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Pirates, Sharks and Apple Juice parties, and good news….

Today was my long day, I have them once a week, and sometimes, I feel like I will never get through them.

It started with my happy butt (uhhm, ok maybe not so happy, but my butt did) roll out of bed, because I decided that instead of Cam-man getting up SUPER early, it would be easier for me to roll out of bed, at some unheard of hour…and go to his house and let him sleep in.  When the Electrician, (who gets up at this early hour of the morning, God Love him), woke me up, I stumbled to the coffee pot.  It was still dark outside.  I managed to change out of my p.j’s into some sweats, grabbed my cup of coffee and hit the road.

I arrived at the Nurse and Fisher dude’s house, and I guess I was sorta awake, because I parked my car on the right side of the garage and stumbled into the house.  The Fisher dude was laughing at me.  I guess I might have looked a bit scary that early in the morning….  He left, and Bella (the dog) and I curled up on the couch to watch the news.  Bella and I were just getting comfy, when Cam-man came down the hallway, dragging his blanket like Linus (from Charlie Brown).  When Cam saw me in his house he yelled “No, Memaw, YOUR house”.  I guess poor little dude thought that he had to get up early to go to my house and I had him totally confused by being in HIS house.

After we both kind of woke up and let Bella go outside a couple of times, I asked him if he wanted to go to my house, and I was yelled at with a big YES.  So, Cam got dressed for the day and we headed for my house.  We had breakfast at my house and did a couple of things (Curious George was on the menu for t.v.).  We then got ready to go to the Farmer’s.  (Yes,, I did change clothes).

We were on the road and ready to go, when something the Electrician had told me last night stuck in my head.  Cam and I stopped at a favorite store of ours, and we went “shopping”.  Cam ended up with a couple of outfits and so did Camsgranny.

We headed out to the Farmer’s and things were normal there.  We did our stuff, and took care of Momma, and then we got the phone call.   Momma DOES NOT have C-def. we then planned a party. In between all the stuff Cam and I do, we decided that since the weather was so good, we (Cam and I) were going outside to play for a bit.

Imagination is alive and well.  I am here to tell you.  Between the pirate ship that attacked us  (the shed) , the sharks as well (the garden), and the whale that saved us (the gas tank), Cam and I had a really good time playing outside.  The Rabbit who fled from the tall grass, played into our favor, by being the one who showed us the “whale’.

When it was time to go, we piled into the car, and Cam was asleep before we even left the driveway.  We had a hard day of saving us from pirates.  We got to my house, and I unloaded the car and Cam never even woke up when I unloaded him and brought him inside.    Cam’s Daddy (Fisher dude) came and got Cam, and he was not to happy to be woken up.

The Electrician arrived home and we had a fleeting moment before I went back over to the Farmers to sit with Momma (today is Caregiver Beth’s day off).  When I arrived, Momma asked me if the party was still on.    Well, heck yeah it was.

Momma and I spent our evening with her in bed, and we both toasted with some apple juice, while her’s was on a mouth swab and mine was a sip, we celebrated.  We watched Little House on the Prairie, and The Walton’s,   While I may have changed her bed stuff 4 times, it was ok, because Momma and I have a routine, and she was so giggly, it made me smile.

The Best part of my day, was Momma telling me I was the Best daughter in the world, and I told her she was the Best Momma in the world.  I could not do what I do, without the Love and support of the Electrician.  Thank you so much to him for supporting me, and letting me take care of her.   The pay isn’t anything, but the rewards to my heart are everything.


Goofy Tuesday, sort of….

I’m sitting here at a blank screen, trying to figure out what I am going write about. I’ve had such a different day, that I really don’t know where to start.

I guess at the beginning.  This morning at about 4:28 am, I was woke up by the Electrician moaning.  I got up to see what was going on and I followed him into the bathroom, where he blinded me with the light, and kept moaning.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said his sternum hurt whenever he pushed it.  I told him to quit pushing it and come back to bed.  He said that it hurt to breath and he was feeling a bunch of pain.  So, I asked him if he wanted me to take him to the hospital, and he shut off the light, and again stated, it hurt when he pushed on it.  To which I replied, AGAIN, quit pushing on it.

We went back to bed, and I ended up on the couch, because I couldn’t sleep now, and I didn’t want to disturb him.  A couple of hours later, I woke up freezing and went in and climbed into bed, about the time the Electrician was waking up.  I got quite the start when I looked at him, and he was laying with his arms crossed like he was in a coffin or something.

Flash forward a bit and I took him to the Urgent Care.  Both of our eyes got worried when they ordered a EKG, and then a chest x-ray.   But uhm, I kinda have to hang my head down a little low here.  Apparently, the germs the College student and I breathed on the Electrician, made him get an upper respiratory infection, that strained a muscle when he was coughing his head off with me the other night. (UHM oops).    So, armed with medication, I brought him home, and then went over to the Farmer’s.

Momma was sleeping peacefully, so I went in and got her bed stuff and her into dry things, and asked her if she wanted to get up, I got a sleepy, “nah, I think I want to be the Lady of the Manor and stay in bed for a while ok?”.  Ok.  The Farmer went out to finish mowing the yard, and I got busy and did some stuff around the house.  I washed his dishes, because he made his own breakfast, because I was at the Urgent Care.

I was in the middle of bagging the trash all up, when we decided the Farmer should take his Toyota to the dealership to fix an issue with his car.  I told the Farmer I would let Momma sleep until he got back, and away he went.

I went inside and finished the cleaning I was doing.  I peaked in on Momma and she was softly snoring, so I let her sleep.   When about 2:30 hit, Momma woke up and told me she was ready to get up.  I thought about it for a bit, and figured a plan in my head.

I went ahead and gave her a bath, and had her up and on her toilet, when I told her, it was her and I.  She looked at me intently, and said “What’s the plan?”.  I told her, I wanted her to stand, I would clean her up, and then finish getting her dressed.  She would then sit back down for a minute or two and then I wanted her to get up again and take 2 steps and I would have the wheelchair behind her, and then I would wheel her out into the front room, then she could stand again and back into the chair.

After telling her this plan, I swear, Momma’s eyes twinkled.  She looked at me and the stated, “Well, we do make a good team, let’s do this ok?”.  May I just say, WOW.  Momma and I did it.  We only had one moment, where I was seriously questioning myself, it wasn’t that Momma was going to fall or anything, but when I went to help her get out of the wheelchair, I realized I was on the wrong side of her to help.    For some unknown reason, I have to be on her right side.  I think that is because not only can I grab her under her arm, but I can also grab her by the seat of her pants (or in this case I used the gait belt).  We got her sit all nice and comfy in her chair, and then went through the ritual of having a mouth swab, getting today’s paper in front of her and making her comfy.

Usually, Momma will go right back to sleep.  Not today.  I turned the channel to The Walton’s, and her and I watched an episode.  She stayed awake, and finally the Farmer arrived back home.  He was a little shocked first that Momma was up, second that she was awake, and thirdly, that she was happy.

I ended up leaving and coming home and baking a batch of cookies for the Electrician.  Then made dinner, and now am relaxing.  The Electrician is feeling better.  I think he’s just all drugged up though.


“Freaky Tuesday”

Okie dokie, I have just spent the last hour on a post.  It has disappeared.  So, I am taking that as a sign, y’all really didn’t want to read that post, so I will talk about my day instead.

Today was a swap day for the Electrician and I.  Today was our long Tuesday with Cam-Man, but momma had a Doctor’s appointment.  So, the Electrician volunteered to watch Cam-Man, so I could help Momma.

I went and picked up the little dude and dropped his Momma off at school, and then back to my house. (Her car is to be towed today)  I worked it out with the Farmer that he could give Momma her first meds of the day.  It helps a lot that the Farmer got a TRUE Doctor’s stethoscope, and he can actually hear through it.

So when Cam-Man saw the direction we were headed and all of a sudden, lil’ man was giggling,singing and just over-all non-stop excited.  We pulled up in front of my house and lil’ man was excited.  I got him out of his car seat and set him down and that kid took off at a run, arms swinging.  Just as he got to the front door it opened, and his Poppa stood there opening the door for him.  Cam-Man let out a squeal and got swooped up into Poppa’s arms.

I got Cam-man his breakfast and hung out with him while his Poppa finished lifting weights and taking a shower.  Now, I don’t know about you, but me?  I don’t eat a very big breakfast.  Cam-Man polished off some dry cereal, french toast and a cup of milk and then helped his Poppa eat a bowl of cereal too, as well as helped me with my egg, cheese and ham grilled sammich.

I can only pass on information from the rest of Cam-Man’s day as told to me by the Electrician, because I went to the Farmer’s and we had a road trip to the Doctor’s office. 

My day went like this, I got to the Farmer’s and Momma was awake, so I gave her a bath, got her dressed and then we did some exercises, and walked into the front room to her chair.  We did a couple of more therapy exercises and then I gave her the second round of meds, with a meal, and then I told her to relax.  I did the laundry and remade her bed.  Momma was looking at me today, like she knew something was “up”.    I’ve found in my experience when there is a road trip involved, it’s best if Momma does not know about it until the last possible minute.  I turned on “The Walton’s“, and Momma relaxed.

I went about making things ready, last time we went on a road trip, I forgot a very important item, the syringe.  Today, while I mixed her 2:00 meds, I packed the syringe FIRST, and meds second with the trusty water bottle third.    I got this one. (insert head nod and smile here).

I got out the wheelchair, (we haven’t used it since the last road trip), and Momma noticed.  The Farmer and I reset the wheelchair ramps that we are using until the ramp is built (it’s in the works).  When Momma looked at me and asked “Are we going somewhere?”  “Uhm, yup Momma you have a Doctor’s appointment in about 30 minutes, and I don’t want you to get upset, because this one is in town about 15 minutes away ok?”  “Ok, I’ll do my best ok?”

When it came time to load her up into the car, Momma got out of her chair and backed into the walker no problem.  We got out to the car, no problem, we got Momma into the car, no problem.  (The Farmer REALLY needs to realise how scary this is to Momma). We set off on our journey, and Momma talked the whole time.  Momma even asked the Farmer if he missed the times they used to go into Steak – n -Shake together. 

We got to the clinic, and then there was a problem.  I went and got a wheelchair from the foyer, and set it up, and slowly got Momma out of the car.  The problem was she wanted to grab onto the door instead of trusting me.  The Farmer pried her hands off the door and I did a pivot (which I UNDERSTAND is scary) and gently eased her into the wheelchair. 

We went in and checked in and waited for Momma to be called.  The Nurse came out and got us and then took Momma’s temp, and asked about getting up to be weighed.  By now, Momma is half blown Parkinson’s, so that was NOT an option.  We went into the exam room, and I do have to say I was impressed.  We waited exactly 3.2 minutes, and the Doctor was there.  We went through the exam, the Doctor listened to our concerns and gave some advice, and then had Momma go for a blood work up.  So, we left the exam room and went to the Lab for the Blood work up.  They got Momma in and out in no time. 

The Farmer went and got the car, and Momma and I were waiting.  The only thing was it was 2:30 and I had NOT given Momma her 2:00 meds.  The Farmer told me to wait until we got home.   We had a hard time getting Momma into the car.  The Farmer was yelling because Momma had a death grip on the door and I was trying to convince Momma it was ok.

I finally got her into the car, and we drove home.  When we got home, Momma was visibly upset, and I did my best to calm her down.  We got her into the wheelchair and back into the house.  We all breathed a sigh of relief.  Momma did really good getting out of the wheelchair into her “chair”.

The Farmer left to go to Wal-Mart, to get the med’s the Doctor had recommended, and I gave Momma her meds.  I am between a rock and a hard place here, but I am going to say it, to the Farmer, this is not meant to hurt your feelings, I am telling what happened.

I gave Momma her 2:00 meds, and then calmed her down, you see she was crying.  When I asked her why, she said because the Farmer had yelled at her and hurt her feelings.  She said she had been trying so hard, and thought she was doing well, she had talked to the nurse and the doctor, but it scared her about getting into and out of the car.  She said she thought the car was more important to him than her.  I about lost it, and I very strongly told her, she was more important than any dumb car, and that part of the Farmer getting upset because he was scared.  She seemed to accept that and I told her to take a nap, and she did. 

While you and I may take for granted the ability to get up and do what we please, it’s a lot harder for a Parkinson’s patient.  Sometimes they have no control of their body, nor their mind.  Momma tried so hard to have control today, and while I can say she did SO GOOD and I am so proud of her, in her eyes, she failed.  I did re-enforce everything good.  She did take a nap.

The Farmer came back and I boot-scooted-boogied out of there, because I had 2 guys waiting for me at my house.

I flew home, and both of the “guys” were glad to see me.  Apparently, Poppa and Cam had been to the park twice, had a fantastic day.  Poppa was happy to see me so I could take over.  I did, and me and Cam had a good time.  His Daddy (Fisher-dude) came to get him at about 4:30, and the Nursing Student‘s car is at the Mechanic’s shop getting ready to get fixed tomorrow morning.

So all in all today has been a day,  To the Electrician who has picked up Camsgranny’s slack, thank you (although you’ve made some memories today:)), to the Farmer,  your Momma (Grandma B.) always used to tell me Patience is a virtue, (uhm, I can GUESS where I got this trait), to Momma, we love you.  To Cam-Man…see ya tomorrow buddy.

Night y’all



Spa Day

Well…here it is 11:57 PM, and I’ve been home for about a half an hour.  Today, I went over to the Farmer’s house at about noon, so he could take off for one of his big days of the year. (But that’s another post.)

So, I spent the day with Momma. ( Thanks to the Electrician for parting with his beloved for the day and night.)  Momma was in rare form when I got there.  She was happy to see me because I’ve been telling her all week, Saturday was going to be “Spa Day”. 

So, after starting the first of what would be many loads of laundry, I came back upstairs and got out the foot bath thingy, that they have.  I stripped Momma’s feet of all socks, and plunged her happy feet into a bath, of warm bubbly water.  There has been a marathon of “The Walton’s” on all day, so we watched an episode.  Momma was kinda dozing with a smile on her face, until I grabbed one of her feet and went to work.

In Parkinson’s patients, sometimes their feet can twist and make walking very hard.  Their toenails are kinda malformed as well.  For Momma, it’s been a while since she’s had her toenails clipped, and my work was cut out for me.   After accomplishing that, Momma got a foot massage, and all lotioned up.  Onto the next one.  I guess she enjoys having her feet rubbed because by the time I was done with the second, Momma was snoring.  I put her socks back on, but left her shoes off.

Round 2-3 of laundry.  In between, I mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaned the kitchen counters, and put away another load of supplies that was delivered.

After giving Momma some more meds, I proceeded to give her a manicure, complete with the bubbly soak, but darn I forgot the nail polish, so she had a hand massage instead.  Then she got a facial, which she truly enjoyed.

I took a little break from spa day, because the next step I would need assistance for, and I had to wait until Joyce (who puts Momma to bed every night and get’s her up on the weekends) arrived.

I went into Momma’s room and hung some pictures, and did a little bit more organizing, and got everything looking spiffy.   So, then I went into the kitchen and whipped up a bacon, asparagus, swiss cheese Quiche, for the Farmer’s breakfast for tomorrow.  Although, I did eat a piece and gave Joyce some too.

Joyce arrived and I explained my plan to her, and she was game.  So, we got Momma up and walking around and went into the kitchen.  Let me back track here for a minute, I used to wash Momma’s hair twice a week at the kitchen sink.  The Farmer even installed a new nozzle to make it easier for both of us.  Since Momma has been home, I’ve only been able to wash her hair with the “No Rinse” stuff, and that leaves a build-up. So, we got Momma to the kitchen sink, explained what we wanted her to do, and she did it.

Although, I do have to say, my nice clean kitchen floor got a little messed up, AND we had to change Momma’s clothes at the end of it.  But, Momma was a trooper.  She stood for about 20 minutes while she got her head scrubbed.  We had positioned Momma’s walker behind her so that when we were done she could sit on her walker.  (She has a fancy one with a seat on it).  She sat down on the walker with her hair wrapped up in a towel and smiled.

Joyce and I wheeled her back to her chair where she stood up and walked in a circle so she could back into her chair, and then got her hair blow dried.

We all three sat and chatted for a bit, and then Joyce put Momma to bed.  Joyce left smiling with her Quiche, although note to the Farmer, the porch light is burned out again.  I went in and gave Momma her last round of meds, and then sat with her for about an hour, then told her to take a nap until the Farmer got home.  She drifted off.

I went and finished up all of the laundry, cleaned the kitchen (again), spot mopped the floor.  Then I made myself a cuppa, and sat down for a few minutes.  The next thing I knew, the Farmer was walking in the back door.  (I must have been asleep for about an hour).  I gave him a progress report, listened about his “event”, then packed up my happy self and drove home.

When I got home, the Electrician had left the lights on for me, and I got a sniff over from Ms. Baby.  Today, was a good one.  Momma got her “Spa Day” and I had fun giving it to her.

Ok my age might show on this one.

Ok, I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what I wanted to post about, when suddenly it hit me.  How many of you come home from work, get settled and watch t.v.? 

I know, usually there is a routine we all follow.  Well…for the Electrician and I (now that he is laid off) our routine has changed a little bit, but basically it is still the same.

Folks laugh at us because of the t.v. programming we choose to watch.  You see, We are not into all of those Reality shows, The Batchelor, Survivor, or any of those other one’s that have a lot of violence.   Although I am really a fan of “The Voice”. (that’s probably one of the few of today’s shows that we watch)

The Electrician and I are old school.  So, we choose to watch..ok wait for it…I am a “The Walton’s”  junkie, and I also like “Happy Days“.  But you know what?  I think what I like the most,  is the family values that are portrayed in ALL of these shows.

They are shows I grew up with, and I enjoy the message that was in these shows.  It all came back to the same thing.  Family, respect,  and treating everyone else with respect.  And this is my own opinion, but people today, they don’t have those same values.

Kid’s disrespect their parent’s, and their elders (I’ve had my butt whipped, and I deserved all of them), (If you whip your kids butt today they call it “child abuse”)   If I EVER thought to tell the Farmer off, uhm….well let’s just say I would have gotten my little butt beat with the belt and I would have deserved it.

People used to be polite.  I’ve noticed that today, not so much.  There are a few that still are old school, but not a lot.  I’m kinda wondering where all of the “old school” MANORS, RESPECT, and just general pleasantries have gone.

I guess, my point is this, Where have all the family values, niceness  and telling someone to have a good day, to smiling at a stranger gone?  Or, saying yes ma’am, or no sir, to opening the door for a lady, or saying excuse me or any of those “Old school manors” gone?

My Grandmother used to tell me that if you didn’t have anything good to say about a person, don’t say anything, and also don’t gossip or spread rumors, because rumors did not do anyone any good.

It’s taken me nearly 30 years to realize she was right (and kids I’m 50).  Her best advice to me was something I will never forget.  “Always treat someone else like you would want to be treated”.  I can honestly say, I have not always followed this advice, but as I get older it sure as heck makes alot of sense, and now I  do this.

People these days are so mean to one another and it really makes me sad. In the past few days I’ve seen friends on Facebook attack each other for their beliefs and get into “heated” arguements and tear a person down for what they believe in and that makes me sad as well.  Because, while we are all different, why do we attack people to the extent that it makes a person feel pain?

There’s something wrong with that picture, and I don’t understand it.  Call me niave or stupid, but I don’t understand it.  If I choose to believe something and it is my personal opinion, then if you don’t agree with it, state that and leave it alone, don’t attack a person because they don’t believe what you do.  We all have the right to disagree, but to we do not have the right to verbally attack someone with different beliefs as ourselves.

Ok, I think I may have gotten my point across, and I won’t beat it into you, If, I have offended anyone with this post.  Well….I don’t know what to tell you, THIS is how I feel and it was YOUR choice to read it.

But, I do appreciate the fact that you’ve read it. And…Ya’ll have a great day or night!


Wacky Wednesday, Momma, Cam, & the Farmer

Well, ya’ll know how part of my morning started.  After I posted I went to the Farmer’s, and he and I chatted for a bit, then I made some pancakes and bacon.  In my morning chat with the Farmer, I learned that while I have been having “Good” mornings with Momma, the late afternoons left something to be desired by him.  Apparently yesterday, momma had a bad afternoon and didn’t really surface until about 6:45 pm. So, to the Farmer, I’m sorry, but you will have a break tomorrow night k?

I got Momma up, bathed and dressed in her new duds.  She was in really good form for me.  We did her exercises and she did really good.  I made her some chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, and then had to fly over to pick up Cam-Man.

I got to the Nursing student’s house and she was clearly a little bit upset.  Cam-Man had a Doctor’s appointment yesterday and I guess the doctor upset her.  Apparently Cam-Man is low on his weight for his height, and the Doctor said he should be talking more….uhm…huh? I’m about to get a little snarky, but EXCUSE me….As a Mother, and a Grandmother I am here to tell you there is no kid the same as any other, and I don’t care what you are basing your ASSUMPTIONS on, or the fact that there are studies on this subject, I know Cam-Man.  He talks, and he also eats.  He talked my ear off after I nabbed him to take him to the Farmer’s.  He understands what you tell him, and he has powers of reasoning that sometimes make me stop and think.  I guess I got a little snarky because it upset the Nursing Student.  But after being reassured by EVERYONE, I think she feels better now.

Back to the day,  Cam-Man arrived at the Farmer’s full of giggles and fun.  Momma was happy to see him, he went right up to the Farmer first and said his “hello’s” then up to Momma. The next hour or so we all played, and then Momma was watching the Walton’s so, I put Momma’s t.v. in her room onto some Sid the Science Kid, and Cam-Man (who was feeling a little tired by then) sat in the chair with his blankey and thumb and watched it for a bit.

After he was done with Sid, he decided that since the kitty’s were sitting in the other chair in Momma’s room he would stir them up a bit and then a little chaos ensued.    I got Momma up and we were making our way to the kitchen so we could wash Momma’s hair when the doorbell went off.  I told Momma to stay in the hallway until I could back to her and went to the front door and there was no one there, I went to the back door and there was the Farmer (he had gone shopping at Wal-Mart) .  He brought in his groceries, and I went to check on Momma who was in the bathroom by now, and yup, you guessed it Cam-Man was “helping her”  I wished I had the camera, because (for the faint of heart don’t read the next sentence), Momma was sitting on the toilet, Cam-Man was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, holding her hand and they were having a conversation.  The Farmer told me that Cam-Man was helping Momma.  After we got her back up and ready to roll, the Farmer and Cam-Man went to have a pow-wow in the den and I washed Momma’s hair.

After Momma was settled back into her chair and her hair had been washed and combed, I got us all a snack of cheese-its.  I love those crackers!  Apparently so does Cam, because he ate all of his and then because the Farmer and I hade ate all of ours he went to Momma (who is a little slower at eating than the rest of us), and begged some from her, he even said “pwease”.

It was time to take Cam back to the Nursing student, so I put Cam’s hat and coat on and told him to go tell Great G’pa bye-bye, which he did, and told him to tell great G’ma bye-bye, which he did (he even gave her a hug & kiss).  Cam was asleep before we even hit the end of the driveway.

After dropping Cam off and talking to the Nursing Student for a bit, I had to leave to go to the DMV.  Yup, the State of Illinois sent me a letter advising me that as of tomorrow I was expired.  So, I waltzed right in and renewed my driver’s license.  It was kinda funny actually.  The lovely lady that helped me after seeing my name asked me if I was the Nursing Student’s Momma, and I said uh…yea….and then proceeded to ask me about her and her wedding and her baby.  So, it was kinda not so bad to go re-new my driver’s license. Plus, I was in there and outta there in about 10 minutes.

After coming home and relaxing by doing yet some more domestic goddess duties, I made a really good dinner.  Pork tenderloin steaks braised in white wine and butter, fried potatoes, and broccoli and cheese sauce.  On that note, I’m stuffed (uhm burb). I’ve had my shower and I am calling it a night.  Hope all of your Wednesday’s were as great as mine.

Welp, we made it and the kids tore my house up….

Well…here it is 9;45 pm, and everyone has left my house, and The Electrician and I are watching the Walton’s.  I am posting on here and he’s reading Facebook.

Whew….what a day.  We had a fantastic day.  We had 2 of the G-babies, the Nursing Student and the Fisher-dude, and also the College student.  Plus phone calls from various members of the family not here.

We ate….and ate…and uhm…ate some more.  Watched a few movies (2 good one’s 1 not so good).  But hey, I’m not a movie critic.    Took naps, ate some more, and watched some football, ate some more…and well I think you get the drift, unfortunately, Cam-Man now has a full on blown-out cold, so he was a little snarky at times.  But on the whole, it was a REALLY good day. 

The College student was the first to leave cuz…well….she had “plans”  Oh to be 21 again…uhm…no, I’ll pass on that one.  The Nursing student and fisher dude hung out and alot of laughing was going on between all of us.  The g-babies…well…I think they were on overload because this is them, after baths at Granny Jo’s, and well….the Electrician bought both the boys some jammies…

They were sitting underneath one of my lil’ tables.  but I personally think that the next one is my favorite….

Those 2 have a language all of their own.  Both of them love their jammies.  Brayden-boy kept telling Papa, he really, really REALLY liked Rockin’ Mockey Mouse, I think he was hinting.  Hehehe little does this little kid know, it’s already been bought, and almost wrapped.

I Love my life and everyone in it.  Today has been one that I will cherish in days to come. 

To the Nursing student stating “DAMN, it’s HOT in this kitchen”, to the Fisher dude saying Grace (before dinner and inserting into said Grace…uhmm… let’s get to eatin), to the College student saying “DAMN, I need a nap”, to listening to the Fisher-dude snoring while the Electrician and I and the Nursing Student  watched the movie “Super 8  to both of the G-babies laughing and giggling, to ALOT of laughter over life, to Christmas lists and  “PLEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEE go shopping with me tonight AND tomorrow”   (uhm…not happening).  To stuffing myself FUBAR..uhmm…  Granny Jo is going to sleep and tomorrow is filled with the Farmer and the Momma.

I Love my life….:)  Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a Good Night….:)


A House is a House.

A house is just a house right?  Uhm, in my way of thinking there are houses and then there are homes. 

I guess it’s the family that makes it a home.  I know that the Electrician and I looked for a home to combine his and mine, for over a year.  We looked at houses a lot.  This one is to small, this one does not have enough bathrooms, this one is just straight up yuck.  Oh the problems, meanwhile we were living in a rental house that well…fell far short of what we needed. 

We sort of fell into this house.  Truth be told, the kids and I had come to look at a house around the corner from this one.  We saw the sign in front of it and the kids and I fell in love with it.  I came back that same day with the Electrician and well…he sort of fell in love with it too.

Here it is 14 years later.  This house has turned into a home.  It is one we have raised 4 children and also many, lost souls along the way.  The Electrician and I have soft hearts and have allowed several “down on their luck” people to come and stay with us to recover, regroup, and get a little step up.

I look around at this home and feel such comfort.  One that I have a home, and all of the many memories I have here.  I’m not so much pleased lately, that EVERYTHING is falling apart.  But a fresh coat of paint, re-arranging of furniture (My living room STILL has not recovered from the oldest son moving out and us giving him all of the furniture) (although it has been a few years, but I’m picky….hehehe). 

This is a home that has been filled with sorrow, ALOT of laughter, and so many good times, and memories.  Plus the fact, I can walk around it with the lights off and not bump into ANYTHING!  Altho there was that one time I got up in the middle of the night and BAM I hit the door and got a split lip.  My outlaws arrived the next morning.

We’ve lived through flooding of the basement (which in my house is the first floor, and where our bedroom is), we’ve learned that when we have no power, uhm…we have no toilet.  We live with a well and if you have no power you have no water.  We also live in the country and when it snows, our roads are the last one’s they plow.

When we moved into our little neighborhood, our family was the youngest one here.  We’ve seen kids across the street grow up (just as our kids have) and we’ve seen death, and new beginnings.  The Electrician and I are not the youngest kids on the block any more.  But I would not trade my neighbors for nuthin….They mow our yard, and I bake them brownies.  They took care of me while the Electrician was gone last winter.  I cannot tell you how many times I would come home from work and the driveway and sidewalk were plowed.

Neighbors sometimes make a home a better place, and to tell you the truth, I have some really good one’s.  They have kept there eye on us, as we have them.

I guess a house is just a house until you add the family to it.  I am blessed to have all these memories in this house, which really isn’t a house, It’s a home.

Can you love a house?  Maybe, but I love my HOME, and I am truly bleesed and Thankful for it.


Momma got railed….

Well, today was a good day and hopefully the Farmer will get some sleep tonite.  You see, last night he was pretty upset at the fact that Momma (Queen of the Floor) had gotten out of bed and fallen AGAIN, and he got up 2 or 3 times to check on her.  We don’t have a lot of options left to us.  If she continues to get up and fall, we might have to put her into a Nursing Home and that is something that neither one of us wants.

So, we fixed her bed up GOOD today.  Yesterday we ordered 2 more bed-rails for the bed and they arrived today at about 1:00pm.  We had those puppies put together and installed by 2:00pm…hehehe… Hey Farmer…we work pretty well together huh?  (Like Father, like daughter)

Well…unless Momma is a Houdini, she “ain’t getting outta there”.  The rails now go along one side of her bed and also at the foot of the bed, and guess what’s on the other side…uhm…the wall.  So, like I said UNLESS she can do magic her butt is not going ANYWHERE!!!!!

That is a little piece of comfort to both of us, because….Momma and the floor really do not make a good couple.

All this happened while Momma was in her chair watching the Walton’s.  When we were done, the Farmer asked Momma if she wanted to watch “The cat and the mouse” on t.v.  (Tom & Jerry) and Momma told him to watch it in his room because she wanted to watch the Walton’s…(uhm…Like Mother, like Daughter).

It’s been a really good day, I’m hoping that the Farmer and Momma are enjoying the stuffed pork tenderloin with apple dressing, baked tater and green beans for dinner…oh yea, and the Ice Cream sammiches for dessert.

I will sleep good tonite (well…the Vick’s vapor rub has helped along with a Hot toddy.)

Life today was good, bring on tomorrow.

My Momma in law….

My day has been wierd….ok.. I don’t know what to say..  My morning with Momma was fine.  We did the regular thing and I got her up, bathed and dressed, and today was a GOOD day with her.  I’m tired and I know it.

 I came home, and read my stats on my blog, and then proceeded to read other blogs….I have to give this lady a shout out…that would be…      Lifeintheboomerlane.wordpress.com , I read her blog every time she posts…. I can’t tell you about all the people I have met through my blog and friends I have made.

She posted a blog about Momma in laws today and funnily enough I got a call from my Momma in law today.   She requested the year of my birth…uhm..ok…I am exactly 1 year and 3 months younger than her son, but she called me today to ask me the year of my birth, that ensued a 1 1/2 hour conversation..In the poll…uhm…I LOVE my Momma in law, and I consider her my friend.

So I’m not sure where I fit into the poll…but… gotta say I really like blogging and really like all the friends I’ve met and ok ya’ll this is just straight up cool…..