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Family..to me…

Most people recognize family, as just that, family.  Be it brothers, or sisters, Moms and Dad’s and the like.   I have a different version of family.

I have realized that sometimes, even though you are blood, it does not make you a family.    The reason I know this?  I’m about to go into some personal issues, and they are solely my issues, but the end result is what I have learned in my OWN experience.

I had a birth Mother, whom I have never met.  It was her loss, not mine.  I was cared for by my first step-Mother, who did not share the same blood as I, but who loved me.  She never had any children, and I was it. ( I believe I told y’all last night she died when I was 11.) Her family, My Grandma Kile, and all of the family, accepted me.  They all loved me, and I spent a lot of summer’s at her house and then to my Grandma Ruth’s house.

My second stepMomma, the one I write about, married the Farmer, after I had left home.  She dated my dad for a couple of years, so I knew her and loved her, and accepted her.     She is my Momma, and has been my friend, in my “grown up” years.

I never had any “blood” brother’s or sisters.  But I do have a lot of brother’s and sister’s.  I was lucky enough to go to a Boarding School for my 10-12 grade years.  London Central High School.  Which, for those that don’t know, it was an American High School, which housed day student’s, 5 day dormies, and 7 day dormies.   We were all American kids, on British soil, on an American Air Station.   We all shared a common bond.  We lived in a dormitory, we were away from our parent’s, and we were all family.  The funniest thing about this, is that we are a group, we have all bonded from our situations.  We are all friends, even people who went to the school after I graduated, to people who went to the school before I ever got there.  There are some of those people, I call my brother and sister.  I also know, that should I ever need anything, anyone of them would be there.  I truly believe as well that after staying in contact after 33 years, means something.

I have met friends in my life, and I call some of them brother’s or sister’s.  Because they love me and I love them.  I’ve also met some people in my life that I do NOT call brothers or sisters, and their time in my life, was for me to learn something or another.  The lessons were hard at times, but I learned them.    I don’t take love lightly.  I also have a close circle.  Sometimes, I don’t always speak up, but I do a lot of thinking in the back ground.  But, seriously, once I let you into my circle, you will be there always.

To me, a family isn’t necessarily blood relations.  It is simply who chooses to accept me, who love me, and would do anything for me, as I would for them.