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Long Tuesday Again!

Whew, well this day is almost over and it has turned out to be a long one.  Being the wonderful homemaking goddess that I am, I asked the Electrician to wake me when he left this morning (Uhm…what was I thinking???) 

5:30 AM rolled around and I got up kissed him by, and then proceeded to, do a load of laundry, watch the weather, clean up the kitchen, brew ANOTHER pot of coffee, set his clothes out for tomorrow, make the bed, uhm..well….I played on Facebook and caught up all my words with friends games ( I really think 14 games of scrabble is a lil much but oh well).

I headed out the door by 8:10 and stopped and got the Nursing Student a cappuccino, and went and picked up Cam-man.  We headed over to the Farmer’s and proceeded to get Momma up, bathed and dressed, and then EVERYONE (except me) into the family room.  I cooked breakfast, pancakes with peach syrup (YUMMO)…(don’t tell the Electrician tho, cuz ya’ll know I don’t cook stuff like that for him). 

Cam-man was in rare form today, playing hard as ever, the Farmer even gave him a car to play with, that thing ZOOMS across the kitchen/dining room floor too.  Momma was okay this morning, but when Cam-Man and I left about 1:15, (Cam fell asleep on the way to my house), I guess Momma went straight-up Parkinson’s and the Farmer had to put her to bed and sit with her a while.  I guess it was bad, because he was afraid she might hurt herself.  The Farmer worked his magic and calmed her down tho. 

Meanwhile, at my house, Cam-man took a 2 1/2 hour nap and while he did that I did some other domestic goddess stuff. I had just sat down and almost fell asleep when the Electrician got home, so I spent some time with him when yup, you got it, Cam-Man woke up and was very excited to see his Papa.  I guess by then Cam was tired of Granny because he didn’t want to have anything to do with me.

We all hung out for a bit, and then Papa loaded up Cam-man in the Rav4 and…we were on the road again, to drop him off to the Fisher dude.  Then I did my round-robin and was back at the Farmer’s. 

Tonite was one of his night out’s and I came to “hang out” with Momma.  When I got there, the Farmer told me about their afternoon, and told me she was still in bed.  I left her there for a bit, because sometimes when she get’s all Parkinson’s you can’t do anything but wait it out. (med’s to  kick in).

I went into her room about a half hour after the Farmer had left, and leaned over her and I swear she hid the biggest smile on her face, and she said “Good Morning”.  I told her “Good Evening Momma”, to which then ensued a conversation about what time of day it was.  I won that little conversation.

Momma and I had a REALLY good time together.  We cleaned the bathroom together (ok THAT might be over-doing it a bit, I cleaned, she messed).  We watched The Walton’s.  I vacuumed the front room and made her do leg lifts while I did it.  I think she kinda likes that cuz I get her to exercise and THAT is really important for her muscles. It loosens up her VERY STIFF muscles. 

She ate her dinner and then we got her cleaned up and into her jammies.  She went back to her chair, and DEMANED her ice cream sandwich.  Ok, so I’m a sucker, she did really well so she got 2 of them (psst…don’t tell the Farmer tho).  Hey she’s my Momma, bribery works okay?

I put her Monkey Butt to bed at 9:00 and she was sleeping like a baby when I left at 10:15PM.  Here it is now…uhm…11:35PM and I’m taking my Happy Monkey butt to bed.  (yawn) 

It may have been a long day, but it was worth every second of it.


It was a GOOD Day!

Whew…That was a fun one.  Ok, I’ll be more specific, it was a long….day of Caregiving to various people.  Ok who am I kidding?  I watched my Momma this morning, then Cam-the-man in the afternoon and then my Momma again this  evening.

Uhm…so that means I got my Momma up this morning and put her to bed tonite.  It was actually a really good day (except for being the back road Queen and having a couple of narrow misses with some Bambi‘s that wanted to play tag with the Rav4).

I got over to the Farmer’s house and got Momma up, (she was in really good form today), I made fried apples smothered over pancakes for breakfast (psst…don’t tell the Electrician tho cuz I don’t make stuff like that for him),  cooked 5 tuna casseroles and froze them because winter is coming and I might not be able to make it over there when we have the 3000 feet of snow that the Farmer’s Almanac says we are supposed to get this year.

I left the Farmer’s house and headed over to the Nursing Student‘s house where I stole Cam-the-Man for the afternoon (partly because the Fisher dude was going to work overtime) . On the way, I of course, took the back roads, and that’s when I saw the first Bambi, I stopped to allow her to cross the road, cuz well, that’s just what you do, unless you want unspeakable damage done to your car.   Cam-the Man came to my house, where HE decided that he hasn’t been here for a while and he wanted to play and NOT take a nap.  The Electrician was very happy to see him when he got home from work and they played hard.  I personally was ready for a nap, but that was not meant to be.

I finally loaded Cam-the-man back up into my Rav4 and headed back to his house and dropped him off to the Fisher-dude who was…uhm…SLEEPING.  That is until I let Cam-the-man loose and he jumped on him…hehehe…”Well kid sorry I gotta go take care of the other one now”, and I skedaddled outta there. 

Headed back to the Farmer’s house, by the back roads of course.  Then I saw off to the side of the road a car in the ditch, and then Bambi #2.  Apparently this person did not know you are supposed to stop for Bambi’s cuz, his whole front end was smashed and he was in the ditch.  RUT ROH raggy!  There was a tow truck behind me so I kept going.

Got to the Farmer’s house and he left for his meeting and Momma and I as she put it…”Jo, we’re gonna chill tonite, just you and me”..”Uhm ok, Momma”.

That consisted of me making her pizza and me eating a Salad and us watching The Walton’s, which we did (I even called the Electrician to see if he was watching because I’m not really sure I liked the new “John-Boy“.) 

My Momma was a party animal tonite, she did so well, I can’t even begin to explain.  Well….maybe the fact that I let her have 2 Ice cream sandwiches for dessert might have something to do with it. 

When it was time for her to go to bed she really didn’t want to but I was afraid she would go all Parkinson’s on me and I would not be able to get her into bed.  So, she gave in gracefully at 9:00 and I got her into bed and I put her t.v. on and let her watch some HGTV  because I figured it wouldn’t hurt her and she could wouldn’t get upset about real estate.

The Farmer showed up and I left, but right before that the Electrician called and said “Hon, 4 am comes early and I can’t stay up anymore, please be careful on the way home and I Love You”  AWWWWW…..

So, on my way home, and I fought with this “do I go the back way home or go through town?”   Yup, you got it, I went the back way and Guess what?  Yup, sure as shootin I saw Bambi #3, 4, 5 but #5 did not fare so well.  I didn’t hit it, but the car in front of me did.    3 & 4 were along side of the road and kinda ignored me (I slowed down just the same), but #5 well, I’m not sure how that one happened, but it didn’t involve me and I am at home typing on my blog, thanking the good Lord.

I’m not to sure about taking the back roads anymore, especially with winter and that awful thing they call snow just around the corner.  Ok..who am I kidding, as long as it’s daylight  and I drive carefully, I’d rather take the back roads than go through town.

But it REALLY was a GOOD Day!!!!!

T.V. viewing.


See this family?  I have spent a lot of time with them, well sorta.  My Mother Loves to watch the Walton’s, and the Electrician and I watch them on most evenings.  I think one of the reasons we watch them is because in all honesty t.v. today, well it doesn’t excite me.  I enjoy the different dynamics of this family.  Being an only child I am interested in how they all get along with each other.

Looking at them and then looking at my family, I see a couple of comparisons.  While we don’t have 7 children (only have 5), the number has grown due to acquiring son-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, grandbabies.  And when everyone gets together, usually over holidays, it is a managed chaos.

I look at the hardships that the Walton’s went through, The Depression, no work, no money, but they somehow made it with a lot of love and family.  Now, I know this is a t.v. show, that is supposed to be based on a true story. 

Just think, they had no cellphones, no t.v.,  no video games, no computers.  Kids went outside to play, AND do something called chores.  If they got in trouble, they got punished.  There was something called Respect.  They said Yes sir, or no ma’am.  Hmmm…what a concept.

I’m not saying that there are not people out there in today’s world that still have this level of Respect for each other but with all of the News and stuff going on in the world today it makes you wonder.

I think that my Mom likes watching the Walton’s because it is familiar to her.  She certainly sings the songs along with them, and laughs at something that happens on the show that trigger’s a memory for her.  She cries over sad things.  Plus this is one show that I don’t mind her watching.  If you ever look at some of the shows on t.v., well I’m sorry but her mind is a little warbled anyway, and those shows just make her more agitated.  And even though I am a Food Network junkie, she only likes certain shows.

BBC America works for her to a certain extent, she really likes Gordon Ramsey.  On some of the PBS shows they show some of the other British shows,  Are you Being Served is one she likes and then the other one Last of the Summer Wine.

But what really cracks me up I think is that I, as the daughter, am monitoring my Mother’s t.v. viewing.  Does this seem strange to anyone other than me?