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Shopping on a Sunday for Chili.

I’ve been shopping today.  Ok, maybe not physically in the store, but on my computer.  However, unlike most females, I am not shopping for clothes (although I seriously need to).  I was responding to an e-mail that I received from Berridge Farms regarding Hatch Chili season 2012.

While I have lived in Illinois for about 18 years now (WOW, has time flew).  I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 13 years.  I fell in love with Albuquerque, the culture, the FOOD, and the scenery.   I loved living in the city, and being able to drive to the mountains in about 20 minutes.  I spent a lot of time in the Sandia Mountains, and can actually say I did climb from the top to the bottom.  I had a run in with some rattlesnakes (both boys remember that one), But, I did not get bit, and I learned just how fast I can jump from one rock to another.

I fell in love with the various types of “chili’s”.  By far my favorite is “Hatch New Mexico green chili. If you’ve never tasted it, well, I’m sorry.  I learned how to make all kinds of special New Mexican dishes.  Carnita’s, Green chili stew, huevos rancheros, green chili chicken enchilada’s.

The smell of roasted chili, makes me feel warm all over.  Oh….uhm.. I digress.

The e-mail was sent to me because a year ago, I found their website, and with the Electrician’s approval, I ordered some.  The day when it arrived you would have thought it was Christmas.  I fired up the grill the next day (of course, it was the hottest friggin day of the year, but well, I suffered through it, although the electrician had to finish for me, because I got over heated and had to sit in the baby pool for a few minutes).  I roasted all 10 lbs, and then wrapped it up in a plastic bag and let it steam for a couple of hours.  I was in heaven, my garage smelt like green chili…  I bagged it all up, and placed it in my freezer.  I put about 6 chili’s in a bag and ended up with about 15 bags.

Unfortunately, me, with having fresh roasted green chili in the house, I used it rather quickly, so, I begged asked the Electrician if we could order another 10 lbs.  It was close to the end of the season, and I got a good deal, and so, again when it arrived I had my own “roasting party”.

When I opened up the e-mail today, it was for pre-orders for the season.  Mind you, the green chili season is usually harvested in August and ends about  the middle of September or first of October.    With our finances being a little different this year versus last year, he gave me a look.

The Chili price isn’t bad, it’s the shipping that is killing us.  So, after a lively discussion filled with laughter AND looks.  Especially when the Electrician asked me about those cans of “diced green chili” that they sell in the store and He got a straight up LOOK from me.  That’s when I asked him “YOU want those can’s versus the FRESH stuff?”  He just laughed at me.  (He knows how to rile me up).

I think we have reached a compromise though, while I ordered 20 lbs last year, and folks I still have 2 bags in the freezer, to last me until August.  This IS April right?  I think 25lbs should do it this year.

So with all that being said I did send an e-mail to Berridge Farms, asking some questions.  BUT,  I think I will place my pre-order for 25lbs.  When I receive it in late August, I will have another chili roasting session, and enjoy the smell of fresh roasted green chili.

Then I think I will make some Green chili stew, and some enchilada’s, and some tamales, and uhm…the possibilities are endless.

Don’t let the Electrician fool you though, while he may kick up a bit of a fuss, I won him over with my green chili chicken enchilada’s when we were dating.  In fact, while we were sitting at the dinner table with both of my boys and the Electrician was there, he broke into a sweat after the third bite, while me and the boys kept eating.    He’s manned up since then and can eat the “hot” stuff with the best of them.

Besides, it’s the best cure for the winter.  If you feel a cold coming on, or any kind of sickness, eat a bowl of green chili stew, you’ll be fine, trust me.