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Goodbye 2012…..

As I sit here and look at my year in review, I am  filled with a bunch of laughter, some gut wrenching heartache, and some over all goodness.

The year started a little rocky, Momma was in the Nursing home doing Rehabilitation after being in ICU for about 12 days.    Momma, participated with vigor, and determination.  Momma got to come home about the first part of March.  The Farmer and I entered a  new chapter in our lives.  Stage 5 Parkinson’s was here and we have dealt with the changes, and just the over all nastiness of the disease.  Momma, she just keeps plugging along.

The Electrician, who had been working on the road away from home, after about a year and a half, came home and started working at home.   He’s been laid off and then back to work.  We had trials and tribulations with the Wind Farms that he worked on all summer long.  I don’t think, I have ever not liked a job as much as this one.  He risked his life daily in unbearing heat to complete a job, that was to me, scary from the beginning.  I waited every day for a phone call to tell me he was down from the tower.  Many people suffered Heat stroke. (The Electrician did twice).  I was very scared.  I did not understand the love for his family, I do now.   I have never had a man who would put himself at risk for me.    I have been to the towers and seen them close up.  Between my claustrophobia, and fear of heights, forgettaboutit….

I have accomplished 2 things on my bucket list this year.  I have always wanted to go on a cruise.  In fact, when I met the Electrician, I already had paid for a cruise to take with my cousins.  But due to being “in love” and wanting to take my first cruise with him, I waited.  May I now say I was right?

At the beginning of the year, the Electrician and I, along with his sister and parents, went on a 7 day cruise, that totally rocked my socks.  We were both a little nervous, and the fact we went with his family, was in hindsight, totally awesome.    The ship (or boat, as I called it), was like a travelling city.  The food, out of this world, the company, was so much fun, and the sights?  Even better.

One of the other things on my bucket list, was to eventually Zip Line.  Yea, sounds crazy, considering all of my “phobia’s”.  Guess what?  My Sister in law was game, and was looking forward to it, as her and me time.  Boy, did we have it.  This is something I will never forget.  From screaming my head off, simply because she made me go first, (something about age before beauty),  to the Jamaican guides, and our whole crew that went.    Part of the fun was, the rest of the “crew” saying that her and I made the whole day fun.   (Uhm.. me and her together mean trouble….just sayin…)

Fun times with my family throughout the year, to celebrating Birthdays to just having conversations with my sons. To welcoming a new Daughter – in-law to the Family… It’s been a pretty good year. Our family is growing and they are all welcome to join our crazy bunch!

I’ve lost a bunch of loved one’s this year, and that touches my heart.  It just seems the older I get, the more of the “older” one’s are going to rest at home.  One that really reaches me.  My Cousin Dick passed away this year.  One of my memories that stands out to me, is 3 generations of Veterans, standing at Attention, when my cousin Burt passed away.   I stood proudly with My Father, Cousin Dick and myself all at Attention and gave the final salute.  I was unable to do that at Cousin Dick’s funeral.  I was unfortunately sicker than a dog for that one.

I also have one bright spark in my day, no matter what I am dealing with, no matter how I feel, there is one little person on this earth, who gives me more joy than I could ever explain.    I am simply…Camsgranny.    I am one of many who loves this little dude, more than any of us could explain.    I have seen him grow all through out his 2 1/2 years.  I’ve helped, and have been his BFF on occasions.  But this little dude is all boy….He loves all of us but I think between his Momma and his Papa, well…. ya know….

This year, I have found a bunch of joy, I’ve found a bunch of new friends, that truly do not even being to imagine how much they mean to me.  I’ve found a bunch of heartache.  I’ve found that doing what I do, has some good times and bad times.  But I think I have found out, that’s what life is all about…….

I have also found my faith, Thanks to all who have brought me back to it, because I sure needed it.  The rest of year in review……  I hope you enjoy my pictures…..



























Adventure in Jamacia…ZipLine day!

Well here it is day 3 of my journey, exactly a week ago today, I had a really fun adventure.

The ship pulled into Jamaica, and Sis and I were ready.  We ate breakfast with the Family, and then her and I scooted to get off the ship.  While her and I were extremely anxious to go on our “excursion“, there was a little trouble brewing with Pops, Ma, and the Electrician.  You see Pop and Ma had signed up to do a river raft excursion, and the Electrician was going to go on a “tour bus” with shopping stops.

Sometime during the night Pops didn’t feel so well, and he decided that the Electrician and Ma should go on the river raft excursion, and Pop would stay on the ship and sleep.  So, they scrambled and got everything together and we were all going to leave the ship at the same time.  Pop was going to sleep for a while and he swore he would feel better.

The Electrician and I got our stuff together and met Sis and Mom on the 7th deck (that’s where Ma & Pop & Sis had their cabin), we rode the elevator down to the 0 deck and got ready to leave the ship when Sis discovered she did not have her “Sail and sign card”.  (side note, while on the ship this IS your identity).  Ma & Sis went back up to the 7th deck to look for it while the Electrician (who wasn’t really happy to be going on a river raft ride) waited with me.

Finally after about 10 minutes, they showed up, Sis had to get a replacement card, because they couldn’t find her card anywhere.  We all left the ship and went into the building and found the line for our excursions.  Uhm… there was no-one in our line for Ziplining, so her and I thought COOL, we will be the only ones!  WRONG, we were late and the bus almost left without us.

The bus  (ok it was really a van) pulled up and I got into the back and Sis got to ride up front with the driver, whose name was Mel.  Now if you’ve never been to Jamaica, they drive on the (according to the American‘s) wrong side of the road, (me I was raised in England so it didn’t bother me).  The road’s were very narrow and some of the other passengers held their breathes on several occasions, me I just looked out the window and thought how pretty the scenery was.  Mel, our driver kept up running commentary about the history of the Island and some other tidbits of information, which I found interesting.

As we were traveling up the mountain (we were on the way to the rain forest), Mel asked us if we saw the houses on the side of the mountain, when we all said yes, he stated that was where the rich people lived, and the poor people lived at the bottom.  I saw a goat on a leash, We had to stop at one point as a couple of goats were trying to make a break for it.  We turned down a dirt road that led up to the rain forest and the bottom was full of orange groves, apparently one of the major exports of the Island is 4 different types of oranges, and one of them is only grown in Jamaica.

We finally made it to start of the “Chukka Canopy Tour”.  We all unloaded and put our stuff into a locker (Sis & I did not take the camera because they advised against it, knowing us one of us would have dropped the thing anyway).  We suited up and went through a safety class before we even started hiking up the mountain.

We started out in the heart of the jungle and hiked to our first zipline.  Now folks, I was excited, scared, and a little nervous.  When we got to the first line, I made Sis go first….I was there egging her on tho.

Sis was a trooper, she screamed “WEEEEE” just like the lil piggy in the Geico commercial.  It was my turn and I didn’t know if I was going to pee my pants or if I was going to scream…

Guess what I did?

I screamed for all I was worth!  I’m here to tell you, what A rush!  I had such a great time that I could even imagine being a bird and soaring through the sky.  It kind of felt like that.  But we did a total of 6 zip lines and the last one was the best.  It was 13 stories up and we went over 35 mph and it was 280 meters long.    It was the end of our 4 1/2 hour-long journey and it was so much fun, I can not even describe into words what it meant to me.  I did find though that the last one I didn’t have enough speed (ok I did run and jump, after Ranier told me to) but it was a VERY long run and somehow I lost steam (something to do with not weighing enough), I think it was because I twisted around on the line.  I got about 2 feet short and had to resort to the hand over hand method of getting to the end. 

Man it was an experience for my arms, I probably should have prepped and lifted weights with the Electrician because this is what I looked like…

Ok, it’s not pretty but DAMN, I really needed some upper arm muscles that day.  I made it though, and there was only one guy that made it the whole length on the last zip, that was the little chinese guy that ran marathons, man he could run fast too.  Sissy didn’t make it either and I yelled at her to show her strength in her arms, and she did too.

This is the whole group that we zipped with it’s called our “Gangsta pose”

By the time we got done, Sis decided we should celebrate with a beer only made in Jamaica called “Red Stripe” So….we celebrated and drank one, we didn’t know we were holding up the bus until Mel our driver came up to us and chatted and then told us to load up, which we did.  (Beer in hand).  We made the trip down the mountain and everyone chatted to each other, and then we got back to the loading zone for the ship.  Sis and I got out of the bus and headed towards the terminal (we HAD planned to look in the shops there), we got into the terminal and saw the Electrician and Ma, and they didn’t look to happy, in fact the Electrician looked a little bit nervous.

I asked him ..”Hey Babe what’s the matter?”.. Ma inserted here…”Uhm well we had a little problem”..”Uhm ok whats up?”  The Electrician looked like he wanted to be sick…  “Babe, when we left our bus, I left the camera on the backseat, the lady has already called the bus driver and they should be coming back with our camera in a minute”.  Is that all?  hey folks, camera’s can be replaced, I thought it was something serious. 

Needless to say that while Sis & I had the time of our lives and felt the “rush of 35 mph” The Electrician and Ma did not have a good time on their excursion.  It was all good tho, because we got our camera back, and then we met up with Pa.  Apparently Pa, had taken the excursion that the Electrician had WANTED to go on and had a blast, while the Electrician had a semi-good time with his Momma.

All in all, fun was had by all, although Sis and I might have had too many beers…uhm…burp..  I did knock something off my Bucket list, and I got to feel like a bird for a few minutes anyway….