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SuperBowl Sunday….

As with the rest of America, the Superbowl hit my house this evening.  But, to lead you up to our “party”, I have to start with this morning.

It was a regular morning in my house.  The Electrician and I got up and then got ready to go to Church.  Upon arriving at Church, we had a “little” surprise.  The College student is home this weekend, and actually came by and had dinner at my house and hung out for a bit last night.  The College student arrived and came to Church with the Electrician and I, and the Nurse and Fisher dude.

We finalized our plans for this evening, and the Electrician and I came home, changed clothes and got busy.  Let me just insert here, I am very lucky.  While I was “playing” in my kitchen, the Electrician did his weight lifting, and also vacuumed my entire house, touched up the bathrooms, and did some laundry.  I am really Blessed to have a wonderful “house husband”.

With all of the food,I had planned to make done, I think I fell asleep on the couch for a bit.  The “party” arrived, as in, the Nurse, Fisher Dude and Cam-man.  The Nurse got busy and made something that in my house is called “baby poop” (can of chili with cream cheese melted into it), and then made brownies.  The food was set and i did take pictures of it.  Forgive the Nacho’s (served in the pan they were made in) and the Baby poop (in the pan it was made in).

DSCN4188While I did take pictures of the food, I did not get to it until we had already digged into some of it….This would be deviled eggs (I’m famous for them), with sweet gherkins in the middle, ham and cheese plate with baby crossoints (for sammiches), and jalapeno poppers in bacon (I’m famous for those also).  I used different jalapeno’s for these and they were a little on the “hot” side.  Didn’t stop them from getting scarfed up though.

DSCN4190This would be the chips and dip,  On the left is my Nacho’s (I was famous for them, but the Electrician has perfected my recipe and now owns it (pfft..)) Next to it would be the “baby poop” which everyone in my family loves.  Our assorted chips.



DSCN4191These would be the Nurse’s brownies.  Made with a special treat of Butterscotch chips added to the batter.  Now, like I told her, if I had known she was going to make brownies, I would have got some baby “Snickers” bars and then we could have made “Turtle brownies”.  But these were pretty darn good too.

DSCN4193Being that this event is at Mee-maw’s house, there are ALWAYS chocolate chip/butterscotch cookies around, and Cam-Man knows this.  He didn’t want to wait for the brownies to be finished, and he knows where the Electrician “hides” the cookies.  So, of course, he got one, or two.



Cam-Man decided he was into the picture-taking this evening, so we all had to pose for pics…..


He told me that his Meemaw makes the best cookies around!

DSCN4195The Fisher Dude and the Nurse, had a good time, They watched the game with Poppa, and Cam-Man and I had some personal time together.  While I did not mind, I kinda missed out on the commercials.  But it was all good, and they all laughed at Cam-man and I who watched 101 Dalmatians on the t.v. upstairs.  We also had some play time with the blocks, cars and everything else Cam-Man dragged out of his room.



The Electrician and I don’t usually get our picture taken together, but we did tonite, and Cam-Man just strutted his stuff into the kitchen so he could be a part of it too.

While I may not have watched the actual game, I spent some fun time with that little dude.  Sometimes, I can get to feeling a bunch better by just hearing his little giggle.  What is really cute about him at the moment, he likes to whisper and wink, and count.

What a great Sunday I’ve had.  I hope ya’ll have had a great one too!


Happy Birthday to the College Student

Today is the College Student‘s birthday.  This is a letter from me to her:

My darling daughter,

While you were only 4 when I met you, you were a force to be reckoned with.  You are a beautiful woman now.  But you were oh so cute when you were little too.    I didn’t know how to react to you at times, for you see, your Mother was in your life, and you did not like to share your Dad with me.

But somehow, through the years, we managed to find a bonding.  We have fought on occasions, and we have cried on occasions, but I have always loved you.  

Things may have seemed bleak lately, but they are not.  Nothing has changed, and you are still the “baby” of the family.   While today, you have reached your 22nd birthday.  I would just like to let you know, a couple of things.

1.  I Love you.

2.  Your Dad loves you, as well as your brother’s and sisters.

3.  I am so proud of the woman you are becoming, I could shout it from the rooftop.

4.  I may not be your Mother, but I am still your Mom, and friend for life.

5.  I am very proud to call you my daughter.  (Even if I’m the Step Mother, and the wicked one at that.)

6.  The world is your playground, and you embrace it and enjoy each and every day.

7.  While I giggle when you call and say “it sucks to be a grown up”, I’m proud of the way you are handling it.

8.  To have you come home, and then spend a couple of hours just laughing with your sister, and watching you with Cam-man, those hours are priceless to me.  

9.  We still have the note you wrote to your Dad and I on the fridge, the day you left for college.  And Boo-Bear, Your Welcome.

10.  I Love you and am oh so proud of you Girl!  

I could go on and tell some embarrassing stories “Octo-Mom” with one kid, but I think you know what I mean.

Thank you Boo for being in my life, for calling everyday, and just being you!  Happy Birthday little one, and I love you!!!


“The wicked Step-Mother”


214 Miles from home – Part Two

Ok, now that I am back home, have downloaded all the pictures from my camera, AND the Secret is out, I can tell ya’ll what’s been going on.  So let me back up to yesterday morning.

The Electrician and I got up and got ready, threw a couple of changes of clothes into a suitcase, laid out plenty of food for the cat, and water, and then went on down to the gas station.  We filled the Rav4 up to the brim, and with our freshly printed driving instructions,( e-mailed to us by the oldest son), we set out for a secret mission.

We were on our way and had been on the road for about an hour when we came across some “wind farms“.  I have never seen them before and they look like something out of Star Wars to me.  These pictures don’t really do it justice, as the Electrician and I counted over 200 of these puppies.  It was a sight to see.





We continued on down the road, and tried not to get lost, you see our directions were from his house to ours, and we were following them backwards.

Anyhoo, we finally arrived at oldest son’s house and the Fisher-dude, Nursing Student, College Student and Cam-Man were already there.  Oldest son was not.  He had run to go get some more balloons.   Oldest son finally got back and was so happy to see the Electrician and I, he promptly put us to work.  We spent the next hour, filling up balloons with helium, and tieing ribbons onto the balloons.

With that done, the Electrician and I went to check into our hotel room and got cleaned up and came back to oldest son’s house.  Where we put all the balloons (500 to be exact) into various cars and such.

We had just about all of them loaded and then had to do a time check (this thing was planned out to the last-minute.)  We had a few minutes to hang out, so the fam, kinda gathered around giving support to the oldest son.  It was time to leave.  There was a convoy of 7 cars and a truck pulling a trailer (filled with

balloons).  We drove to downtown Goshen, Indiana, where they have a celebration on the First Friday every month.  The town gathers, they have live music, and it’s just an over all good time. 

We all parked and then met at a place called IlEngra (??)  It’s a pizza place that oldest son had rented the back room for our “celebration”.    The time was here and it was time to start operation “Surprise Proposal”.  Yes, Oldest son was going to propose to his girlfriend.  We were going to pass out the balloons to everyone who would take them and advise of the Proposal that would take place at 7pm on the corner of a certain street.

Funny thing was, a local t.v. station was there (WDNU channel 16, Goshen Indiana).  They interviewed oldest son and he agreed to be “miked up” so they could record it for the news broadcast at 11 pm that night. The Electrician had his mission of keeping the nerves away from Oldest son.

Time was fast approaching and we had news that the Girlfriend had arrived and was walking to the corner where things were to take place.  When she arrived on the corner, her girlfriend (accomplice of oldest son), pushed her butt out into the middle of the street, and then she saw oldest son walking to her, then he….

He doesn’t really remember what he said (I asked), but I guess he said it right, because….SHE SAID YES!!!!

And then this is what happened…..  Everyone let go of their balloons, and then the t.v. people interviewed them, and the Fiance was floored.  It came as a big surprise to her.  All of the family had to wait on the far corner, because if she saw us she would have known something was up.  We went across the street and gave them both hugs, and when she saw the Electrician and the rest of us, her mouth hit the floor.  “You guys are HERE?”  We told her we would not have missed this.  This pic is when they were finishing up their interview for the t.v. station, get a look at Cam-Man’s face.

With the Proposal over, we all headed back to the restaurant and chowed down on some pizza, Cam-Man ate a bunch of skittles and was wound for sound. He has his Poppa, to thank for that.    We had a couple of private moments with the newly engaged couple, and then the Electrician and I headed back to the hotel.

We got showers and then p.j’s and settled down from all the excitement.  We did stay up to watch the 11 o’clock news and giggled all over at the days events.

To the Oldest Son, good job, to the Fiance, welcome to the family Hon!!!!  I had to keep it a secret because she does read my blog.