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Road Trip to a Wedding….Part One…..


Whew, I made it.  Have you ever gone on a road trip and had almost everything go wrong?

Let me back up and state my last post was made in a haze of packing up the car, making sure our “wedding clothes” were hung up, the map in the front seat, car gassed up and ready to go.  Cold medicine in hand and down throat.

While I was not driving, I was the appointed navigator.  Might I just slide in a little suggestion here?  Do NOT let person’s who indulge in cold medicine be the designated navigator.  It CAN and will lead to some issues.

Now, mind you we have only traveled this journey once before, and that was in April.    It is normally, give or take 30 minutes, a 4 hour trip.  Without going into detail, (other than to state in my defense, I was totally turned around in my directions) 7 1/2 hours, 1 full tank of gas and working on the next one, being told, if I didn’t find the way soon, I was going to be exiting the vehicle and I could walk the rest of the way, later, we finally arrived at the hotel.    We checked in and literally threw our stuff in the room, got more directions from the desk clerk, because we were already uhm  about 1/2 an hour late for the Rehearsal dinner.

Mind you the navigator has had ANOTHER round of cold medicine, and this time, got the day time and the night-time one’s mixed up.  Yep, I took the “yea, it’s gonna knock you out SOON ones”.

So, needless to say, we got lost AGAIN.  What is normally a 17 minute trip to the place where the Wedding was going to happen, it was more like 45 minutes for us, and there was a bunch of cussing going on.  Oh and yes, I am still married.

After finally arriving, and having all of the kids laugh unrestrained at the fact the “old one’s” got lost, and  they left AFTER we did and arrived before we did.  We wrapped things up, and yes went back to the hotel.  This time following other’s who knew the way.  By now, my head was starting to droop.

Somehow, even though I had been in a car all day and had medicated myself, I felt worse.  I could not stop coughing, and had a fever, and knew there was no way I was going to be able to keep my plans for the next morning.

You see, I had a little window of opportunity, to drive about 20 miles (although by now, being seriously directionally challenged, I questioned my ability) to meet a fellow blogger, whom I have gotten quite close to.  It broke my heart to make that phone call, and tell her I couldn’t do it.  But I do know, with us being in similar circumstances, that if I breathed my germs onto her, and she went back and gave her sibling the germs it could kill them.  For me, while I so wished to meet her in person, the risk was to great.  So I plan to hook up with her, when I am well, and not a directional idiot.

While I am complaining about me being sick, the College student was in the same boat as I, and we coughed in “harmony”.  Somehow, everyone managed to end up in our hotel room that  night, and more family giggles were made.  The Grandbabies were happy, and the parents escaped and left them with us for a bit.  And  Auntie Boo, got a quick lesson, on why she states, she is never having children.

In part two I will tell you how the rest of the trip went, it did get better.  And NO we did not get lost.





Fall, and it’s almost here….



Being as this is the day after my blog’s birthday, I wanted to revisit one of my first posts, and  give it an “overhaul” so to speak, I originally posted this on September 25, 2011.  Life was good then (not to say that it isn’t now, but A LOT of stuff has changed since then.) ( I’ve made some changes to it, and added to  it.)


Fall….when I think of Fall, winter automatically comes to mind.  I DISLIKE Winter…oh, sorry, this is supposed to be about Fall.

Well, I like the Fall season for a lot of different reasons.  The change of colors everything goes to yellow to orange and then to brown and leaves fall off the trees and as the Youngest daughter (AKA College kid) said when she was little “the trees get snaked”.  (note to the Electrician…get the snow blower out so we can blow all those leaves into the neighbor’s yard so THEY can rake em up).  On the plus side my brown yard (which did NOT get hardly any rain this year) fits right in with color scheme now).  How true, we were in one of the worst droughts this year since about 15 years.

Football season, tailgating, bonfires, weenie roasts, crock pot dinners, snuggling on the couch with the Electrician watching all the t.v. series premieres, wearing jeans and hoodies (and not having to shave my legs). Having a fire in the fire pit, on the porch and snuggling.   Well.. you get the picture.

On the other hand…I live in a farming community and this is also the season of harvest and while for the farmers that is a good thing,  but for my sinus’ it really sucks.  I think I need to buy stock in Kleenex, after all I go through them and I could get rich and maybe have a free supply.  (note to self..check into this)

Also this is the time that all those critters that live in the fields now have nowhere to hide and they try to make their way into all of our homes.  So…note to Ms. Baby she better be on her toes looking for them! Ms. Baby is a really good cricket catcher, along with mouser, and a fly-catcher.  She finds them and then stares them down, meowing the whole time, and waits for either the Electrician (yea, usually him) or me, to come kill whatever.

That led me to another thought, last year I harvested a BUNCH of black walnuts from the Farmer’s house, I brought them home only to have the Electrician tell me I could  not let them “dry” in the garage (that was due to the fact that anyone who deals with black walnuts know…they stain BAD!)  So I threw them all in my now defunked garden and waited…they have green husks on them that rot and then WHAMMO you have black walnuts (LOVE THEM).  Well… so do squirrels, and I swear they must have called each other because every squirrel from a 50 mile radius came and STOLE all my black walnuts.  They had a VERY prosperous year last year.  So this year, I am going to harvest and let them “dry” in my Dad’s barn and we will see what happens!

This year, we have a wedding in October, the oldest son is getting married, so we will travel and have fun with that, however for me?  That means I have to go shopping for a dress.  Do you know when the last time I wore a dress was?  yea, me neither.

I do enjoy the colors of fall, the crisper weather, and the bonfires.  But, what I do not like is that Winter comes after fall, and I really don’t like that.

This  was a few years ago, and I really did not like the fact that the bottom windows of my house were covered by snow.  I stepped out in it, and I did help shovel (some).  I’m a wimp when it comes to cold, I really do not like it at all.  It’s pretty when it falls, and I like it for the first day, but after that, get rid of it, because I just don’t like it at all.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  This is about fall.

What are things that you like about fall?  Drop me a line and let me know!


The Road I travel…

The road I travel, is curvy, bumpy, has stop signs,  gravel in some spots, and  has pot holes.   The reason I know this, is because I travel it daily, sometimes four times a day.

Today, while travelling this road, I let my mind wander.  I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately.  Some pleasant, some not so pleasant.  I’ve prayed, I’ve dreamed, and I’ve been frustrated, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried.

I have finally figured out something for myself.  Instead of worrying about what the future is going to bring me, I need to just start taking things one at a time.  Quit getting ahead of myself.

I used to not worry about anything and just plow along, but somewhere and somehow,  I started letting things get to me and it was eating me up inside.  I felt a lot of grief.  I asked “Why”  a lot.  But then I realized something.

I. Am. Not. Alone.

There are a million people in this world dealing with a lot worse than me, and I’m being a “crybaby”.    While I sometimes feel like my world is upside down, it is still my world, and I can deal with it.   Plenty of people have dealt with it before me, and plenty of people will deal with it after me.

Me?  I’m ok,   I don’t usually quote anyone in my blog, but I have one quote that is posted on  my fridge, I haven’t paid attention to it lately, but maybe, just maybe I need to.

The author is unknown, and this is how it goes:

When I woke this morning, I asked myself, “What is life about?” I found the answer in my room…the fan said “Be cool.” The roof said, “Aim high.” The window said, “See the world!” The clock said, “Every minute is precious.” The mirror said, “Reflect before you act.” The calendar said, “Be up to date.” The door said, “Push hard for your goals.” The floor said, “Kneel down and pray”….


Wonders for Wednesday…

I have so much on my mind tonite, that Wordless Wednesday is not going to work for me.    I am trying to narrow down exactly what I am feeling.  I think one of the things I feel right now is lucky.  Why, you ask, because I am close enough to the Farmer and Momma to help make a difference.  Because I am close enough to go kidnap pick up Cam-Man when I need a good giggle.  That in all of my 50 years, I think I FINALLY understand that Family is everything.

Don’t get me wrong.  There was a time when the Farmer, Momma , and I were 3000 miles apart.  I had never met, nor fell in love with the Electrician, and I floundered.

I’d like to say, I met the Electrician and we married and the Farmer and Momma were there, and life was grand.  I would be lieing.  I saw something today and it really made me stop and think.  “While we are getting older, our parent’s are too”. 

While I have the best of it, so to speak, I am here.  With the Farmer and Momma.  The Electrician’s family live in Biloxi, Mississippi, that’s far away from us. So, I understand how sometimes he misses them, heck for that matter, so do I.  I actually won the jackpot when I married this man.  Not only did he marry me, but his family married me too.  I Love his family. 

His Momma, took care of her Mother in the later years and has imparted some wisdom to me.  I appreciate that. (you have NO idea).  But sometimes, I think that the Electrician (he is laid off right now, and money is tight), should maybe have a little vacation of his family for himself.

I’m not saying this to “get him out-of-the-way”, I’m saying this because sometimes you need to have your Momma and Daddy around you, and be able to help them. To try to give back what you have been given. 

You see, this is what I am trying to do.  I spend an average of 4 to 5 hours a day at the Farmer’s house.  You know why I do it?  Because I love both of them, and because I care.  Also, because there is no  place I’d rather be.

I’m conflicted because I see the Electrician torn, and I hate seeing him like that.  Sometimes, you need your parents and they need you.  Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and give in and do what is right….It’s not like it would be the first time we were apart…AND I’m only talking about a week or two….

But, I know the Electrician and he will suck it up and not do what he needs to do, for HIM. 

Ok, the Electrician just “proofread” my post and stated he would not leave without me and we could not afford this right now.    Somehow, I knew he would say this.  Let me just tell y’all how blessed I am with this man. 

When it is all said and done, FAMILY is where it’s at.  And folks, let me tell you this…I have a TERRIFIC one….

It’s funny to me that when you talk about subjects like this, there are no tag prompters, nor any writing helpers….You are basically on your own. 



TWO WEEKS! Bucket List

Two weeks, and counting.  The days on the Calender are slowly getting marked off one by one.  Normally I don’t do this.  Momma has a Calender at the Nursing home with a bunch of smily faces on it for each day she does good.

My Calender is different though.  I have a Bucket List that I’ve had for a few years, and I’ve been marking things off as I get them accomplished.  Little things, like swimming in the Ocean (check), watching the sunrise and sunset (check) (check), going to my first Professional Football game (Bears – check), going to a concert (check), and a lot more other things that are slowly getting checked off.

But one of MY major things, is something I wished for since I was about 13 years old, when my Grandmother went for a Cruise around the world.  I can’t remember exactly how long the Cruise was but she sent me postcards from every port-of-call that they stopped in.

Now, mind you, by the time I was 16, I had been to so many different countries, that my Passport is still a treasured item with all the stamps from foreign countries.  But, I had flown, to most of them and have never had the opportunity to go on a Cruise. 

Well, that’s not really true.  I had paid for my “first” cruise when I moved back to Illinois, I was going to go on one with My cousin Tracey and her mom Barb, and another friend, but at that time, the Electrician and I were getting pretty serious and I opted not to go.  So, I took my refund and held onto hope that EVENTUALLY I would be able to go on a Cruise.

Guess what FOLKS, I got my wish.  Yup, here in a few, this woman is going on a 7 day cruise, to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel Mexico, with some truly cherished peeps.  Yes, the Electrician, his sister Mary and my Outlaws, will be boarding the Ship (I’ve been told NOT to call it a boat), for 7 blissful days of EATING, cruising and being Happy in the Sun.

I’ve been to the Sewing Alteration lady to have dresses re-sized (thanks to the College student who gave me a dress) AND, I had my wedding dress shortened so I could wear it as an evening gown.  Been shoe shopping for some KILLER shoes to match all the Evening wear.   I got my hair did today, with some awesome highlights too.  Went through all of my clothes to decide what to take and what not to take. 

I can’t even begin to explain all the time I have poured over the web-site to see about the “excursions”.    I’m thinking that “Zip-Lining” is in order in Jamaica.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try it and I think it would be fun. 

I’ve lined up the cat-sitter for Ms. Baby (and a back-up just in case).  Folks, seriously after everything I have gone through in the past month I can not begin to explain how excited I am to be able to do this trip.  The Plus side, I get to spend about 13 days with some of the other people I cherish.  Plus, I know that the Farmer and Momma will be okay.  Momma is making progress, and I think the Farmer is happy to see me so excited about something.  The past month has been hard, on both of us.  I only hope he can find something to be so excited about and feel the excitement of a little kid again.  Cuz folks, I FEEL like a little kid again, with my nose squished up against the store window, wanting to see and do everything.

Now mind you, My outlaw Father-in-law has told me many times in the past few days while phone-calls are flying between his house and mine, that I’m not really going, and they will leave me behind.  I’ve got his ticket already printed out….I told him I could lose it…wink, ya know what I mean? Just kidding Poppa!!!!

Have you ever felt like you were a little kid, and getting a wish come true….well, I feel like a little kid with a WHOLE candy jar…..and man I am excited….