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My Bucket list Revisited…..AGAIN….

I am re-visiting this post simply for the fact, I’ve crossed some things off and added new ones….Added to the fact, I just watched this movie AGAIN for the umpteenth time.  I believe it is on my top ten list.

The movie gives me goose bumps, simply for the fact, that tomorrow is not a given, it is a gift.   I have learned through the journey I am on with Momma, that each day should be lived to the fullest, and enjoy each moment.  They may not always be filled with giggles, and sometimes they are down right painful, but they are to be lived as they come.  I’ve been lucky enough to accomplish some things on my list, and I’ve still got a bunch more.  Some may seem silly, and some may seem strange.  But…it’s my list….  I’ve copied some of this post, and changed a few bits….

I wrote this list a few years ago,  after I had watched the Movie “The Bucket List

 I thought it was a really cool concept.  So, Here is MY bucket list:

1.  To go to a Pro- football game, The Chicago Bears vs.New Orleans Saints.  (check)  funnily enough in the later years I became a Saint’s fan.

2.  Go to a College Basketball game.(check,  Illinois vs. Iowa  AND  my seat got picked to come down at half-time and shoot baskets for money $25.00 a basket…okay uhm, I’m 4’11’ and this was a full court basketball, I made $25.00, AFTER they moved the spot I was to stand at to RIGHT underneath the basket.(I’ve never played basketball ok), BUT what a memory…..Those guys are seriously TALL…

3. To go on a Cruise. (check, and it was something I will never forget…)

4.  To Parasail.

5.  Swim in the Ocean.  (check)

6.  Go zip-lining in a jungle.(check, double-check, went ziplining in Jamaica, FRIGGIN AWESOME)

7.  Go to a country I have Not been to before.  (Check, went to Jamaica, Grand Caymen Islands, and Cozumel Mexico)

8.  Go to New York City.  (I’ve been to JFK airport and this does not count)

9.  Go to a Nascar Race, and see Jimmy Johnson.    (check), at the Indy race a few years ago AND Jimmy Johnson won!  Although, the hubbs and I left before the race was over, and went to uhmm… Sybaris, for a romantic evening but we watched the last few laps in the room.  BUT technically I WAS there.

10.  Go to a concert.  (check)…Hootie and the Blowfish, WHAT a concert…. there were  a couple more but that was the last one.

11. Watch the sunrise with my husband.   (check), we got up early one morning and sat on the porch drinking coffee, just because it was on my list.

12.  Go to Canada, and sightsee.

13.  Go to my High School Re-Union.

14.  Learn something new, like another language.

15.  Laugh until I pee my pants.  (check), the hubbs saw this and said “Oh Yea, I can do this”.  He did.

16.  Go to the Southbeach Food Festival.

17.  Try some of the restaurants on Diner’s Drive-ins & Dives.   (check)  We went to “The Shed” in Mississippi, Man, was that some GREAT BBQ….(which has since burned down as told to me by my sister-in-law)

18.  Meet someone famous.  (check), while I was working at Steak-n-ShakeJerry Van Dyke came in for a good ole Steakburger, and I Waited on him and got his autograph.  Plus, I have also met Kurt Russell, but that was back when I was 16 and in Austria.

19.  Live each day to its fullest.   (still working on it.)

20. Go to Mardi-Gras in New Orleans.

21.  Attempt to write a novel. (semi-check, have started a couple of chapters)

22.  Swim with the dolphins.

23.  Jump out of a perfectly good airplane and skydive.

24.  Get the news out about Parkinson’s Disease, and try to help people through my experience.

There is more on my list, but this is the part I will share with ya’ll.  I am getting closer to finishing some things, and as I cross some off, I am always adding more.  Do you have a bucket list?


Horse Racing, Saturday at the Preakness.

The Electrician and I were watching The Preakness on t.v., for those of my readers that don’t know what it is, it the second of a 3 rounds of Horse racing.  It is the second of the races that lead up to the Triple crown.  This year,  we watched the Kentucky Derby, and the Electrician and I both picked our horses.  We don’t bet on them for real (I wish I would have though). 

While we were looking at the horses, and commenting on them.  I had to go with my first choice.  I’ll have Another, was the horse I choose, (obvious reasons for anyone that knows me. hehehe).  When the Kentucky Derby started I looked for my horse and sighed, because he was in the back of the pack.  But then, WHAMMO, my horse won!  I screamed at the t.v. and hollered and high-fived the Electrician who was watching it with me.  It was a fun race to watch.

So, with the Preakness coming on, I had to go with my heart and that would be yet again I’ll have Another, I am loyal to my horse.  And believe me I’ll have Another is a beautiful horse.  When the race started, the Electrician  and I were outside, (check my next post), but we came in and immediately were drawn to the t.v.   It was Brodymiester in the lead,  BUT  I’ll have Another was just coming into stride, and beat  the other horse by a neck.  What a race folks, I wish I had bet some money on this horse.

What a great race.  I love the horse racing and have seen it in person when I lived in Albuquerque.  To be honest, at one time my ex-husband actually used to warm up the race horses.  We would go to the track at 5:30 am and then he would run various horses and I would watch.  BUT that was a long, long time ago.

I can’t wait for the Belmont though.  I have a feeling.  This horse just might be able to take the Triple Crown.  Wouldn’t that be neat?  Ok, I sound like a nerd, but I really do like Horse racing.  Way to go “I’ll have Another”.  and Good luck on the next part of your journey.