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We got Ramped!!!!!

(My disclaimer) Before I start this post, I would like to pat myself on the back for not being as technology stupid as I thought I was. (hehehe, Yup, to the Famer, I found the cord, although truly you did…)

Yes, folks, as the title suggests, the Farmer’s house now has a wheelchair ramp.  What a great feeling.    We had to go through several different avenues to get it, but we did it.  It’s pretty.

Even though Momma was feeling better from having a cold, she was kinda nervous and excited to go outside.  I got her all cleaned up, and dressed, and into the front room when we “sprung it on her”  Momma was a little nervous,  I could tell.  I told her, “Momma how about cruising around in the wheelchair, let’s say we go outside and sit in the shade of the tree in the front yard, what do you say?”  “Well, if you want to I’m game, but you know I haven’t been outside since I came home”.

The Farmer and Momma left the house and started coming down the ramp, and I felt like the paparazzi.  Both of them have such big grins and smiles.  I took so many pictures, (uhm ok, yes, I took about 12 and I am only posting 4).  It was a big day in our hood.

This one is Momma and the Farmer underneath the tree in the front yard.  Momma was enjoying being outside and smelling the fresh air.  She actually laughed when the breeze whipped her hair.  I asked her to smile for the camera and she gave me “the thinker” instead.  The Farmer looks….well…he’s my Dad, and he looks good.

This one is my favorite.  Simply for the fact, both Momma and the Farmer are laughing, (I won’t tell y’all what I said to make them laugh).  But let me just tell y’all, Momma post-Parkinson’s this is a memory burned into my brain.  It was a lot of fun taking Momma out.  There are a lot of days to come when she will ride that ramp and go outside and we will sit on the porch like we used.  It’s opened up so many doors for us.

Thanks to the Guys, at Carl houseworks, (That’s not the right name, I wish I could find it but I can’t)  My point is this.  Momma has a whole new world opened up to her, that we used to enjoy BEFORE she had Parkinson’s, and I think she will enjoy it, now that she has Parkinson’s).  Although, when I showed her the pictures, she asked “who is that woman?”  “Uhm, Momma that’s you”.    “I don’t look like that do I?”  “Uhm, yes, you do and you are Beautiful Momma.”   “Uhm okay, but are you sure that is me?”

Folk’s this is Momma before and after Parkinson’s.  I really love her.  Folks,  I’ve had a really good couple of days….Momma is shining and working so very hard, with having a cold, not to be gross, but she’s coughed up some stuff…..well…enough said.  Things are good in my hood.  Hope all’s well with y’all…Camsgranny is signing off….  Hugs all round…