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A visit from an old “friend”??

For those of you that follow my blog, you may remember a post called “Valuable lesson”.  In that post, I shared that animals must think I am a Dr. Doolittle character, because numerous animals find their way into the Rav 4.  In this particular story, I told y’all about driving ever so nonchalantly to the Farmer’s house and looking down at the floor board on the passenger side, and there was happily riding along with me a mouse.  I did get the mouse out of the Rav4, by pulling into the Farmer’s garage and running the vacuum cleaner all over the car.    I actually never gave that poor little mouse another thought after all that was back in August of last year.

This past week, while I was taking the trash out of the house, to the garbage bin in the garage, I saw my “little friend”.  I was getting ready to put the bags into the bin, when I noticed, I must have scared him/her, because it jumped out of the bin and went running to the back of the garage.  While normally, I enjoy seeing “old friends”, I’m afraid I didn’t treat this one with my normal manners.  I dropped the trash and went running at top speed into the house screaming the whole way.  I decided, I wasn’t going to take the trash out for a couple of days.

When Momma saw me, she saw that I was a bit rattled, and I tried to explain to her about the mouse.  Momma’s reaction was, “How can you be scared of Jerry?  That nasty Tom is always trying to eat him”.  Ok, I think the Farmer and Momma watch way to much, of old “Tom & Jerry cartoons”. I did tell the Farmer, about it, and all’s he could do was laugh.

The next evening, I got a call from the Farmer, who I could tell was highly amused about something.  He was calling to ask me, on my way over to his house the following morning, would I please stop and get some “mouse killer”, apparently, Caregiver Beth had a run in with the mouse and she is even more scared of them then I am.  I promised to make the stop the next morning.

However when I logged onto Facebook, I saw this message:

now that im done be scared out of my mind, im  at work and I have a great job til i went to take out the garbage today, anyone who knows me, know im scared to death of mice so i hit the garage door opener walked out there and as i go in the garage a mouse falls right by my feet screamed and was trying to get out of the garage as the mouse is trying to get up the wall i swear i almost peed my pant and had a heart attack i was ready to jump on my bosses new car but i figured he would kill me so i ran as fast as i could in the house anyways so now everyone know MICE SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME SORRY JOANNE U GOT THE GARBAGE TIL UR FRIEND IS GONE !!!!! My night at work.

Just an update to the story, My little friend is gone.  Phew…….




Momma got railed….

Well, today was a good day and hopefully the Farmer will get some sleep tonite.  You see, last night he was pretty upset at the fact that Momma (Queen of the Floor) had gotten out of bed and fallen AGAIN, and he got up 2 or 3 times to check on her.  We don’t have a lot of options left to us.  If she continues to get up and fall, we might have to put her into a Nursing Home and that is something that neither one of us wants.

So, we fixed her bed up GOOD today.  Yesterday we ordered 2 more bed-rails for the bed and they arrived today at about 1:00pm.  We had those puppies put together and installed by 2:00pm…hehehe… Hey Farmer…we work pretty well together huh?  (Like Father, like daughter)

Well…unless Momma is a Houdini, she “ain’t getting outta there”.  The rails now go along one side of her bed and also at the foot of the bed, and guess what’s on the other side…uhm…the wall.  So, like I said UNLESS she can do magic her butt is not going ANYWHERE!!!!!

That is a little piece of comfort to both of us, because….Momma and the floor really do not make a good couple.

All this happened while Momma was in her chair watching the Walton’s.  When we were done, the Farmer asked Momma if she wanted to watch “The cat and the mouse” on t.v.  (Tom & Jerry) and Momma told him to watch it in his room because she wanted to watch the Walton’s…(uhm…Like Mother, like Daughter).

It’s been a really good day, I’m hoping that the Farmer and Momma are enjoying the stuffed pork tenderloin with apple dressing, baked tater and green beans for dinner…oh yea, and the Ice Cream sammiches for dessert.

I will sleep good tonite (well…the Vick’s vapor rub has helped along with a Hot toddy.)

Life today was good, bring on tomorrow.