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Adventures..Part 4 & 5……

I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging on the rest of my vacation, so I figured, I would lump them both together, and give you a long post to read, or at least look at pictures.  I’m “special” that way.  Your welcome too.

After our first stop at the Isle of Roatan, we headed out for Belize.  I’ve never been to any of these places before, and I was pretty excited.  While I enjoyed our first stop, I wasn’t really impressed, other than by the beauty of the tropics and the birds.

Upon our arrival in Belize, we were cautioned by our Captain, that we should not travel outside of the compound, or vary from any of the excursions, because they could not guarantee our safety.  Also to be back to the ship on time. (Remember that last statement).

We had to be “tendered” into the port, because there were no docks for Cruise ships, due to the barrier reefs.  There were about 30 of these little boats that came and got us and it was about a 15 minute ride into the harbor.


We all had to wait and get a number to be called down to get on the “tender” boat, and it went rather quickly.


We were ready, but it became quite clear, that while yesterday was kind of chilly and rainy, today was going to be a “scorcher”.  The sun was shining and it was starting to get a little bit warm.  I can’t say I could complain though, when the Electrician and I had scoped out the news at home, they were in the middle of a blizzard.  Poor things……


This is the first sight we saw when we docked.  It was a pretty lively place, and things were jumping.  There were a bunch of shops to look at and things to go “ahh, and ooh” over.

DSCN4275I loved the dresses, and actually broke down and bought one.  Then I found a neat little shop that had earrings in it, so of course I had to go in, My Mother outlaw went with me and we had fun picking out some earrings.

We walked the entire dock area and went as far as we could and Papa was getting tired, plus the heat was getting to both my Father and Mother outlaw, so we decided to go back on the ship.

DSCN4283This was our last look at Belize, and we rode the “tender” back to the ship.  I was a little bit intimidated by the number of people leaning over the wall of the compound, begging us to let them give us a ride into town.

When we got back to the ship, after eating lunch, my outlaws went and rested and the Electrician and I laid out by the pool for a bit.  (YES, I used the sunscreen).  I even went for a swim in the pool until my teeth started chattering because the water was a little on the chilly side.  As our ship was getting ready to leave, apparently there was a “pilot” boat, that pulled along side of our ship with 6 passengers trying to board.  Apparently they had been on one of those “downtown” runs and not made it back in time, and were denied access onto the ship.  They got sent back to Belize, only to arrive at the American Embassy, I’m sure.  I told you the Captain said to be back on time…..

DSCN4306Our day in Belize done, it was on the way to Cozumel.  Now for those of you who follow me, y’all know our last stop last year was also in Cozumel, so I knew what to look for and what we had planned out already.  Last year, I fell in love with Cozumel.

Excitement was building the morning we were to arrive, and the Electrician was feeling…..crazy, he grabbed my hat, remember I told y’all I was going to buy one?  Well I did.


Sorry to say, I think he looks better in it than I did…..

After breakfast, we docked and were ready to go.


We were taking pictures of the water shooting out from underneath the ship when we docked.  It is just so clear and blue.

This is us, getting off the ship to be greeted by the Mexican Dancer….

mexico You can just make out my Mother outlaw standing in the background….  HI MOM!!!!

Since we have already been here, we decided the first thing on the agenda was to get a taxi and head for downtown.  We wanted to go back to the Mexican equivalent of “Wal-Mart“, which is called the Mega-Mart.

Y’all know I am not allowed in a grocery store, but to be allowed into the Grocery store was a plus, but one in a foreign country is heaven!

We shared the taxi with another couple from one of the other ships that had docked, and it was nice talking to them while we zoomed (and I do mean ZOOMED)  down the roads.  I guess it’s ok to drive on the sidewalks and honk at everyone in Mexico.  The other couple was from Canada and they were having a blast on their cruise too.

After safely arriving at our destination (is it  bad if you climb out of the taxi and kiss the ground?) We proceeded to go into the Mega mart.  We all made pit stops at the facilities, and I have to tell you, they were very clean.  Plus, I liked the fact that you flushed the toilet with your foot on a foot pedal.  (I am amazed at funny things).

The hardest thing for me and anyone who knows me, knows I am not mathematically inclined in any way shape or form.  So trying to convert the peso to $$ was impossible for me, luckily the Electrician is a whiz, so it was a breeze.


We walked down every aisle and looked at everything.  The Electrician was over it in a matter of minutes, but the Outlaws and I were having too much fun to let him bother us.  (Sorry honey).  We found some chili seeds, which we may or may not have bought (that is for any of you customs dudes that could be reading).  We found some pure vanilla, and yes, I bought a couple of jars.  We bought some hot sauce, and some jello and a variety of other things, that are not available in the States.

DSCN4325We looked at everything, and were amazed that anyone working with the meat, fish or deli, wore masks.  Everything was out on display and had been iced down, but was very fresh.  The produce department was awesome.

My outlaws decided we would sit in the little deli area and have what is known as Mexican Starbucks coffee.  It was pretty good and considerably cheaper than Starbucks.  We paid a whopping 48 cents for a “grande”.

After our break and shopping were done, we headed out to the “downtown” open area shopping.

DSCN4327We cruised the streets, and found a little open area market.  I had in my mind to get another bowl to go with the one I found last year that proudly sits on my dining room table.

After looking at several different stalls, and having people bug me, because I did not want to spend $1000 of dollars on the stuff they had, I went back to the first stall I had found.  I think the reason I went back to her, was because with my “little” spanish and her “little” english, I enjoyed talking to her, and also she gave me no pressure.  My Mother outlaw decided on a thin carafe, that was the prettiest blue with designs on it, because she said, she had enough bowls.  I fell in love with these….

DSCN4360They sorta match my other one, but they also match a plate I was given at Christmas by a friend.  The Electrician picked out this ashtray, because “he liked it”.

After all of our purchases were made, we took another taxi ride, I may or may not have closed my eyes on the way back to the “compound area”.


After arriving back to the compound, my outlaws went back to the ship, and the Electrician and I toddled around for a bit.

DSCN4322This is the Three Amigos, and that place was jumping!!!!


I remarked to the Electrician, that times must be tough, because last year, this fountain was filled with coins.

DSCN4330This was new, and the Electrician and I kind of liked it.

After walking around for a bit, and finding some t-shirts for souvenirs for the kids and Grandkids, we stepped into a Tax-Free liquor store.   We sampled a few different things, but ultimately decided on a bottle of Armula (not sold in the United States), and also a bottle of Honey Tequilla (also not sold in the United States)..

With all of our purchases made, we headed back to the ship.  A little sad, that we knew we were only days away from being back home.


As we boarded the ship, we still knew we had at least 2 days before we arrived back home, and we were going to make the best of them!!!!


BYE Cozumel………..

Our next day, was our last at sea, so the Electrician and I decided to play the trivia game on music.  While I came in fourth, the Electrician came in second!!!!  Then we played another trivia game of Movie Music theme songs.  Pfft….I don’t know what I was doing in the 80’s and 90’s but it wasn’t watching t.v. that’s for sure.

Our last night at sea, was a fun one, the Electrician and I did some dancing, and goofing off.  We watched movies on the t.v. and just had an over all good time.

On that Sunday morning, and it was early, this is what we saw.

DSCN4346Hello, New Orleans!!!!  Good morning!!!  we pulled into home port, early.  Last year, getting off the ship was a night mare.  This year, we were off the ship and waiting for our ride by 9 am.

It was a truly amazing week, filled with memories and time spent with my Outlaws, and laughter, giggles and then some.  Relaxed, carefree, sunny hot days, while the rest of my family was at home dealing with blizzards and other non-fun stuff.

Our trip was not over though.  We still had our Sunday arrival “ritual’ of Popeye’s, fried chicken with all the fixing’s for dinner, and then Monday lunch buffet at Boomtown Casino in Biloxi, Ms.   In fact, after our luncheon buffet, the Electrician and played in a slot tournament.  Where I was first for almost the whole tournament until the very last……oh well, it was fun, and free.

It was a fantastic Christmas present, and I cherish all of the memories.  Many, many Thanks to my “Outlaws”.   Now, I’m home, and it’s back to reality….

Monday, Monday…oops…

How come everyone seems to dislike Monday’s?  I usually don’t, but my Monday has been full of little mishaps along the way.

When I left my house this morning, I forgot the baby monitor for Momma.  So, I turned around and came back to my house and picked it up.

I tried to make waffles, and had a semi-explosion of Milk of Magnesia all over the place.  Let me back track here for a minute.

When I got to the Farmer’s and hooked up the baby monitor, and then talked to the Farmer for a bit, I was actually waiting for the waffle iron to warm up, as I had already made the waffle batter.

We decided to go ahead and give Momma some Milk of Magnesia today, due to lack of..well, you figure it out.   Constipation is a REAL problem with Parkinson’s patient’s.  We’ve relied on Milk of Magnesia and Miralax.

I went into the kitchen and checked the waffle iron, and it wasn’t ready yet.  So, I went ahead and made up Momma’s med’s.  Usually we put the MoM into her medication that we mix with Pepsi (to dissolve it).

When I grabbed the bottle of MoM (you would think that the lid would be on),  (Uhm THANKS DAD) I started to shake it when WHAMMO.  That stuff went everywhere with the cap sailing across the room.

I am now covered in Milk of Magnesia, the floor is covered, the waffle iron is covered, and now has the green light lit up (go figure).  The cabinets are covered as well.  I’m yelling, the cat is licking the floor, and I’m thinking NOOOOOOOOOOO.

I get everything cleaned up, all the while shooing the kitty’s out of the room, and praying none of that stuff went into the waffle batter.

After breakfast, and a re-cleaning of everything, including mopping the floor twice, simply for the fact, on the first mopping, I tracked all over the place, and no one can mistake MY foot print for  the Farmer’s.

I decided to give up and run to Wal-Mart.  I may now be banned from the store, but I’m not sure.  The Farmer had asked me to pick up some milk for him, and some more floor cleaner.  I had a couple of things to get as well.

Walking down the kitty litter aisle, and REALLY, why would you put a 10 pound jug of kitty litter on the top shelf?   I tried to get one down and oops, “clean up on Aisle 5”.  Yea, it fell and exploded in a cloud of kitty litter everywhere.  I grabbed another one and practically ran onto the next aisle.

“Clean up in aisle 11”, was the next thing heard.  Yea, I dropped the milk, actually, I did not drop it, when I went to pull one out, 2 came out, simply for the fact they were shoved in there so tight.   OOPS.

I won’t even tell you what happened in the Diet Coke aisle.  Except, Thank you to the 6 foot woman who handed me 3 liters of Diet Coke.  Whew…. Being short really sucks sometimes, and the store employee’s tend to frown when you climb like a monkey to get something off the top shelf.

I think everyone in Wal-Mart breathed a sigh of relief when I left.  But as I was walking out the door, they had a bin that said to put your plastic bags in it for re-cycling.  So..uhm…  I grabbed a couple of bags full.  Hey, I am recycling them.  We use them as liners for Momma’s porta potty.

After I finally got home to my house,  and felt in my “safe zone”.  I put everything away, and then remembered I was supposed to go to the post office.  OOPS.  I figure I can do that first thing in the morning.

I don’t know about y’all, but once I get home, and am home, I’m not going anywhere else.Tonite’s dinner was green chili cheeseburgers smothered in mushrooms and bacon with provolone cheese melted over top. I also went all out and made home-made french fries.  (The best kind are twice fried, fresh tater’s and not those frozen one’s).

I had taken an early shower and was just getting supper done, when my phone rang.  “Uhm, Joanne, Tracy isn’t coming tonite, someone else is that has never been here before, can you come put Annie to bed?”

Well, hells bells.   I got into the Rav4 and went on over there in my p.j.’s.  First off, Good help is hard to find, second off (and this is the important part) Momma does not like strangers, who do not know her routine.

As soon as I got there, we got down to business.  I did all the normal things Momma is used to, and then I bounced her butt into the bed, got a hug and a kiss, and a “Thank you, I love you Joanne”.  Aww….those words made my heart feel a lot better, and never mind the other stuff.

Sometimes, even when we really don’t want to leave our house, we need to, because there might come a day, when I don’t get a phone call to put Momma to bed, because she won’t be here.

So, in a nutshell, it’s been a Monday.  But I’ll take it and smile at the memories.  Also, for those of you wondering, Yes, the MoM did get into the waffle batter, both the Farmer and I and the kitties had the same type of afternoon in the bathroom.

Me versus the Neti Pot, and quotes for today…


Have you ever had a day, when things go so right you are amazed?  Yea, me neither.  While I realize that I am in some kinda funk,  or whatever, I’ve got to find a way out of it.

I will let y’all in on a little story.  Since I usually get sinus infections, ALL the time, and this last one went up into my eye and well…let’s just say it was pretty ugly.

I was advised by several people (including my Mother-out-law), and a Doctor, to invest in something called a Neti-pot.    It apparently is  little tea-pot I shove up my nose and flush out all the bad stuff.  You can pick them up at your local drug store, and yes, Wal-Mart does carry them with Saline solution you are supposed to use.

After researching on-line on how to use them I found this at About.com

A neti pot is a small ceramic or plastic pitcher. It has two openings, one at the top and another in the spout. It is filled with salt water to cleanse your nasal passages. A sinus wash is recommended as part of your daily personal hygiene regimen. Cleansing your sinuses in this manner relieves symptoms associated with colds, flu, sinus infections, nasal dryness, allergies, and other sinus irritations. It also helps reduce swelling of the nasal membranes.

Ok, sounds easy enough huh?  I actually saw it being “tested” on The Rachael Ray Talk Show”  just last week.  Although, they did suggest using it in the shower.

Ok, I’ve had a semi ok day, although I guess it’s not a good sign, when the Farmer get’s a new book in the mail, and he reads me a quote before I am leaving his house.

“When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”   by FDR (Roosevelt).

I believe it kind of resonated with both of us.  When I left his house, I went to the Nursing student‘s to drop some stuff off, and the Fisher dude was outside.  He and I chatted, and then I went inside, but the Nursing student was taking a nap, along with Cam-Man.  So, I went back outside and talked to the Fisher dude for a bit.    I told the quote to the Fisher dude, and I guess he kind of liked it.

By the time I had gotten home, he had posted it on his Facebook page, although he had altered it.  When I saw it, I started laughing, and then proceeded to ask him, if he knew where the quote came from.  He replied with, “Your Dad huh?”  After giggling for a few minutes, I told him,  who actually quoted it.

But I digress.  When I went into take my shower this evening, I decided to give this thing a try.  I thought I had followed all the instructions clearly.

Obviously this thing is NOT made for ME, because I proceeded to think I was drowning, coughing, and just utterly not enjoying the experience.  Maybe I wasn’t doing it right.  So, I tried it again, all the while in my head, I’m singing “I’m a little teapot, short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout, when you tip me over”,  I GAG, COUGH, and then there is a flood of stuff that there is no description for.

Hey, maybe I do have the hang of this thing, let’s try it again.  Nope, I dropped that sucker and started flapping around because I thought I was drowning.

Meanwhile, the Electrician is getting worried about the noise coming out of the bathroom, and comes in to check on me.   Do you know how hard it is to recover from the drowning experience and look normal when someone shoves the shower curtain aside and peers their face in and asks “Are you ok?”.  “Yea, it’s just hot in here”.  He looked at me and then just shook his head and left.

THAT was my experience with the Neti pot, I may or may not get the hang of it, but next time I use it, I think I will pull the radio in the bathroom to cover the noise.



Freaky Friday Again….sigh…

Well, this morning dawned with promise.  I woke up and did some stuff around the home front, played some “words with friends” on Facebook, answered some e-mails and then got ready to hit the road.  Today was a 2-fer day.

I had big plans for the day, I was going to spend the morning with the Farmer and Momma, and then the afternoon with Cam-Man, and then spend a relaxing evening with the Electrician.  Oh the best laid plans.  sigh…

I got to the Farmer’s and went in and stopped immediately.  The Farmer was sitting in his chair with a grimace on his face, and his leg up on the chair.  “Hi” I said with a smile.  “Jo, I eff’d up”.  Uhm, ok, first off the Farmer does not cuss, UNLESS, he’s yelling at the t.v. at some politician (that’s why I don’t discuss politic’s with ANYONE).  “ok, so what’s up Dad?” .  I got a very sheepish look from the Farmer, although I’m not to sure but there was a little pain in that look too.  I think he was embarrassed.  But Hey, I’m his kid, I’m not gonna be shocked by anything at this point, I’ve made it 50 years, so I figure he’s not gonna shock me now.

“Uhm, I twisted my ankle”,  “ok, so how did you do that?”  “Uhm, walking down to get the paper”.  Ok, so I did the only thing I know, I opened up the freezer, found a frozen bag of french fries and slapped it on his ankle.  Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought an ankle brace, and an ice pack.

I flew back to his house and then proceeded to make him a BIG breakfast, bacon, hash browns, fried eggs, toast, and apple muffins and corn dodgers.  Then I did all of my normal Friday stuff, and went and checked on Momma, changed her sheets got her dry and let her sleep in today.

I went ahead and made a pork roast with stuffing and a baked potato for the Farmer for his “late lunch”.  Then I sucked it up, put my big girl panties on and went in and got Momma up, by myself.  Now folks, even on a good day, Momma is a 2 person lift.  When I got Momma bathed and dressed , I simply told her it was her and I today, and I needed her to help me as much as she could.

What can I say?  For all of you that thought she would slither to the floor, NOPE, didn’t happen.  My Momma fought very hard today and I am so proud of her.  After getting her on and off the porta potty by myself (with her help).  I asked her if she was ready to head out to the front room.  Folks, my Momma has some grit, because she looked at me and said “Let’s do this”.  And with that being said, Momma and I walked to her chair and she sat down, and my goodness, if I had not seen it, I might not have believed it.    I think she kicked Parkinson’s to the curb, if only for a few minutes, but damn….

After getting her and the Farmer settled, I went down the road to scoop up Cam-Man.  When I arrived at the Nursing Student’s house, I could hear Cam-Man crying.  I went in and he looked at me crying, (he had gotten into trouble with the Fisher dude).  I told him to quit crying and get his shoes, because he was going with Memaw today.  He did the famous snuffle, wiping his nose and hiccuping, and I told him I had to go outside and put his seat into my car, but I would be right back.  As I was coming back inside the house, he was standing by the back door, shoes on still crying.  I scooped him up and asked him what was wrong, I’m not quite sure what he said, but I told him to grab his blankey and let’s roll.  He kissed and hugged his Daddy by, and then told him “Bye” all the way out the door.  As soon as we hit the outside, he stopped crying and looked at me and said “let’s roll”.

We went back to the Farmer’s house with Cam-Man pointing out the normal views, “Memaw, COWS”, and “MEMAW horses!”.  When we arrived at the Farmer’s he looked at me and said “we’re here”.  We went in and the Farmer (who hasn’t seen Cam-Man in quite a while) and Cam-Man had a reunion and so did Momma and Cam-Man.  Momma actually perked up, which leads me to believe she has missed little dude.

After we finished up everything (and I must confess, when the Farmer asked Cam-Man and I to water the garden, I got the LOOK from the Farmer, when Cam-Man and I returned, we may or may not have played in the water and became a muddy mess all over the kitchen floor).

Cam-Man and I headed off down the road, with a pit stop at Wal-Mart.  We had to pick up some things for the Electrician.  After our shopping excursion (I might have to apologize to Wal-Mart, because Cam-Man and I may or may not have acted like a couple of kids winging the shopping cart everywhere).

With that done, we finally headed off down the road to my house where, Papa was  waiting for both of us. (His work got called early for storms in the area).   Somewhere between Wal-mart and my house, Cam-Man dropped his eyelids and fell asleep.  When we arrived home, I unloaded everything from Wal-Mart and told Papa to go get the little dude from the car, because he was asleep.

My golly, what a Reunion, they haven’t seen each other in a while, and there was a bunch of hugging, and loving going on.  Papa changed little dude’s pants and then asked Cam-Man, “Hey Cam, do you want Papa to take you to the park?”  Hell you would have thought my house won the lottery with that statement.  It was on.  Both of them packed up and went to the park, and left Camsgranny here.    It was probably a good thing, because when Camsgranny sat down and sat for a bit, uhm, she couldn’t get up.

It appears, that somewhere along the line today, I’ve thrown my back out.  Don’t worry though, the Electrician has popped that sucker back in place and I feel great.  Anyway, the College student came to pick up Cam-Man, she actually was at the park with Cam-Man and the Electrician.  They came back here to swap out the car seat and to grab diapers for little dude.

My day, while it may not have went like I thought it would, it actually has been better than I could have ever dreamed.

Smiling at a Stranger…..

I had an experience yesterday, that has kind of stuck with me.  I’ve mulled it over in my mind for a bit, and I think I’m ready to let it out.

For those of you that follow my blog, y’all know I’m not allowed in a grocery store (problem of seriously over spending, I think I am food hoarder).  But for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing the Grocery Shopping.  Yesterday, I made a stop at the local Wal-Mart, and I was only there to buy lunchmeat for the Electrician’s lunches and a couple of other things, while I was walking around and looking at things (which I usually do, I have to look at EVERYTHING).  I smiled at people, I was amazed by the amount of people who looked at me like I was crazy.

When I finally found my way to the deli area and was looking at what sandwich meat I wanted to purchase, there was a woman who was talking on her cell phone,  the lady who was waiting on her, was getting a little stressed, because she saw she had a line forming.  Everytime she would hand the cellphone lady an item, the woman would ask for something else, but when the deli lady asked her if the slice was ok, she would ignore her and keep talking on the cellphone.   When the deli lady had handed her yet another bag of stuff, the cellphone lady kept talking.  So, the deli lady went to wait on another person, when the cellphone lady told her she wanted one more thing.  By now, there were about 6 people waiting at the deli, and this poor deli lady was by herself and very stressed out.  The cellphone lady finished her conversation and ended her call and then looked around at all of us just standing there.

The deli lady went to wait on some other people and I was still standing there looking at the meat, but in my mind, I was seriously wondering when did it become ok to be rude, to other people, for the sake of a phone call.

When the deli lady came to wait on me she was breathless, and a little stressed, so I gave her a big smile, and looked at her and stated “Little busy huh?”.  She stopped and looked at me and gave me a really big smile, as if to say thank you. I asked for the meat I wanted, and after she had given me my last order, I looked at her and smiled, and said “Thank you so much, you try to have a good day ok?”.  She looked at me and said “Thank YOU, for your patience and understanding, and also for that smile, that made my day.”

So, I guess, my advice is to smile at a Stranger, you never know what they are dealing with, and it may just make someone else’s day.

We’re having a heatwave….

This morning, I woke up to Ms. Baby’s face stuck in my face, yelling at me to wake up.  Although it was in her language, I got the point.  I figured she was trying to get me up, because I was late.  That thought quickly fled my mind when I looked at the alarm clock and saw it was 5:30 AM.  Being as I had to be at the Farmer’s at 7:30 am, I went with it.

After doing that Hip Hop abs thing, and grabbing a cup of coffee, I decided I would let Ms. Baby out and go water the plants, and the garden.  As soon as I opened the sliders, Ms. Baby darted for the garden and took her spot underneath the tomato plant.   I watered all the plants and looked at my poor drooping pepper plants.  They are not going to make it.  Be it from the heat, lack of rain, or the chemicals that the &^%$  lawn people put on my yard, I don’t know.  (THAT’S another post).

Anyway, when I grabbed the hose and pointed it to the garden, Ms. Baby ran like the wind into the house.  After drowning the plants, I hurried inside, I had bare feet, and the concrete was HOT.

I scooted down the road and made it to the Farmer’s with 3 minutes to spare.   Although I did take the long way, because I promised my fabulous hair dresser some fresh corn on the cob (AND folks I got the hook up on that one).  I dropped off the corn at her shop, and flew down the road.  Ok, maybe not “flew” because I had to drive through town.

(I have the feeling I am being long-winded tonite, but I really will get to the point in a minute ok?)

The Farmer left for his Doctor’s appointment, and I went in and gave Momma her first round of meds for the day.  Usually, she sleeps through it, this morning she was awake, and actually smiled at me and told me she was going to sleep for a little bit longer and then would I please come and get her up.  You betcha, no problem.

After the meds, Momma went back to sleep and I got busy washing the Farmer’s laundry and some of  Momma’s and then mopped the floors and started breakfast.    The Farmer arrived just as I was putting the eggs on (perfect timing).   After breakfast, I chatted with the Farmer, the Doctor gave him a good bill of health, although he had to have a shot.  But he doesn’t have to go see the Doctor for another 6 months and it’s all good in his health hood.

I had told the Farmer, since I have pretty much all week, let Momma sleep in, today I was getting her up early, because the girls would get her up early over the weekend.  I went in and raised the blinds in her room, and sunlight filled the room.  Momma always has a small table light on in her room, because she does not like the dark, but when the sunlight hit, she opened her eyes and for ONCE was not grumpy about having to get up.

I gave her a bath and started to get her dressed, and then Momma made me giggle.  She asked me what day it was, so I told her the date and day.  Then she looked at me, and said “Whew, we haven’t passed it yet.”  “Uhm, passed what Momma?”  “Well your Dad‘s birthday”.    Because the Farmer reads my blog I cannot go into detail about the conversation, but I really did laugh.

Momma made it out into the front room, and the Farmer and Momma were chatting while I was changing the sheets on her bed, and loading up the bed linen and bed pads to carry downstairs to the laundry.    I heard the Farmer telling Momma he was not having his “night out with the guys” this week, and that they would watch fireworks and something about the 1912 Overture, and then I went downstairs.

The Farmer left after I came back upstairs, he had to go to Wal-Mart to get his and Momma’s meds, and some food stuff that I had written a list for.  I was sitting in the front room with Momma and I thought she was snoozing, until she looked at me and said “So, you gave him what for didn’t you?”  “Uhm, what do you mean?”    “You told him I wanted him home on Wednesday night didn’t you?  That’s why he’s staying home to celebrate with me”, I replied a bit confused but went with it and said “Uhm, yea, ok”.  She beamed her pearly whites at me and went back to sleep.

The Farmer arrived back home with his purchases and I helped him unload the car.  The Farmer then sat down in his chair, smiled at Momma, and told me “Honey, I feel really bad for the Electrician about now”,  I asked “Why”  “Because it is really friggin hot out there and I can picture him in that wind tower, and it’s gotta be at least 120 degrees in there, I hope he’s ok”. (I must insert here, I had already sent 3 text messages to the Electrician and he hadn’t responded, and I was a little nervous.  I just didn’t want to admit it.)

I finished up at the Farmer’s and was headed on my way back to my house when my cell phone rang.  It was the Electrician….  “Hi babe”  I answered, he responded short and to the point “Hi Hon, I’m on my way home, they sent us all home”  “Are you ok?”  ” 2 guys fell out today, I was one of them”  (me) “ARE YOU OK?”  “I’m on the way home I’m ok”.

Can I just please take a second to tell you that I was driving the back roads home and my heart hit my stomach and I had to pull over by the river for a second, because I got scared.  Heat exhaustion, is nothing to play with.

I flew home (no joke, the Rav 4 can go when I need her too), I got there before him, and I was sweating.  When he pulled into the driveway, I flew out the front door, hugging him, and touching him to make sure he was ok.  He was pale, but alright.  We came inside and I made him tell me what had happened, folks he is embarrassed.  (Now Camsgranny’s back is in an uproar, and ready to just kick someone’s A$$)  The Electrician works very hard.  Sometimes too hard.  He thought he was ok because he was sweating buckets,  his pants and shirt were soaked, and his co-worker noticed there was no sweat on him, the Electrician started throwing up.  They brought him down out of the tower, and into the trailer (which has air conditioning).

As a side note about the same time this happened, I was listening to music and heard a song that the “3 musketeers” used  to listen to and I got goosebumps.  My Electrician’s Guardian angel was warning me, something was going on (that’s probably why I was uneasy most of the morning).

Needless to say, we have spent a quiet, relaxing evening and I’ve been pumping fluids into him.  I have lectured him and even threatened him, as in “If you don’t listen to me, then I will call YOUR Momma.”

Folks, I understand a job is a job, but when it harms you, maybe you need to re-think it.  Or if nothing else question the people who put you into that position.  The weather here is alarmingly HOT, 102 degrees.  Then if you factor in the heat index, that makes it about 110-112 degrees, inside of the towers, could be anywhere between 120-130 degrees.  Oh yea, and the other guy that “fell” out, he went into the same tower and was working the same job as the Electrician (the Electrician’s replacement), it took him about 30  minutes before he fell out.  Uhm, THAT’s when they sent everyone home.  I have a serious problem with this.  In my Opinion, (and I know everyone has one and they all stink), but I would check the weather and the heat advisories (which just about my whole State is in one), and I would check the temperatures in the towers and maybe call the day a little early, and push into the next day.  Because, I’m sorry, no job is worth it to get ill, injured or dead.  And seriously right now, we’re in the middle of a Heatwave.

While you can chalk this one up to a wife who was very scared for her husband, there have been deaths from this Heatwave, I just don’t want one of my family, or the one whom I love the most, to be one of them.

The Electrician is now snoring, usually I would bitch about this, but tonite, it sounds heavenly to me.


Energizing Friday…

Today, was different.  I really don’t know what I was thinking, but I seemed to have used up most of my energy before 10 am.  Well…let me back up a bit.

I had the Electrician wake me up at 5:15 am, I hugged and kissed him and waved to him as he drove off for work.  I then went and grabbed a cup of coffee.  I played Words with Friends for 15 minutes, then made the bed, set out the Electrician’s clothes for tomorrow, looked at the “honey do” list left for me by the Electrician, and out the door I went.

I had to be at the Farmer’s today REALLY early, because he had an appointment with the Vampire for his impending Doctor’s appointment next week.  I debated with myself about which way to go, simply for the fact, the deer are usually out in the early morning.  (ok, who am I kidding, I still took the back roads).

On my journey, it took  a little longer than I expected, and I arrived at the Farmer’s house with 2 minutes to spare.  A conversation then ensued about the fact the Farmer drives the same roads I do and NEVER (well except for the time he hit one) see’s any deer.    The fact that I saw a whole friggin herd of the things this morning (thus it took me 50 minutes versus the usual 25-30 minutes to get there).  We have come to the conclusion I am a Deer Magnet.  (Although, I am touching everything and anything wood I can find).

Anyway, I shooed the Farmer off down the road to go visit the Vampire, and I proceeded to, mop all the floors, vacuum every room (except Momma‘s, she was still blissfully snoring), had started the Farmer’s laundry, cleaned one of the bathrooms and change the kitty litter all before 7:45 am.   That’s when the Farmer came stomping into the kitchen (on my freshly mopped floor), spitting nails at the Doctor’s office, who had forgotten to let the lab know he would be there.  They told him to come back after 8 am, so they could confirm with the Doctor’s office.

Meanwhile, the Farmer has not had breakfast, and only 1 cup of coffee, and he was a little uhm, hot under the collar.  He went back to the vampire, and I figured I would go ahead and start his breakfast.  As a reward for eating Oatmeal all week, I was making him Steak, eggs, and hash browns.

The second time the Farmer arrived home he was even madder than before, “Whoa, settle down oh pissed off one” I told him.  I guess he has to go back again on Monday, because the Doctor was in surgery and the lab could not get a hold of him.    As I was cooking his breakfast, I thought to myself “Uh-oh, he probably should not be eating this, but, if he eats oatmeal for 2 days he’ll be fine”.

I brought the Farmer his breakfast, and he truly lost his “pissed-off” demeanor, and expressed delight.  Whew.

I finished with the cleaning and the Farmer’s laundry, and he went outside to mow the lawn.  I proceeded to go in and get Momma up. ( The past couple of days have not been good one’s for her and I because she hasn’t really surfaced in the morning.  Wednesday night, when I went back to put her to bed, it wasn’t pretty. )  I was determined that today was going to better.

I woke her up gently and she seemed to be doing better, I gave her a bath and then got her dressed.  The Farmer came in to help me get her to stand and walk.  We usually count one, two, three and then she tries to stand up.  Today, we started counting and by two, she was halfway up off the bed.  By three, she was ready to walk.  Momma did really well today, except for the backing up part, but hey, you can’t have it all.

I had to leave after giving Momma her noon meds and go pick up Cam-Man.  That little dude was excited and wound for sound.  I took him back to the Farmer’s and everyone had a re-union (mind you they haven’t seen each other in over a week).  Cam-man saw the new ramp out front and decided he was going in the FRONT door, and up the ramp he went, giggling the whole way.  I think, that he thinks it was installed for him.

Cam-Man, Momma and the Farmer all played for about an hour and then I had to scoot down the road on that “honey do” list I had.  Cam and I went to Wal-Mart, and uhm…yea, he was pretty wound up and in the middle of the store just let out such a “rebel yell”, people were staring at us, until from across the other end of the store, we heard another “rebel yell”, I don’t know if some other Grandma had her Grandson and he was wound for sound too, but then a whole bunch of “rebel yells” were heard from every little kid in Wal-Mart.  Cam and I, we got the heck out of there.  I don’t know if we started a riot or what, but as we were leaving a bunch of kids were screaming.

We made it down the road, and a sleepy Cam-Man was trying so hard to stay awake, when we got to my town, he perked right up and as we passed the park, he yelled “the park Geema, the park!”.  Unfortunately for him, we had to head home.  Although when we got here, he was pretty happy to be given a popsicle.

After the popsicle had melted all over him, I had to throw his butt in the tub, where he played for a good 30 minutes, ok, so helped him splash and we had toys in the bathtub (I forgot to put the pool up, my fault).    I told Cam-Man it was time to get out of the tub, when he stood up and peed in the water (oh the benefits of potty training!).

After the tub, we got a call from Cam’s Momma asking if the Fisher dude had picked up Cam-Man yet, she realized he hadn’t when Cam-Man grabbed the phone and started talking.  Cam’s Daddy showed up about 5 minutes later and took Cam-man home.

I took a look at my living room and wow, Cam and I destroyed it.  I picked up all of the toys, and straightened up, but somewhere along the way, I lost some of my energy, and didn’t have the heart to vacuum again.  By the way, have I told y’all how much I HATE to vacuum?  That’s why the Electrician and I are such a good pair, I like to dust (sometimes), and he likes to vacuum.

So, I decided I would do the same routine tomorrow, but I would clean MY house, and  also attempt to work out with Sean T. (Hip Hop Abs) (That is Another post!)

Anyway, dinner tonite was warmed up Jambalaya that the Nursing student made, man, that was GOOD!!!!  Now, that I’ve had my shower, my belly is full, I think I am ready to call it a night.

But I leave you with one last thought…..  The Energizer bunny ain’t got nothing on me!

Didja ever just wish for a pause button?

Didja ever just wish that life had a pause button?  It seems lately, life is flying by.  I know there is a lot going on and I have  myself spread a little thin.  I guess that is because, there is a lot going on right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m lovin every minute of it, but I wish it would slow down just a hair, ok?

This is just an example, (the Electrician says I’m bragging, but I’m not, I’m giving you a glimpse into the madness).

I woke up and got out of bed this morning at 5:15 am (What the hell was I thinking?)  I grabbed a cup of coffee and then thought, “WOW, I should do my Hip Hop Ab workout now while I’m fresh”  (shoot me folks ok?)  30 minutes later, I am wheezing, and feeling like I could go back to bed, but no,  I start doing laundry.  Then I get a wild hair, and decide to mop all my floors.  I grab my second cup of coffee, and look at the clock.  Damn, I’m doing good, it’s only 8 am.  I log onto the computer, play those million games of Words with Friends games that I have going (uhm, now I WILL brag, I’m winning 3 out of uhm….15).

I get the Electrician’s clothes together for tomorrow,  figure out what’s for dinner, take the bag of chicken out of the freezer, (hoping it will defrost before I cook it), grab some stuff the Nursing Student wanted out of my kitchen, (herbs and spices, I already gave her andouille sausage and shrimp, she’s making Jambalaya to share between our two houses).  I looked at the tomatoes the Farmer gave me, and then decided to take them back to his house, for lunch today (remember he has to go to the vampire on Friday,) I figured I would make tuna stuffed tomatoes.

I package everything up and head on down the road to the Farmer’s.  I arrive and go straight in and we have our usual morning chat session  (let me insert here, I enjoy my morning chats with my Daddy, aka the Farmer)  We discuss different things, and we discussed his Vice-Presidency this morning and I gave him my input on certain situations.  After we had solved all of the world’s problems (in our minds, hehehe), he asked me what was for breakfast.  Uhm…  Dad, your eating Oatmeal this morning and I am having nothing to do with it.  Let me explain.  I don’t like Oatmeal, in any way shape or form unless it’s a cookie, and even then I have problems. I used to make Oatmeal for Cam-Man and I had a hard time with it.  If it touches my fingers or any other part of my person I WILL gag.  I have no idea why, it’s just a thing with me.

I gave him his shopping list for Wal-Mart, and after he made his own Oatmeal, he went shopping, I was washing his sheets and towels today, and when I checked in on Momma, uhm, I could tell it was not good, and  it wasn’t.  Momma has had several good days in a row, and I knew a bad one was coming.    Today was it.  I changed her bed pad, but knew she wasn’t getting up to soon.  Parkinson’s is like that.  Some days are good, some day’s aren’t.  I’ve reached a point with Momma when a bad day hits, I’m not going to fight to get her up and strain us.  As it was today was a strain, on the Farmer’s back and on mine.

It’s not her fault, because believe me folks, she tried so hard, but sometimes, her body will not co-operate with what her mind wants her to do.  I let her sleep in and had given her half of her daily dose of medicine before I even attempted to get her up.  When I first went in, I told her it was time to get up, she said she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready.  Somewhere in between her bath and getting her dressed, she lost her busy tail.  She walked with a lot of coaxing into the front room, and had a hard time backing into her chair.  Folks, I know when Momma is having a bad day, simply for the fact, and this might sound “rude or nasty” but Momma backs up better than she goes forward at times.

With Momma finally settled and going right back to sleep, Parkinson‘s 1, us 0.  the score is not always like that, but like I said today is one of those days.    I had to fly on down the road with my own stop at Wal-Mart, on my way to the Nursing Student’s.

When I got to her house, Cam-Man was napping.  The Nursing Student and I chatted and then she flew off down the road to work.  I watched some HGTV on the t.v. and kept checking on Cam-Man to make sure he was still napping.  I don’t know what his Momma did to him, but he would NOT wake up for me….So, I spent an hour watching t.v and almost fell asleep, until I got up and started doing jumping jacks to keep myself awake.

The Fisher dude showed up and down the road I went.  I flew home, and when I turned onto my street,  my chin hit the floor.  The Electrician had made it home before me.    I came into the house and immediately went into making his lunch for tomorrow, and cooking dinner.

He was fine, and took his shower, and dinner was ready.  BBQ chicken in the flavor-waver, with some left over baked beans (uhm, yep, I ATE 2 helpings…hehehe) and a salad.    We did the dishes, and then I took a shower.

As I look back on my day, I’m happy.  With everything I got accomplished, yes, I’m happy.  With Momma, no, but I know we can’t always have that GREAT day.  But my day?  I’ll take it, but tomorrow, I might just find that pause button, and man am I gonna use it!

It’s all good in my hood folks, I hope it’s okay with y’all.  Hugs to y’all from Camsgranny…

Crazy Monday….

Yes, folks, today in my world it’s been a little strange, crazy with a little Insanity thrown in.

The day started out just fine.  I made my way over to the Farmer’s in the drizzle, (it was raining most of the day).  I went in and made a cup of coffee and the Farmer and I chatted for a bit.  I decided today, I was going to let Momma sleep in.  You see, yesterday wasn’t a great day for her and she seemed tired. (That plus the fact she was snoring to beat the band).

I went in and made breakfast, and after eating it, the Farmer made a run to the local Wal-Mart, and Lowe’s.  Apparently just about all of the hall lights had burned out, and he needed to get more light bulbs.

While he was gone, I did the breakfast dishes, and then got busy making him a tuna noodle casserole for dinner.  The Farmer arrived back home and I put all of the groceries away and the Farmer went to lay down.  In between all of my activities, I had checked on Momma, and put her in dry clothes and changed her pants along with giving her meds.

I went back into the kitchen and got busy doing the dishes.  I guess I wasn’t really paying attention, (there is a window over the sink that looks out into the backyard). I happened to look up and had the beejeebies scared out of me.  Staring me straight in the face was a doe (deer).  It had climbed up on the porch and was looking through the window at me just watching me wash dishes.  I freaked out and ran and woke up the Farmer (sorry Dad, didn’t mean to scare you), he came into the kitchen and by now the doe had gotten off the porch and was just standing there staring at the house.  I opened the dining room window and whistled to get her attention, but I think I spooked her.  We watched her and she finally ran off down the backyard.  Both the Farmer and I said at the same time “Not through the Garden”, well you guessed it, she ran right through the garden.

By now, I decided that Momma had been asleep long enough and I went in and got her up.  She cracked me up when she asked me “Today is Thursday right?”  “Uhm, Momma you haven’t been asleep that long, today is Monday, June 4th”.  Letting her sleep, paid off, because she did really good and even managed to wash most of her front by herself.  She even helped getting her dressed.  We made it to her chair with no problem.  I told her about the deer on the back porch, and she asked me why I didn’t invite it in, uhm..huh?  Yes, folks, sometimes her light bulb doesn’t go off, but it’s ok.

While we were all hanging out in the living room, I was looking out of the window, which by the way, you can now SEE out the window, (Thanks to the Electrician who cut the bushes yesterday), when suddenly a fire truck and two ambulances went sailing by, and suddenly there were a lot of people turning around in our driveway.  I went out to look, and unfortunately there was a really bad wreck, just down the road.   I won’t go into details, but unfortunately, someone lost their life.  I pray for their family tonite, because folks, it was bad.  When I left the Farmer’s today, I will admit I was a little heavy-hearted.  Life is a very fragile thing.

I had to go to watch Cam-Man after I left the Farmer’s, and when I got there I sat and talked to the Nursing Student for a bit, before she left.  Cam-Man was sleeping.  I sat down and then I heard his little voice in his room, so I peeked around the corner and he let out a squeal.  “GEEMA”.  I got him up and him and I played hard for about 2 hours.  I kinda enjoyed that time, since I didn’t have to share him with Poppa (no offense, but for at least 2 hours I was number 1). hehehe, I do have to admit though, Poppa called while I was there and Cam-Man lit up at hearing Poppa’s voice, and even talked to him on the phone.

When I finally arrived home, I did something called the Insanity Work Out (that’s another post).  Let’s just say I won’t be doing that one again.

So, it’s been a crazy Monday, and I’ve gone off on several different trails today, but it’s ok, it’s all on this path we call life


I’ve gotta a new name!

A lot of things have been going on lately around my homestead.  There’s been some changes, and some switch up’s.  Last week, Joyce (one of the other Caregiver’s for Momma), asked me for a favor, if I would switch up,  with her.

You see, I usually get Momma up in the morning, and give her the meds, and bath and get her ready for the day.  I spend in general about 4-5 hours there and leave mid-day.  Then, the Farmer cares for Momma and Joyce comes in the evening to get Momma ready for bed, and then put her down for the night.

Joyce asked me if I would swap a couple of day’s with her, so the past few days I’ve been given the luxury of sleeping in, doing my thing around my own home, and then going at night to do my thing with Momma.  (On a side note, this has helped me because I have that “sinus fungus crapola”).  (On ANOTHER side note, the Farmer has gleefully told me the past few nights that I look like $hit, uhmm….THANKS DAD!)

But I digress,  Last night when I went over there, I set up the Farmer’s dinner for him (he’s missed out on the breakfast and lunch that I usually make him).   I breezed in and talked to Momma, who has been in delightfully good form the past few nights.  I remarked how bright-eyed and bushy-tailed she looked.  But then, I started making her do some therapy exercises.  She participated completely with me, and even did some on her own.

The evening went extremely well, and I tucked her up in bed, gave her the last round of meds, and kissed her and told her I would see her tomorrow (last night).

Tonight, I showed up, gave Momma a hug, and she gave me the “look”.  She looked at me and said “Are we going to do exercises now?”  “Uhm, yup, we are Momma get busy ok?”

I left her and finished up the laundry, the Farmer already had his dinner picked out and it was “Beef Stew in Wine” that is a “ready meal” from Wal-Mart.  It doesn’t hold a candle to my home-made Beef Bourginon, but it’s close enough for him to like.

I went in and Momma and I did some more exercises, and then Momma looked at me and said in a very normal voice “I think Joanne, you’ve become the therapy police”.    Uhm….ok….I maybe the therapy police, but I’ve noticed one thing.  When Momma has and participates in therapy, she moves a lot better, and stays cognizant longer and better.

When it was time to put Momma to bed, the Farmer was a little wobbly (Sorry Dad, I’m busting you out.)  hehehe, The Farmer decided to have a small bottle of wine with his meal.  I think it was because I was there and he knew I could handle Momma. 

Momma had no problems, the Farmer…..well he might have wobbled more than Momma did.  I got Momma ready for bed, and put her into bed.  I turned her so that she would not lay straight on her back, propped her all up and then rubbed her feet, which she had said felt like “pins and needles”.  I gave her a kiss and tucked her all in. 

Momma told me tonite, that she loved me and appreciated that I am fighting for her, and with her.  I asked her a question though…..

“Am I really the therapy police?”  her reply….

“Yes, you are and I appreciate you making me work, I’ve missed you getting me up, but I like you tucking me in.”

How do you deal with that?