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didja ever…..part 1000000

Didja ever, wonder about the stars?

didja ever wonder about life?

didja ever wonder, where you are today is where you would be?

didja ever wonder,  how confused life can get?

didja ever wonder, how can things be so out of whack, that you can’t seem to find yourself back in the whack?

didja ever wonder why?

didja ever wonder why not?

didja ever just lay in the grass and stare up at the stars and just breath?

didja ever just catch a fire fly with a mason jar?

didja ever wish you could go back in time, to your childhood with the knowledge you have today?

didja ever just wonder at the marvels of life?

didja ever think someone else was in charge?

didja ever, just think?

didja ever give Thanks for your Blessings?

didja ever wonder what your Blessings were?

didja ever, just think,  yea, I got this, and you don’t?

didja ever just wish that things could be different?

didja ever just Thank your family for having you?

didja ever just wish things could be oh so different?

didja ever just stop to smell the roses?

didja ever just wonder about all your friends and family that have passed before you?

Didja ever wonder Do I really have an angel following me?

didja ever just take a moment to smell the flowers?

didja ever just forget about all the chores you had to do, and simply enjoy the moment?

didja ever just stop and think, I am a speck on the universe and what I do does not really matter?

didja ever think that a smile from you could brighten up a strangers day?

didja ever think, some are called to do something, and others are not?

didja ever think that the one’s that appear strong, really are not?

didja ever think, that sometimes, the one’s that are the quietest, really have the most to say?

didja ever think, that, sometimes, I think too much and it can really harm you?

I have some issues lately.  I think too much, some say I have too much time on my hands, but ya know what?  I really don’t.  I try so hard to fill up every moment of my day, just so I don’t have to think.

But at the same token, I do have some randomness in my day, and then my mind starts working, and I don’t know how to shut it off.

I’m okay, really I am, I think fear is my biggest enemy right now.  If you have followed me, then you know what I am talking about.  Things are not getting better, they are getting worse.  Not everyone see’s it, but I do.  I guess, because I feel Blessed to be in Momma‘s inner circle.   Although today sucked some green Twinkies…. She thought her Mom was still here, and it was like she relived every part of it, except her Mom’s been gone for some 14-18 years now.  Having to tell her that about crushed me.   BUT….

didja ever wonder how a disease lives?

didja ever wonder, how the person with it feels?

I am getting a glimpse into it, I don’t like it but I will deal….

I’m not to sure what lesson’s I am learning, but I’m here, and ready.  Sometimes, I just wish the rest of the family was with me.  It’s ok, because, I understand what I am doing, takes time away from my family, I just hope and pray they know what it means to me.

Didja ever – Part 2….

Didja ever just wish your bones did not creak as much as they do?

Didja ever wonder how, when you were a kid, time took so long to go through, and then when you got older, wonder, where did the time go?

Didja ever wonder why a wild turkey makes the sound it makes?

Didja ever wonder where that last roll of toilet paper went, that you thought you had?

Didja ever wonder what a cat really thinks when they look at you and the food bowl is full, but they want a minute of your day?

Didja ever wonder why that lightning bolt hit just in the middle of your yard, to scare the crappola out of you?

Didja ever wonder, why with so much beauty in the world, there is so much ugliness?

Didja ever wonder why, you cannot get the last spoonful of peanut butter OUT of the jar?

Didja ever wonder why sometimes you cannot sleep, when you are so tired,  but sleep will not come?

Didja ever wonder at a rainbow?

Didja ever wonder at the smells, flowers give? Or fresh-cut grass?

Didja ever wonder how someone can be mean to another person?

Didja ever wonder,  what it would be like if you could not be yourself anymore?

Didja ever wonder if you were being selfish?

Didja ever wonder if maybe, just maybe, there were other people who had some of the silly questions you did?

Didja ever wonder if maybe, your purpose was to bring joy to another person?

Didja ever stop to think, you could be helping someone?

Didja ever wish, that things could be normal?

Didja ever question what normal was?

Didja just wish for better all around?

My mind tonite is filled with so many questions, and so many feelings, that I feel.   I don’t quite know how to express them, and someone told me, “You are a writer, what the heck?”

Guess what, there are some emotions that go through us, we do not know how to describe, we just feel them, whether they give us pain or joy, we FEEL them.   Sometimes there are no words.

I’ve been on a rocky path lately and I know it.  It’s ok, I’m dealin….Call me the Queen of hearts, because seriously, I feel it all.    From my family to my friends, I have seen it, shared it, (with some), and tried to be “graceful” while doing it.  Although to be honest, I am a bit clutzy.  (I know anyone who KNOWS me is yelling, NOT you!)

I’ve been humbled in this past week, I’ve been terrified, and I’ve also had some serious giggle moments. I’m walking this path,ok, I’ll admit it, I am crawling this path I’m on.  But I’m on it.  But ya know what I’ve FINALLY figured out?  I’m not on it on my own.

This is from my heart, I’ve been on this journey for a while, but I have a good support system, and it just got bigger, ya wanna know why? Because simply, I’m not in it alone.  I have all of my readers, and I have all of my family, friends and everyone else,   but ya know what?  I’ve truly got God  on my side, there is a lesson in this for me, and I’m searching for it, and I WILL find it.


It appears I was nominated for another award.  Thanks to Terry1954.

While I have already received this one, I am thankful for receiving it again.

I would like to share with you the Electrician’s response when I told him I had been nominated for another award.  His response “You’ve been nominated for the Dork of the Year Award?”  (This is a private thing between the Electrician, while I am his dork, he is MY geek hehehe)

Uhm….no, but thanks for the nomination!.  Thank you Terry, you have no idea what you mean to me, and you are truly special.  I hope all of my readers, enjoy or at least stop and think about what I post.

Call me butter, I’m on a roll…..

I received another award, and I am blushing, (seriously, I think I did a back flip, and still haven’t recovered).


I would like to thank Genie for this award.    Y’all need to go over and check her out, because I really enjoy her blog.  You can find her at geniespeaks.wordpress.com

There are a couple of rules with this award here they are.

  1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.  (check)
  2. Answer the following 10 questions. (check)
  3. Nominate 10-12 blogs you enjoy. (working on it)
  4. Provide links to these blogs and let the bloggers know that they’ve been nominated. (working on it)
  5. Thank and link your nominator ( check!)

The 10 questions are as follows:

What is your favorite color?  hmm, mostly purple, but it can change given my mood.

What is your favorite animal?  This one is easy, wolves, cats and tigers.  I don’t have just one.

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Sweet Tea, with a twist of lemon, can drink it by the gallon….
Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook, simply for the fact, I am a Twitter idiot, I still haven’t figured it out.
What’s your passion?    Hmm..First and foremost my family, writing, photography, and reading (I have varied interests).
What’s your favorite pattern?   I may have misinterpreted this question, but my favorite pattern is routine.
What’s your favorite number?  Has been and always will be my lucky number 7.
Favorite day of the week?  When I was working, Friday, but now?  Everyday, that I wake up is a Blessing.


Favorite flower?   Hmm, this one made me think,  first instinct would be to say a rose, but as I’ve gotten older, I would have to say anything that is grown outside, I don’t really like cut flowers because they die, but if it is a flower plant outside, I really enjoy those.  Now if you asked what kind of outdoor plant I like, that’s a given Hostas!
What is on my mind today:  Today, I really don’t have anything on my mind, it is a down day for me.  They are few and far between, because of my normal daily obligations.   But I do “feel” Blessed by all that I have and all of the wonderful people in my life.  (Uhm, check with me tomorrow, when random thoughts will come and go).

My next task with this award is to nominate other bloggers….

Being as it is a down day, Can I get back to you on this one?  I would like to check first with the people I nominate, because not all of the blogs I would nominate might not want an award, so out of respect for them, I’m going to check first.  Look for “Call me butter, I’m on a roll part two”  OK?


Crazy little thing called Life….

As the song goes, it’s supposed to be Crazy little thing called love.  For Me, it’s life.    Yep welcome to “mi vida loca”.  Today has been a little “loca”.

Life, it’s parent’s, spouse, kids, grandkids, and sometimes it is just downright CRAZY.  Sometime’s the best thing is to just hold on to the seat of your pants and fly with it, and them.

Somedays, when you feel un-appreciated, and told your annoying, and things just are not going your way.  Well, ya know what you do?  You look at each and everyone in your life, and you count your Blessings that you have them.

Each of them are special in some unique, or crazy sort of way.   Sometimes, you just realise that you have had enough of all of them and you go on strike.  Although in some situations (such as mine) it is NOT an option. 

So, while I love each and everyone of them in a different sort of way, sometimes, I would like to grab a picket sign and simply state to all of ya’ll  I’m on STRIKE.

It’s not just one thing today that has me all “snarky”, it’s a BUNCH of things that have all compiled to make Camsgranny a little (okay A LOT) on the snarky side.  But you see, I’m not supposed to get “Snarky”.  I’m just supposed to laugh it all off, give all of you what you need, because I have taken on the roll of a Caretaker.

Caretaker, yes, I am.  I will try and make everything right in everyone’s world, but my question to you, Who takes care of me?  That’s a given, that would be the Electrician, until HE makes me “snarky”.  Then, it’s me and the cat, and even she makes me “snarky”.

To hell with it, this Snarky brat is going to sleep and I hope tomorrow is better.  If it isn’t somebodies heads gonna roll…..just saying….

Why I do it

The Electrician and I had a conversation today.  First let me explain, I am not a tech person and I really don’t do twitter and all of that other stuff, I do Facebook because it has gotten me in touch with a lot of people I grew up with, but had lost touch with over the years. ( And I also am addicted to farkle, and words with friends.)  I joined twitter for my blog,  but I’m not real sure how to tweet, or what to tweet about, so I mostly just read everyone’s comments. 

It used to be a joke between the Electrician and I, he would give up the computer so I could write a post, because he would tell me that people were counting on me to post something.  But this blog has become so much more,  I am writing this blog to get my emotions out so I quit having all of the “meltdowns” that I was having.  If I can write and tell my stories and get all of my frustrations at Parkinson’s, my giggles with grandkids, and all of my “other” stuff out it’s better than therapy, plus it’s free.

And I appreciate all that “follow” me in my journey, this is MY outlet and thank you for taking it with me.  Some days are a lot better than others, but I believe in my heart that I will never be given more than I can handle.  Because if God brings me to it, He will get me through it.  Although sometimes I think I am at the end of my rope, and that’s when I tie a knot and hang on.  But more than that, I believe there are giggles and love and laughter at every road, and that’s the road and path I’m taking.  Some roads are darker than others, but there’s a light shining at the end of the tunnel and ya know what….I’m going for it…(But before I do,  note to self:  stop and get some batteries for that flashlight  cuz that darn tunnel is kinda dark.)

WOW, I learned something new.

WOW!  When I first started this blog I went with the name Camsgranny, because well..I am Cam’s Granny.  I’ve had my blog now for 2 weeks, and I learned something new.  I started a Twitter account (to help my blog), and whammo….I have some followers, some are friends and uhm…well,  some I don’t know.  So, I googled Camsgranny.

WOW…ok, I am not a teccy kinda person and there is alot of stuff I didn’t know, but there is a website for Camsgranny.  You REALLY don’t want to know what’s on there but it has NOTHING to do with being a Granny.  So, to clear up ANY misunderstandings, I am not now, nor have ever been,  a Porn star…K?

I am simply the Granny of Camden, the caretaker of my Mother who has Parkinson’s and a Goddess of homemaking (ok maybe Goddess is stretching it a bit…but hey it’s my story).