I am totally flabbergasted by some of my events today.  (This has nothing to do with Momma kid’s, she’s doing good). 

So far today I have read and heard about a 10 year old person having to get a restraining order against another classmate for bullying.

I have heard about people from other countries being left in our hospital’ s because they got sick and are now here in  hospital, because there is no where for them to go.

I’ve heard about hungry kids, in the UNITED STATES, because our poverty level is well…it’s poverty.  Food, or home?

I am not a political person in any way shape or form.  But right now, I’m just…I can’t even describe it.

When I sit and think about MY circumstances, I am saddened.  My Electrician is un-employed right now, and on unemployment.  I do not work, I care for my Momma and my Grandson.  I do this by choice, and everyone is okay with that.  But at the same token, we have it so much better than other people.

We have a home over our heads, we have food on our table and our bills are paid.  Do we go out to dinner?  No,  Do we go shopping?  No.  Do we go to movies and have a good time?  No.

But, I’ll tell you what we do have.  We have the love of each other, the love of family, and we truly don’t have to have “frills”.  A  night out to me?,  The Electrician and I playing music on “You Tube” and dancing in my living room, that to me is a good time.

Bullying?  My community was rocked to the core when a young 10-year-old Ashlynn Conner, took her own life.  I know some of her family.  They still hurt today.  I don’t understand Bullying, because I guess, when I was growing up, it probably was there but I never dealt with it.    But it seems to me today, it has gotten way out of hand.  To me, it is kids, killing kids.  Where are the parents is my question.   Kids mimic what parents do, (and this is MY opinion).

People in Hospitals that maybe should be in a Nursing Home or otherwise.  Well, I just don’t know what to say about this, simply from my own experience.  Momma had Health Insurance, and the Hospital was already looking at a Nursing Home facility BEFORE we were.  We went through 2 Nursing Homes before Momma got accepted into the one she went to.  And to be quite honest, she wasn’t going to be accepted into the one she into UNTIL the Nursing Student talked to the Director of the Home as a favor.  I also called and pretty much begged.

Hungry kids in America?  OH MY GOODNESS, I can’t even address this in a sane mind.  While I KNOW what people are going through and I truly understand about parents losing their jobs and going under, I just don’t understand how kids in this country can go without food.

I know Food Banks are having problems, the amount of people coming to them is tremendous.  Bt at the same time I can’t help but think about something that happened to me in the Grocery Store about a week ago.

The Electrician and I went shopping (we ARE on a budget), we got behind a woman who had a cart of groceries.  We sat and talked while the women’s groceries were being rang up.  There were a couple of roasts, some steaks, and a couple of cases of pop, some frozen pizza’s and other stuff.  She paid….with Food Stamps. I’m not saying nothing about that.  What I am saying is that she piled her Groceries, bought with Food stamps, into her BRAND NEW FRIGGIN CAR, and I won’t even mention what it was, but the Electrician and I can’t afford it.

I’m sorry for my rant and if I lose readers because of it, I’m sorry. But We are truly struggling and I’m a little pissed off at some things going on today.

Yes, I could get a job tomorrow, and things “might” be a little easier for us, but that’s not what I was meant to do.  I was meant to be a Caretaker, of My Momma and Cam-Man.  Besides, the Electrician has told me.  “Babe, we are ok, and I’ll let you know when you need to get a job ok?”.

I believe him.


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  1. Interesting and varied post!

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