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Vicks Vapor Rub is in the air…..

Yep, I’m in the puppy house tonite.  Remember those famous words from my last post?  “LORD, help me if the Electrician get’s it?”  Guess what?  The electrician has it.

After a very restless night of me coughing, and sweating and not being able to breathe, uhm, I got up and went and slept propped up on the couch.  I was trying to save the Electrician from this form of whatever it is. 

I woke up to him sitting in the chair in front of the computer with his head in his hands stating “What have you gibben me?  I can’t breave and my chest hurts.”  Ruh Roh Raggy. 

I do have to say that since Camsgranny had taken all of the medication in this house yesterday, the Electrician isn’t the wuss I am.  He showered and then went to the store to get us both some medicine.  So, needless to say, we’ve been drugged up all day, and trying to get better.

I did manage to thaw some chicken and green chili from my freezer and made a batch of “cure-all-ails” Green chili Chicken stew. I figured that if we could burn whatever is in us, out, we would be ok.  After eating a bowl, I can honestly say my sinus cavity got cleaned out, and my sweat glands are working just fine. 

That leads me to Vick’s vapor rub.  Me, I swear by the stuff, anything that you can rub on your chest that makes your eyes water and your nose clear, well…it’s got to be good huh?  The Electrician, he doesn’t like it so much.  Especially when I come out of the bathroom, (mind you this is AFTER I asked him if he wanted to try it, and he told me I probably won’t even be able to smell it)  and he stated, DAMN what is that smell?  See, I told you it worked. (insert BIG grin here).

So, needless to say I did not have Sunday at the Nursing Home with Momma, simply for the fact that while I will bounce back and recover from this in a couple of days, it could SERIOUSLY set her back.  I tried calling the Farmer this morning (Oh and BY THE WAY, he was one of those who told me YESTERDAY, you sound like $hit). to tell him I wasn’t going to visit today, but his phone rang, and rang, and rang, and rang.  I wasn’t worried, it just meant that he was on his computer, and I’ll get a phone call later.

Hopefully after all of this medication and Vick’s Vapor Rub and a HOT TODDY, welp,  I should be back to normal tomorrow.  The Electrician….well, I’m still in the puppy house for getting him sick, but like he said, at least he doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow.  He just has to deal with that lil Cam-Man, who is full of Energy…but I don’t think Poppa will mind.  They get along pretty good. 


Queen of the Floor Part II

Yup, if you haven’t guessed by the title, Momma got up again last night and took another spill, thus she has been renamed…Queen of the floor.

I got another one of those phone calls this morning, “Joanne”, “yea”, “I don’t know how she got there but she’s on the floor”.  “Ok, I’ll get dressed and on my way.”

So, smelling like Vick’s vapor rub, and shaking off the Thera-flu effect, I threw on some clothes (Ok sweats really), jumped into the Rav 4 and hit the road.  Only, to discover my Rav4 was screaming at me with the ding-ding-dong, I need gas.  So, I stopped at my local gas stop, got gas AND a pumpkin spice cappuccino, and flew down the back roads (all in less than 30 minutes I might add).

Well the first thing I did when I got there was to assess the damage.  Momma was ok, and I really don’t think she had been there all that long.  She skinned herself up pretty good, and I’m not sure how her head got underneath the bed, but well, we got her up and back into bed.  It wasn’t that hard this time.  Altho I did ask her why she wanted to have a tea party on the floor at 7:30 am.

The farmer and I gave her 8 am meds, and tucked her up and told her to relax, which she did, and went back to sleep. 

The farmer and I had a closed-door discussion for 30 minutes, and came up with a plan.  Neither one of us can figure out just how she managed to get out of bed.  But the bed-rail only covers a portion of her bed, so guess what?  We ordered a couple of more bed-rails for her today and figure if we can surround her bed with rails then she can’t get out right?  Well…we shall see.  If that fails we do have a back up plan.

Poor Momma has no idea….I found out more of the story when I got her to go to the bathroom and she had a really hard time, she explained to me that she had stood in the same position for an hour this morning and her bones got stiff and she couldn’t move and she cursed Dr. SOD-OFF a thousand times.  I did ask the Farmer who this Dr. was and he just looked perplexed until my Momma said, you know that Dr. I don’t like…The Farmer just laughed… Uhm…I seriously do not know who Dr. Sod-Off is but my Momma is British and I KNOW what SOD-off means…hehehe…. 

 Momma was doing better when I left and I told the Farmer to call me if he needed my help this evening, I haven’t had any phone-calls, and not that I wouldn’t go if he called but I think I have over-dosed on Thera-flu, and the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub is kinda overpowering…. Sorry to the Electrician, but he is living with it. 

I did see Cam-man today too, I watched him for an hour while the Nursing student went to class.  He’s not feeling that great either, we pretty much just snuggled and had snacks and kool-aid and watched Curious George on t.v.  The nursing student has it too, I told her about the Vics Vapor rub…we’ll see how it goes tomorrow….

But I am reminded of something…This too shall pass…..

Vicks Vapor Rub, Granny, Cam & Momma

Hey ya’ll… see this cute lil kid’

He infected me with some illness, I’m not complaining but the last few days have been filled with Vicks Vapor rub, cold pills, night sweats…and well…uhmmmI still love him.

I have still been taking care of Momma, and today was a fun one.  It is a long Tuesday, I went and picked up Cam-Man, and headed over to the Farmer’s house.  Cam-man still doesn’t feel well, he’s teething and has snuffles, and gave his Granny a full-blown out cold. (Ok the Electrician says I’m a whinny butt, but when you can’t breathe uhm…it sucks).  Anyway, we got to the Farmer’s house and uhm, well, the Farmer got upset cuz Cam-Man went full-blown crying to have to leave his Granny.

So, the Farmer went into his den and waved by-bye to Cam-Man, and Cam-Man waved bye to him, and then proceeded to eat a whole bowl of raisin oatmeal (YUCK), and a big mug of milk and then proceeded to get off the couch and go throw open the door to the den and say “Hey Gpa..qheuytsxrsfb”  (Ok, he still speaks his own language but I think you get the drift.) He then climbed up into Great G’pa’s lap and sat there for a while talking to the Farmer…(I think the farmer liked it).

Momma had a good day, she watched “Sid the Science Guy” with Cam, and I made breakfast.   It was a good day.  We all enjoyed the time spent together.

Sorry kids, the Vick’s Vapor rub is getting to my eyeballs, I still can’t breathe, but I think I might start to be feeling better because ok, Thera-Flu is starting to work….