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Guest Post by the Electrician…..Wind Turbines.

Folks, I do have a post, but I thought I would share my blog with the Electrician.  First, because I am very proud of what he is doing right now.  Secondly,  he has conquered his fear of heights, and claustrophobia at the same time.    His post is in pictures and they tell what he does.

These are the new wind farms that are being place on 49 North, off of I-74.
The view looking up before entering the “tower”…enjoy the climb straight up!

This is the control panel, mainly the feed that controls and powers the turbine, come on in.

We are now on level three, looking down the hoist hole after climbing over two hundred and something feet, I never have counted the ladder steps…why?

This is the view and each deck is the same til you get up to the saddle and the cell. In side the box is the cable tray that we install, the white bags are the butt splices (lugs) we crimp to the cables. the room is about 10 feet in diameter.

This is the cable tray after being installed and the cables that need to be spliced together on each section of the tower. This is not a layed back take your time job, while putting this rack together, materials, crimpers, electrical cord for power are being lifted thru the hoist rope that has been dropped by workers above me. No not by the hoist. We all have to get on the rope and pull up all these “bags” by hand, we are not allowed to use the hoist.

These are the splices after being crimped, you have to be very careful that you crimp the lugs to the correct cables, screw it up and you then get the grinder, remove the lug and start again…haven’t done it yet and pray I don’t! You can see the heat shrink tubes below the lugs that we have to shrink over the splices, don’t forget to put these on either, I always double-check each cable…mistakes is more time inside this hot tower!

This is the finished product, after you heat shrink the insulation (2 of them, one small and a larger shrink tube) and then bundle and tie wrap them to the rack.

This is a look up to the fourth level and one of our crew workers moving 2 of the two ground cables over to make room for the nine cables that will be dropped down from the saddle to the first level. These cables are also being dropped while we are working on the cables as well, you have to feed these cables to the next level and be sure they do not wrap around any other cables, so you have to multitask as they tell us, so much going on at once. One of the larger cables I take on my level and do a figure “8” in about 8-10 layers. The weight of the cable is too heavy to drop down by itself, I then flip the figure “8” cable over, once they have feed my enough to then feed it down the rest of the way. This cable is not easy to flip over, they gave me help the first view days then told me i was on my own!

The rope and the power cord going up to the fourth level is where I have to go after finishing the 3rd level and start all over again…I am always ready to get down by this time, they never let me though…up we go again!

This is the finished product and a long day, all wired and ready for the propellers…only 125 left to go!

Over 300 Feet in the air looking at the next two we are working inside…next week.

Inside the “cell” this is the turbine that turns the propellers, a little cramped as far as walking space. You can also see ladder leading out on top of the cell.

The view of one of the three propellers extending out, these propellers are 150 feet long!

This is the FAA light that is on top of the cell, the cost of each light….$5000.00, you do not want to drop one! Oh and now times that times 134 turbines…$670,000.00!

You can see the roads they cut in the fields to get to each turbine.

A view across the Wind Farm, As far as the eye can see.

The feeds coming from the bottom of the tower to the top of the cell. The 3 sets of cables to the left are for the stators of the turbine and the next set is for the rotors. The two cables after that are ground cables, the last bundle of cables is low voltage cables for lights, receptacles and communication.

Suffering from some burns with the  heat shrink ,  I’m getting better, but that stuff does get hot….

Enjoying the view from the top!

This my friends is the Electrician’s workday.  Climbing up 300 feet and working with electrical.  Me?  I will keep my feet on the ground and be perfectly happy.

Apparently these “wind farms” are going up all over the United States and the company that the Electrician works for, has strict rules and timelines.  The first couple of weeks, the Electrician was not happy.  But it appears, that since he has conquered his fears (claustrophobia, and fear of heights), he is actually enjoying it.  It’s tough work, and he works 10-12 hours a day, but he is really enjoying it, so I will keep making his lunches and worrying when he is up in the tower.

But I think it makes a difference him being happy, than him being unhappy.  But ANY way you look at it, Camsgranny is proud of her Electrician.