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Something hit me hard….

Today, something hit me, and touched me in many different ways.  I am involved in a photo contest on Facebook, It’s from the Michael J. Fox‘s Facebook page.  It is a photo contest called, I’m curing Parkinson’s Photo Contest.

I’m curing Parkinson’s for my Momma, is my photo with me holding a card stating this fact.

pdI have shared this on Facebook many times, and asked for people to vote.  My family has really picked up the challenge and have put me out there.

The Electrician always votes the first thing in the morning, and when he went to vote this morning he could not find it anywhere.  It distressed him, or basically, just kind of surprized him that it was not where it was supposed to be.  It was like it was wiped totally off the internet.

When I woke up and went to find the page, I couldn’t find it either, so I tracked down the page and went to the source.  I was able to vote, and then when I went to share it, I was told, I could not, due to this being reported to Facebook as spam.

Uhm, what?  I will admit, at first I got mad, I mean mad.  Facebook throws all kinds of things at me, that I consider spam, and I just go with it and hide it from my page.  I think in my whole years I have only reported one item for spam, and that’s because it was mentally, and physically  disgusting.

But then I started thinking, I share this page with ALL of my “friends” on Facebook, so has the Electrician, the Nurse, and the Fisher dude.   Heck some of my friends have even shared it on their pages.

It really distressed me.  I answered Facebook’s questions, and I also hit them up with a question of my own.  “While this has been reported as spam, I am in a contest, for Parkinson’s awareness, and you have stated to me it is spam.  My question to you, is Parkinson’s spam?  Because if it is, would you kindly delete it from the millions of people who suffer from it.

My photo challenge is back up and running.  Thank you Facebook.