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Guest Post….My Sisters….

DSCN0434Hey y’all.  Yes this pic is an old one, simply because our “big” sister, hasn’t taken a new one and she fell back on the oldies but goodies reel.

Our “other sister” Ms. Baby has gotten to post on the blog, so we felt we should be able to as well.  So here, goes.

I’m the one on the left, and my name is Goldie, although recently Momma has called me Ginger, (which should have been my name, but well what can I say?)  My Momma named me, as I am technically her kitty.    The one across from me ( my bigger sister), is named Spice, and she is the Farmer’s kitty, aka spoiled rotten.

Things around our house have changed lately, and we wanted to add our pawthinking into the mix.  This is our Momma’s chair, that we are both guarding.  We do it well don’t we?    When our big sister first came around, me and Spice were not to sure about her.  Yea, she saved us that cold night and begged the Farmer to put us into the shed.   Which he did, simply because she had a cat at HER house, named Ms. Baby,   But the “big house” was ruled by someone named Toots…   Apparently,

tootsHe lived in the house, and Goldie and I (Spice) were delegated to the “show room”.  Until one day, Toots, went over the “Rainbow Bridge”, and me and my sister came to live in the “Big House”.

When we first came to live in the “big house”, it was new and things were strange. We’ve gotten over that, and now WE own the joint.

Some odd things have been happening lately though, and we need to let y’all know.  While our Sister, keeps cooking the bacon and eating it, Wednesdays are our favorite.  You see, Dad goes to his Wed. thing, and Sis watches us and Momma, and at the end of the night we get chicken.

Our Big Sissy, is such a sucker, she cooks stuff and always gives us whatever she has cooked.  But on Wednesdays, the Farmer (aka Dad) brings home Lee’s Fried Chicken, and Sissy is such a sucker, she gives us at least one of her pieces of chicken.   Hey, we are not complaining.

Lately though, me, (Goldie) has taken a liking to hanging with my Mom, in the chair, in the bed, just wherever she is at.  My sis Spice freaked out my big sissy Jo today,  simply because, we were all over Momma today, we both loved on her, and sat with her, and slept by her side.

We love our Momma, and know she has some problems, but we are here with her and it is all “purrfect”. We like “The Big house” but we love Momma even more….

Not faithful…

I have come to the conclusion, that I am not faithful to my blog anymore.  When I first started it about a year and a half ago, I faithfully typed every night, sometimes a couple of times a night.  I don’t know if I am suffering from “blog burn out” or simply getting to a stage in my  blog, that I cannot share everything with y’all anymore.

My blog started out as therapy for me, with Momma and my dealings with Parkinson’s.  I threw a few posts in there about my daily visit with my Grandson Cam-Man, who is still a Rock star to me.

When I first started my blog, I was a very scared Daughter of a Parkinson’s momma.  I did not know what to expect, and I honestly did not think it would bring to me where I am today.  I have opened myself up to y’all, and told you about daily living, as a Caregiver for this disease.

But what I did not expect, was that my words would run dry.  I did not expect to come to a time, when I find myself not wanting to share some moments, simply, because I know I am on the last leg of my journey, and I am trying to hold everything dear and near to me.  I have noticed, I only post on the weekends, and that’s probably because I have more time on the weekends to give you an insight.  But even that isn’t really even close to what I am living right now.

There are a lot of things that go on, that I can’t even bring myself to write about, and that’s me, because if I write them down, then it makes it so much more real.  It does not take away their value, nor the reality, it’s just me procrastinating the enivatable.

So, at the end of today, while I may have gone and “filled” in for Caregiver Beth, because she was sick, and I went and took care of Momma, it wasn’t a burden, it was a Blessing.  I know my time may be short, but then again, it may be longer too, who knows?

All’s I know at this point, everyday is a Blessing, and I am thankful for it.  I have faith y’all, and I told y’all there is a lesson, I’m learning it.  Ok so I may be hard-headed and might not be the best student, But I am learning.

This is probably the hardest thing I have done in my life so far, and at 51, I’m still learning….It’s ok though, because, I know I’ve got a “crew” on my side and a bunch of angels, looking out for me, and Momma……

Mailboxes, Colds, and phone calls….

Today, I arrived at the Farmer’s and he is sick.  I am not going to bust him out, that he has a cold, and that installing a new mailbox yesterday, probably did not help the situation any.  Ok…let me back track here for a minute.

I arrived at the Farmer’s yesterday, and was truly amazed at how good of care, Caregiver Beth and her husband, had taken care of the Farmer and Momma.  I drove into a freshly dug out driveway, and entered the house, and it smelt clean.  (This is because she stepped up and came over and took care of them, while my happy butt was in a ditch).  Thank you Caregiver Beth!!!!

The Farmer was on a track yesterday, to reinstall his mailbox, which somehow, got plowed over by the snow plows from our snow storm.  Yes, folks, his mailbox and the neighbors mailbox was in the ditch.   For some unknown reason the Farmer HAS to get his mail everyday, and sometimes it’s like Christmas to him.  With that being said, when I pulled into the driveway, he was in the garage, working on the board that houses the 2 mailboxes.  Now, yesterday was kind of cold, but the Farmer had decided he would put up a new mailbox no matter what.

After cooking him breakfast, the Farmer took off in my car and went to get a new mailbox and do a couple of errands.  (Thanks Dad for putting gas in my car).  When he arrived back at the house, he asked for my help in putting the new mailbox up.  Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE power tools and the opportunity to use one was like a kid with an all day sucker.  What I did not realize, was that he simply wanted to me hold stuff, and NOT use the power tools.  Burst my bubble big time.  Needless to say, the new mailbox was up and running.  It also has a neat feature, that the Farmer purchased, when the mail is inserted into the box, and the door is shut on the mailbox, an alarm goes off in the house.  Kinda cool huh?  Not to mention that he also has a new driveway bell.  The Farmer is getting kind of high-tech on me.

Ok, now I digress.  Today, when I arrived, the Farmer was down and out.  So, I took care of him and Momma.  Momma had a follow-up appointment from her Surgery on Friday.  Being that we still had snow on the ground, and the fact the Farmer was not feeling good.  I called the Doctor’s office.  Momma is doing great after her surgery, no fever, no ill effects, and to be truthful, it is a major production to get her in the car and take her to the Doctor’s who will see her for 5 minutes and tell us stuff and send us on our way, and another production to get her back into the house and back to normal, simply because it takes her outside of her comfort zone.

So, I called the Doctor’s office and advised that Momma was fine and if the Doctor was okay with it, could we forgo the appointment?  Well apparently, one of the tests they did on Momma when she had her surgery came back positive, and the Doctor had ordered some meds for Momma and it was ok to not bring her in.  They would call the scripts in and then we could start giving her the medicine. I gave them our pharmacy and then I got a call from the pharmacy.    They had a question for me, wasn’t Momma allergic to penicillin?  Uhm, yes.  Another phone call back to the Doctor’s and advised one of the meds would not work.  So now, after all day phone calls, Momma has 3 meds ready to be picked up and one more to be ready after 3 pm tomorrow.

I guess the phone calls are better than to have to drag Momma out of the house, but now I have a call into the Doctor to ask what the heck does Momma have that she needs 4 medications to make her better?  I guess I should have paid more attention to some of the things he said after surgery, but to be honest, I was just so thankful it was all over that I may have “zoned out”.

Please, believe me when I say I am not complaining, because I’m really not, I’m more confused than anything.

So, when I go tomorrow to pick up Momma’s meds, and some cold medicine for the Farmer, I will be asking the pharmacist, what the heck…..

But on a happier note, I am almost over “my cold” and I will take care of the Farmer and Momma tomorrow, and see what else is in store for me.    Because ya know what I realized tonite?  I am very Blessed, just to have both of the Farmer and Momma, many kids my age, do not have their parents.    Mine are both still here and I truly love caring for them.

Sometimes, I may get “too involved” and the rest of my family may feel left behind, but ya know what?  I Love all of ya….and y’all know I’m here for all of you.  Thank you to y’all, for letting me be, me and do what I feel the need to do.

I am a very Blessed little puppy…..plus, I’m hoping should I never need the help, y’all will take care of me….

Momma, the Farmer & the Electrician..

Ok y’all today was another Good day…(It’s good to have a couple of them after a couple of bad one’s.)

Momma was in top form today.  I got a cell-phone call from the Farmer (while I was on my way over to his house, okay, I MAY have overslept, and hung out with the Electrician who had the day off, a little longer than necessary).  the Farmer wanted to know if I was coming over…uhm…DUH…I told him I was a few minutes away and would be there soon. 

I screeched into the driveway and the bell was going off in the house (hehehe).  I went in and got a cup of coffee and talked to the Farmer for a few minutes and then went into give Momma her med’s.  She was SNORRING, so I woke her up and gave her meds and put her back down.  I went in and told the Farmer I really didn’t want to get her up because for once she was actually sleeping.  He agreed, so we sat and chatted for a while.

Now maybe I am wrong, but between you and me, I think the Farmer misses me on days I’m not there, you see I stayed home yesterday and it was just the Farmer and Momma.  While this may seem strange, I believe maybe the Farmer is seeing what I see.

Momma can’t do the things for herself that she used to be able to do.  I know this.  It’s hard for him to accept the changes. 

I fixed breakfast and then went and woke Momma up, and man, I’m here to tell you, she was full of good cheer.  I got her up, bathed and dressed and then we went to her chair and gave her breakfast.  Momma was in rare form today, the Farmer’s leg is bothering him and I told him to go lay down for awhile, and me n Momma had a little party.    She is having trouble eating in a reasonable amount of time.  (She falls asleep, or gets distracted).  Well, I got her butt up and did some laps around the living room, dining room (oops we had a potty break), and then back to the kitchen so we could wash her hair (the Farmer said she had been scratching at her head),  we accomplished all that and then…back to the chair. 

Momma and I did some exercises today and she was very receptive today, it was the most I have seen her participate in the past week.   I know I’m new at this Parkinson’s thing, but I really wish I could get a handle on it.  Sometimes, Momma is so good and other times she is so “not-with-it” .  I guess I’m just scared, because hey this is my Momma, and I don’t want to see the Farmer in pain.  When I left they were okay, but the Farmer needs to know that if he needs me I’m there….

On another note, when I came home today (the Electrician had the day off), we had talked about putting the Christmas tree up this weekend (last year the Electrician was on the road and I pretty much decorated the house by myself), I came home to the tree up (not decorated) but my house was decorated…Uhm..ok, call me a softy (uhm…Sally, woosh, uhm, I can’t describe the feeling).  The Electrician had cleaned (and I mean Cleaned) my house finished ALL of the laundry and had worked on the bathroom (that’s a post for another day).  The Electrician did all this because he loves me, and he loves the Farmer and Momma (that’s why he let’s me do what I do cuz, y’all I don’t make any money HE does). 

My life, while may be full of different aspects, it’s full of Love, Family and friends.  By the way, my Best friend is is the Electrician., he understands me, knows me, and still Loves me.  Thankful…ya’ll have no idea……