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The Day after….

Forgive me folks this is a day late post.  Yesterday, I cruised on over to the Farmer’s and we were under a storm watch.   The Farmer and I watched the skies, and figured pfft…it isn’t anything.

When my cell phone rang, it was the Nurse, and she was calling from my house.  “Hey, Jo?  We are at your house , it’s bad out there and we don’t have power, so we all came over to your house ok?” .  Looking outside, I thought…uhm.. okay.  I told her it was fine and since she was at my house, could she please put the ribs I had out for dinner in the crock pot for me.

After thinking for a minute, I called her back and the conversation went kind of like this..

me “Hey, keep the fisher dude away from my freezer, ESPECIALLY my Andouille Sausage”

her “Uh OH, uhm he just opened it, and is getting ready to fry it with some shrimp he found in the freezer too.”

me “Well, make sure he at least leaves the LAST package for me ok?  I don’t care if he has shrimp too”.

her “I swear, I just told him, he is acting like a boyfriend in high school over at his girlfriend’s house cruising through the fridge while her parents are gone and grabbing EVERYTHING he can find.”

I would have responded but I was laughing too hard.

We finished talking rather rapidly when lightning lit up the sky and crackled in the phone.

The storm blew through where I was with not that much rain about .37 of an inch, and the power flickered at the Farmer’s house a couple of times, but nothing major.  It pretty much blew over and out rather quickly.

I finished doing all my stuff, and getting Momma up, and then I was ready to head down the road, the sun was shining and all was well.

On my trip home, I decided to go the back way, simply because I was tired of driving through town.  I drove the 18.6 miles, and had just gone around the final curve in the woods, and it’s a straight shot to enter my small town the back way.  I was following another car, who was moving a little slow (thankful now, might have been cussing at the time).  All of a sudden out of the corn fields a deer comes sliding across the road in front of me, and I slammed on my brakes.  So did the truck coming from the opposite direction.

I think the deer were playing, because no sooner as one comes out of the cornfield sliding on his tummy across the road, a couple of corn rows down here come 2more.  I decided it was all clear and so did the truck, as we passed each other, we waved, and kid of saluted, thanking goodness, we did not obtain any new hood ornaments.  I did slow down a bit to look to my right, and all 3 deer were standing in the shadows, and I think they were giggling.

As I get into town, I am amazed…  the following pictures were taken by a friend of mine, Bethany Combs Williams, and she said I could use them…






It’s amazing to me, that my little town got 4.1 inches of rain in an hour and a half.  Power was out all over town (I live just outside of town).  I pulled into my driveway and no one was there, so I thought the kids had the power back on (nope, I was to learn that later).

I looked at the destruction, and thought, “Well, I guess I’m glad we burned everything in the burn pit this past weekend, because I am about to fill it up.”

I came inside and then got busy.  I went back outside and proceeded to pick up all the limbs that had fallen off the trees and all the sticks (or almost frickin full trees), and carried them back to the burn pit.  It took me an hour, and I kept telling myself, the Electrician will be happy, because he’s had a few stressful days and I didn’t want him to come home to this.  My neighbor was watching me from the comfort of his back porch, and after having carried armful of limbs and dragging a whole frickin tree, he asked me “Do you want to use my wheelbarrow?”  I won’t tell you what I said UNDER my breath, but I did advise him nicely, that I thought I only had one more load, and I was good.  Plus, I was thinking that there was a Beer in the fridge with MY name on it.  By now, the burn pit is FULL, and I figured I had picked most of them up, and I needed a break.

I came inside and Yes, I was drinking my beer, when the door opened and I heard a little voice, “Jo, are you home and where is Papa?”   Apparently the kids still did not have power, and Cam man and his Momma (The Fisher dude was at work) had come back to my house, because they had no power and it was hot out there.  To make a long story short, it was so much fun to have them here last night, and they did get power back.

My day was full, and I enjoyed it, although to be quite honest with you?  I am not picking up another friggin tree branch, limb, or stick for a while.