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Technology…and Camsgranny….hehehe

Ok folks, let me bring you into the picture….first off I am NOT  techno savvy in any way shape or form. It took me FOREVER to learn how to use a cell phone and also to text someone.  I live in tracphone era….I don’t want a contract because well… I just don’t use my cell phone that much.

Well, while the Electrician was on the road, the cellphone became our only mode of contact, texting each other about 1000 times a day and talking to each other 500 times a day, because he was on the road and that was his only mode of contact.  He used his phone as his alarm clock and to contact me, his beloved.

Well…his phone should be in a graveyard, because well…it’s been used and abused, half the buttons are broke off, worn off and otherwise.  So, The Electrician  bought a new phone.  I LIKE that phone, it takes pictures, and is really cool. 

We have been trying to figure out his new phone together, and we sent Sissy a picture and a text (or so we thought)…uhm…whomever we sent the picture to “HI:…uhm…sorry…. 

Okay, I may be showing our age on this one, but I really LIKE this phone, so much that the Electrician just bought me one like his……well….I don’t want to be left behind….it may take me awhile to figure it out, but watch out peeps, Granny‘s got a new phone and well….hehehe…I’ll figure it out and WHAMMO ya’ll are gonna get texted (ok kids watch out, Momma‘s on a roll, call me butter) and Good times are a comin’.