,  that comes in to put Momma to bed during the week, has a different schedule for Wednesdays.  So, when the door knock came at 4:30, I was shocked.  But then I remembered.  This girl goes to church on Wednesday nights and we broke up the evening hours for her.

Momma was happy to see her, but when the door knock came about 20 minutes later, I didn’t know who the heck it was.  It was the Home Health Care  Company owner, bringing in the newest girl who is going to be taking care of Momma on the weekends.

We did introductions, and Bethany (new girl) stayed for a bit to “meet and greet” Momma, and also find out the routine, we follow.  Unfortunately, Momma get’s a little, I don’t know what the word I’m looking for other than agitated?  When there are a lot of people around, and her eyes kept darting to mine.  She was scared.  I calmed her down, several times.

We put her to bed earlier than normal, but this is what our Wednesday’s are going to be.  Momma went with it, and when she was all tucked up like a bug in a rug, and everyone had left, and it was just her and I, she calmed down.  Her eyelids drooped, and I let her have a nap.

I came in and changed her t.v. channel to the movie R.V. with Robin Williams, and we started giggling to that.  Tonya came back, and we got Momma up and let her have a “potty break” and cleaned her all up, and changed her bed pads, and tucked her back up.

The Farmer came home, and I chatted with him for a bit.  While I am thankful we now have 2 Caregiver’s dedicated to Momma, and I hope they both stay.  My main concern is for Momma.  These parties at night with Mr. Bear, and her new buddy, Mr. Cuddly giraffe, these dudes really need to quit wearing her out.

It’s all good in my hood right now, and on a side note, we have received texts from my outlaws, and sister-in-law and the rest of the family down south, they are safe, and while there is flooding, and they have had tornado’s, God’s watching out for them, because they are all safe.  Amen.